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The Muay Thai Contenders are coming…

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show, “The Contender”, a sports reality show, is the brainchild of reality television pioneer Mark Burnett. Originally aired on American TV in 2005, it took 16 fighters (boxers), divided them into two competing teams, and made them live together under one roof. In each episode the fighters participated in team-based competitions, ranging from dragging a truck through a river bed to puzzle solving. The winning team won the privilege to pick whom their teammate would go up against. The remainder of the show was dedicated to airing an edited-down version of their five-round bouts.

Contender Muay Thai Trailer

The Contender Muay Thai will use the same format; however will profile 16 Nak Muay’s ranging from the unknown to the biggest names in Muay Thai. The winner of “The Contender Muay Thai” will be also be going home $150,000 US richer, this will be the biggest payout any of these fighters have ever earned. There will be 15 episodes all shot on location in Singapore. Filming is set to being on September 3rd, and should begin airing in October.

The trailer for the show was shot earlier in the year, and the line up of fighters who are confirmed to participate is still growing.

Contender Muay Thai Episodes

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The Contender Asia Finale

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Contender Muay Thai Participants:

Yodsaenklai Fairtex

Yodsaenklai is one of the biggest stars of Muay Thai today. A former Lumpini Stadium and Toyota Marathon Champion, Yodsanklai is the current reigning WBC Muay Thai Champion. He currently fights for the Fairtex camp, he’s a dynamic south paw fighter who’s known for his technical and methodical fighting style. He has a 131 wins, 64 Losses and 3 draws.

John Wayne Parr

Parr is fighter based out of Queensland Australia. He’s started off life as a boxer and transitioned into Muay Thai. Parr was one of the original great “Farang” (Foreign) fighters who lived and fought in Thailand. Parr currently fights out of his own gym the Boonchu gym. Parr (66-22) is known for his explosive hands and an aggressive fighting style. Some of his achievements include: IMF World Champion, S-1 World Champion. Parr was also voted by the “Strongest Westerner in Thailand ’97″ by the sports writers of Thailand.

Naruepol Fairtex

Naruepol is another star in Fairtex’s stable of fighters, In addition to his 110 -41 record he’s a former Lumpini and Rajadomnern Stadium champion. Currently he’s the no.1 contender to challenge Nopadetch Choowattana for the WBC title. Naruepol is considered tall for a Thai fighter and is very effective with his knees and elbows.

Kim Khan Zaki aka “Zach”

Zach is a local Singaporean fighter who earned his spot by winning the regional fist of fury tournament. Zach is the least experienced fighter of the confirmed participants. He has 16 fights, 11 wins and 5 losses. Here is a clip of him in action

Dzhabar Askerov

Dzahabar AKA”Genghis Khan” is another Russian fighter out of the Skorpian Gym. Like Magomedov he’s been living and training out of Bangkok for sometime. He currently represents the Rompo Gym. He’s got a 22-11 record, some of his notable wins have were against Jomhod and Ratannanoi Sityodtong. Here is a clip of him in action.

Jose Pitu Sans

Jose is a fighter from Spain, he currently lives in Bangkok and trains out of the Rompo gym. His fight record is 27-8. If any of you have a better picture of him please do send it along…

Trevor “TNT” Smandych

Trevor is a Canadian fighter who represents Mike Mile’s National Kickboxing gym in Calgary. Trevor has a professional record of 24-4-1

Bruce “Preacher” Macfie

Macfie is another fighter from Australia’s gold coast. He has a total of 104 fights. 73 wins 32 losses and 3 draws. He’s held numerous Australian titles such as: 4x Australian WMC Welterweight Champion, Australian ISKA Champ, WKBF Lightweight Champ etc. Here is his HL clip.

James Martinez

I know next to nothing about James so if you guys have any info on him (Melanie) (where he trains, Muay Thai fight record) As far as I can tell James has been fighting MMA where he is 4-8-0.

Sean Wright

Sean is fighting out of Scotland and is representing the SMTC gym. Seans spend a lot of his time training out of Lanna (Chiangmai) and Sasripapa (BKK) He is the current I.M.T.C. Super Welterweight British Champion and the former S.I.M.T.A. Super Welterweight British Champion. He has a fight record of 23-5-2. If anyone has a better picture of him please do send it along.

Rafik Bakkouri

You may remember Raffik back from earlier this year. He was the fighter who issued a challenge to Yodsanklai along with a 100K baht sidebet. Bakkouri is from France and holds numerous French Muay Thai titles. Bakkouri has had 33 fights, 27 Wins and 4 losses. I wonder if they’ll be any left over drama between him and Yod?

Joakim Karlsson

Joakim is a Swedish fighter representing the Vallentuna boxing camp. Joakim has a 13-6 fight record, he’s also one of the more junior fighters to be selected for the competition.

Soren Eminent Air NTG

Soren is another fighter from Queensland Australia, he trains out of the Nuggests Gym in Queensland, he represents the Eminent Air Gym in Bangkok. Sorren is considered a top 10 fighter in his WMC division. He has a record of 68 fights 49 wins 17 losses 2 draws – 30 k.o’s, one of his notable wins was against Jomhod back in March, and Muay Thai Legend Orono in June. Here is a clip of Soren in action

Domenik Zidov

Domenik is fighting out of Switzerland, representing Fight Club Zurich. Domenik has recently been training in Thailand at Ole Laursen’s Legacy Gym. Domenik (22W-15L-20KO) admits that he’s quite inexperienced compared with the other fighters, that he’s got nothing to lose, and that he just wants to make it into the second round of the competition.

Dave Pacquette

Dave Pacquette is representing the KO gym in London. I haven’t been able to find his fight record, however he seems to have a whole slew of English titles. Some of which include: ICF British Champion, IMTF British Champion, WMTO English Champion, and WKPL English Champion.

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