Yohan Lidon vs. Aikpracha Meenayothin


Another great match up!  Aikpracha aka the hitman is turning out to be one of my new favorite nak muay. He’s an absolute killer  I love his style and agression. Lidon (Team Nassar) is the WBC middleweight champion with a respectable 72 victories under his belt.

Many thanks to Chokdeevideo for the upload.


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  1. 0:40, thats chong li.

    umm never seen him that aggressive…guess when lidon went crazy at the start of the fight not respecting aikprachas it really lit a fire under his ass. hence the epic elbow combos and chong li style taunting. one of the best fights in a long while.

  2. Great fight! Like you said Nop “he’s an absolute killer!” And props to Yohan for bringing the fight early which I thought was good to see what Aikpracha is like under pressure and he handled it well! The main thing I am impressed with was his chin….Yohan throws bombs and Aikpracha seemed to walk through them like bovy! Really impressed with Aikpracha after this fight. BEAST!

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