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I started My Muay Thai back in 2006... I was tired of reading about MMA, and wanted somewhere I could watch real muay thai fights, be inspired and connect with others who love muay thai as much as I do... I currently live in London... when I'm not geeking out over muay thai you can find me bombing around London on my scrambler, ferreting out the latest street food gems.


  1. natemuaythaimaster on

    -fight geek, for sure man!. This guy is definitely dope, I would like to see Yod avenge his lose to Andy Souwer though:( hopefully they will fight again.

  2. This is by far the most aggressive I’ve seen Yod. Great fight. He adapted well to a good fighter and showed both attacking and counter-attacking skills. I’m glad to see he has quick-start skills too (usually he starts slow in fights and turns it on in the later rounds).

  3. Gusnark aka Sandjora on

    Man, Yod is the scariest guy. His look, determination, technique and tough as hell and those kicks… phuuu, he really is the man.
    Madsua was ok, causing some initial troubles to Yod, but come on, that’s Yod he was fighting.
    I predicted 2nd KO, but was pretty close.

  4. does anyone have anymore fights of madsua? he seemed extremely aggressive and I would like to see him more in action. I know that he is a trainer, but was he a champ or a top contender?

  5. All things considered, Madsua did well. I was hoping he wouldn’t get KO’d, but you can’t say the dude didn’t come to fight. I’ve never seen him fight before, but after that I am interested in seeing him fight again. Entertaining match.

  6. It really does take two to tango, and this fight wouldn’t have been nearly as entertaining as it was if Madsua didn’t fight with this intensity. Of course, he could have thought to himself, “I’ll play it safe because this is Yodfuckingsaenklai I’m up against.” But he didn’t, and I think that’s what made this a great fight.

  7. Finally got the time to watch the fight… first off Madsua is warrior, mad props to that guy for hanging in there as long as he did. I’m also interested in seeing more of his fights… I thought the first round was pretty damn close.

    Yod, is just such a beast. What really annoys me with Diesel lek is that he’s a defensive fighter, he doesn’t really take the fight to his opponent… Yod on the other hand… brings it to your doorstep. In my opinion that would be my biggest nightmare, in a fight getting stalked relentlessly. He’s got such an air of confidence in his actions.

    You could hear Yod’s corner yelling “Doi Thong”! all through the third round, “Punch the Stomach”!
    great fight… now I’m in search of Zig Zach’s… anyone?

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