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Camp: Buakaw Banchamek gym formerly Por. Pramuk
Real Name: Sombat Banchamek
Date of Birth: 8 May, 1982
Place of Birth: Surin, Province
Height: 174 cms Weight: 69 kilos
Win:185 Loss:19 Draw:12 (46 KO)

Buakaw Banchamek

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  • K-1 World MAX 2006 Champion
  • K-1 World MAX 2004 Champion
  • K-1 World MAX 2005 Finalist
  • WMC Middle Weight Champion(VS Jomhod)
  • S-1 Super Welter Weight Champion(VS Jean Charles Skarbowsky)
  • Toyota Muay Thai Tournament 2002 Super Light Weight Champion – 140 lbs
  • Omnoi Stadium Light Weight Champion – 135 lbs
  • Omnoi Stadium Feather Weight Champion – 126 lbs
  • Thailand Feather Weight Champion – 126 lbs
  • Lumpinee Stadium 2nd place at Lightweight division – 135 lb

Buakaw History

Buakaw (White Lotus) is quite possibly the best know Thai fighter in the world.His success has helped elevate Thailand’s national sport to the world stage.

Buakaw began his fighting career at the age of 8 fighting in his home province of Buriram (North East) Thailand.At the age of 15 he moved to Chachengsao to fight for the Por. Pramuk Gym.

Buakaw is said to have had approximately 400 career fights.While at Por. Pramuk, Buakaw won the Omnoi Stadium Championship as well as the 140 Lbs. Toyota Marathon Tournament.The Lumpini Stadium title has eluded him as his best ranking has been second place.

In July 2004 Hideki Suzuki of the Ingram Gym and Team Inoki entered Buakaw into the K-1 Max. Buakaw then virtually an unknown fighter shocked everyone by defeating Parr, Kohi and then reigning champion Masato all in one night.

In one night Buakaw was thrust onto the world stage, while in Thailand hardly anyone knew of his achievements abroad.With the K-1 Max purse and his demand abroad Buakaw’s fighting career in Thailand has ended.

Buakaw lost his Max title the following year in and extra round decision to Shoot Boxing Champion Andy Souwer.It became evident that Buakaw was going to have to improve his boxing if he were going to have continued success at Max.

Buakaw returned in 2006 reinvigorated and hungry for his title. History looked to be repeating itself as both Buakaw and Souwer were to meet yet another time in the finals.Buakaw had clearly worked on his boxing skills as he knocked out Souwer with a flurry of punches in the second round.

Buakaw is the only fighter to have won the MAX title twice.Based on his performance this year, winning another MAX title looks like a strong possibility.

Buakaw Highlight Video

Buakaw Footage of Past Fights

Date Outcome Details Fight Footage Nationality Notes
March 21, 2004 Win Decision Fuji Chalmsak Thailand NJKF
April 4, 2004 Win Decision (3R 3-0) Jordan Tai New Zealand K-1 MAX 2004 Opening
July 8, 2004 Win Decision (Extended Round 2-1) John Wayne Parr Australia K-1 MAX Quarter-Final
July 8, 2004 Win KO (2R :42) Takayuki Kohiruimaki Japan K-1 MAX Semi-Final
July 8, 2004 Win Decision (Extended 2R 3-0) Masato Japan K-1 MAX Final
October 13, 2004 Win Decision {3-0) Kozo Takeda Japan K-1 MAX
November 6, 2004 Win TKO (2R 1:26) Maita “Yoneda” Katsumori Japan NJKF Titans 1st
February 23, 2005 Loss Decision (Extended Round 2-1) Albert Kraus Netherlands K-1 MAX Japan
May 4, 2005 Win Decision (3R 3-0) Vasily Shish Belarus K-1 MAX
July 20, 2005 Win Decision (3R 2-0) Jadamba Narantungalag Mongolia K-1 MAX Quarter-Final
July 20, 2005 Win Decision (3R 3-0) Albert Kraus Netherlands K-1 MAX Semi-Final
July 20, 2005 Loss Decision (Extended 2R 2-1) Andy Souwer Netherlands K-1 MAX Final
November 5, 2005 Win TKO (1R) Youssef Akhnikh Netherlands Trieste, Italy
February 4, 2006 Win Decision (3R 3-0) Mike Zambidis Greece K-1 MAX Japan
February 18, 2006 Win TKO Round 2 Jomhod Kiatadisak Thailand WMC Championship Sweden
March 19, 2006 Win Decision (5R 3-0) Marco Pique Netherlands Netherlands vs. Thailand
April 5, 2006 Win Decision (Ext. 4R 2-1) Virgil Kalakoda South Africa K-1 MAX Elimination
May 26, 2006 Draw Round 5 Morad Sari France Le Grand Tournoi Paris
June 30, 2006 Win KO R2 Yoshihiro Sato Japan K-1 World MAX Final 2006
June 30, 2006 Win Decision (3-0) Gago Drago Armenia K-1 World MAX Final 2006
June 30, 2006 Win KO R2 Andy Souwer Netherlands K-1 World MAX Final 2006
September 4, 2006 Win KO (0,15 R1) Hiroki Shishido Japan K-1 MAX Champions’ Challenge 2006
November 24, 2006 Win TKO (R2) Ole Baguio Laursen Denmark K-1 MAX Sweden
February 05, 2007 Win Decision (3-0) Tsogto Shinobu Amara Japan K-1 MAX Japan 2007
March 16, 2007 Win Decision (3-0) Dzhabar Askerov Russia K-1 MAX Europe 2007
April 4, 2007 Win Decision (3-0) Andy Ologun Nigeria K-1 MAX Japan 2007
May 19, 2007 Draw Round 5 Gevorg Petrosyan Italy K-1 Scandinavia 2007
June 28, 2007 Win Decision (3-0) Nicky Holzken Netherlands K-1 MAX Eliminations 2007
Oct 3, 2007 Loss Decision (3-0) Masato Japan K-1 MAX Finals 2007
Feb 2, 2008 Win Split Dec Yoshihiro Sato Tokyo K-1 MAX Korea 2007
Feb 24, 2008 Win KO (2 rd.) Joon Kim Korea K-1 MAX Korea 2007
April 09, 2008 Win Dec Albert Kraus Tokyo K-1 MAX Final 16
April 26, 2008 Win Dec (split) Faldir Chabhari Amsterdam K-1 MAX GP
July 7, 2008 Loss KO (3rd) Yoshihiro Sato Tokyo K-1 MAX Final 8
39502 Win KO (Right Hook) Joon Kim Seoul, Korea K-1 Asia MAX 2008
39547 Win Ext R. Decision (Unanimous) Albert Kraus Tokyo, Japan K-1 World MAX 2008 Final 16
39564 Win Decision (Split) Faldir Chahbari Amsterdam, Netherlands K-1 World GP 2008
39636 Loss KO (Right Hook) Yoshihiro Sato Tokyo, Japan K-1 World MAX 2008 Final 8
39722 Win KO (Right Hook) Black Tokyo, Japan K-1 World MAX 2008 Final, Reserve Fight
39781 Loss Decision Albert Kraus Eindhoven, Netherlands It’s Showtime 2008
39924 Win Ext. R Decision (Unanimous) Andre Dida Fukuoka, Japan K-1 World MAX 2009 Final 16
39990 Win Decision (Unanimous) John Wayne Parr Montego Bay, Jamaica Champions of Champions 2
40007 Win Decision (Unanimous) Nieky Holzken Tokyo, Japan K-1 World MAX 2009 Final 8
40112 Loss Ext. R Decision (Split) Andy Souwer Yokohama, Japan K-1 World MAX 2009 Final, Semi Finals
40327 Win Decision (Unanimous) Jordan Watson London, England MSA Muaythai Premier League 3
40348 Win Decision Xu Yan Henan, China Wu Lin Feng
40505 Win Decision (Unanimous) Hiroki Shishido Tokyo, Japan Shoot Boxing World Tournament 2010, Quarter Finals
40505 Win Decision (Unanimous) Henry van Opstal Tokyo, Japan Shoot Boxing World Tournament 2010, Semi Finals
40542 Win Decision (Unanimous) Hiroki Nakajima Koto, Tokyo, Japan World Victory Road Presents: Soul of Fight
40505 Win TKO (Leg Kicks) Toby Imada Tokyo, Japan Shoot Boxing World Tournament 2010, Final
40677 Win Decision Djime Coulibaly Cannes, France Thai Fight Extreme
40762 Win TKO Tomoaki Makino Ariake Coliseum, Japan Thai Fight Extreme
40788 Win TKO (Referee Stoppage) Warren Stevelmans Long Beach, CA USA Muaythai Premier League: Round 1
40811 Win Decision Abdallah Mabel Bangkok, Thailand Thai Fight 2011 70 kg Tournament, Quarter Final
40874 Win KO (Right Elbow) Mickaël Piscitello Bangkok, Thailand Thai Fight 2011 70 kg Tournament, Semi Final
40895 Win Decision Frank Giorgi Bangkok, Thailand Thai Fight 2011 70 kg Tournament, Final
40929 Win Decision Dzhabar Askerov Milan, Italy Yokkao Extreme 2012
41016 Win KO (Punches) Rustem Zaripov Pattaya, Thailand Thai Fight 2012
41138 Win TKO (Right Body Kick) Toure Abdoul Leicester, England Thai Fight Extreme 2012
41205 Win TKO (right knee to the body) Mauro Serra Bangkok, Thailand Thai Fight 2012: King of Muay Thai Tournament 1st Round, 70 kg Tournament Quarter Finals
41238 Win Decision (unanimous) Tomoyuki Nishikawa Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand Thai Fight 2012: King of Muay Thai Tournament 2nd Round, 70 kg Tournament Semi Finals
41259 Win Decision Vitaly Gurkov Thailand Thai Fight 2012: King of Muay Thai Tournament Finals, 70 kg Tournament Final
41400 Win KO Malik Watson Surin, Thailand MAX Muay Thai 1
41496 Win Decision(2-1) Dong Wenfei Zhengzhou, China MAX Muay Thai 3
41531 Win KO (left hook to the body) David Calvo Mallorca, Spain K-1 World MAX 2013 World Championship Tournament Final 16, First Round
41553 Win Decision Yoshihiro Sato Sendai, Japan MAX Muay Thai 4
41618 Win Decision Enriko Kehl Khon Kaen, Thailand MAX Muay Thai 5: The Final Chapter
41636 Win Extension round decision Zhou Zhipeng Foshan, China K-1 World MAX 2013 World Championship Tournament Quarter Finals – Part 1
41693 Win Decision (unanimous) Lee Sung-Hyun Baku, Azerbaijan K-1 World MAX 2013 World Championship Tournament Final 4, Semi Finals
41743 Win Decision (unanimous) Victor Nagbe Surin, Thailand Combat Banchamek
41796 Win KO (Left High Kick) Adaylton Freitas Macau Muay Thai in Macau
41804 Win Decision (unanimous) Djime Coulibaly Monte Carlo, Monaco Monte Carlo Fighting Masters 2014
41866 Win TKO (Right cross elbow) Abdoul Touré Chiang Rai, Thailand Chiang Rai WBC Muaythai Championship
41895 Win Decision (unanimous) Zhang Chunyu Minsk, Belarus Top King World Series, TK1 Belarus
41923 Loss Forfeit Enriko Kehl Pattaya, Thailand K-1 World MAX 2014 World Championship Tournament Final
41958 Win TKO (elbow) Steve Moxon Paris, France Top King World Series II – TK2 France
41993 Win Decision (unanimous) Dmytro Konstantynov Hong Kong Top King World Series 2014


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