Pornsanae Sitmonchai


Camp: Sitmonchai
Real Name: Tanet Jinjaiyen
Date of Birth: 7 August, 1981
Place of Birth:
Height: xx cms Weight: 55 kilos
Win:105 Loss:55 Draw:0 (52 KO)
Management: Contact Nopstar 

Pornsaneh Sitmonchai

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Pornsanae is one of the marquee fighters for the Sitmonchai Camp located in Thamaka, Thailand.  Pornsanae has a massive international following.  Pornsanae fighting style is the “Sitmonchai” style, which is known for loads of punching and punishing leg kicks.  For better or worse, he always provides for a very exciting fight, as he rarely ever backs down, and will often stand toe to toe with his opponents exchanging blows.  He started gaining international notoriety after his this bout with Pakorn.  It was later voted 2010 fight of the year by the sportswriters association of Thailand.



  • Delo Cup Champion (110 lbs)/li>
  • Toyota 8 Man Tournament Champion (118 lbs)
  • Rajadamnern Champion (115 lbs)
  • Thai National Champion 126 lbs
  • WMC World Champion (126lbs)
  • Thai National Champion (130 lbs)
  • Fighter of Year 2010
  • Lumpini Favourite Fighter 2010

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