Yodsanklai vs. Levin


This contest took place a couple of days ago at the sportaccord games.  It wasn’t that much of a surprise to see that Yodsanklai and Artem Levin would be meeting each other in the finals.

I got this clip from Olivier Angelini, if you haven’t been it’s worth a bookmark.

The last time these two met was back in 2008 at the K1 Scandinavia event.  Be sure to watch the fight before reading on… the following paragraph contains spoilers.

As you all know I’m a huge Yodsanklai fan…  I’m having a real hard time tring to be objective about this.  I guess all I can say is…that was disappointing.  Hats of to Levin for the win, I don’t want to take anything from his victory.  That being said, take the pads away and I don’t think Levin would have one.

This is just like Olympic boxing… it’s an entirely different game.  You’re going to have to out work and out point your opponent.  Levin is used to fighting in this format, I think he and Kyshenko are regulars on the world amateur tournament scene.

Like all fights you’ve got to go in with a game plan.   You have to consider the rules, the format and your opponent.  I think Levin had all 3 figured out.  I don’t think Levin would have fought Yod the same way in a pro fight.

Levin was catching a lot of Yod’s kicks… without the shin protection, it just simply wouldn’t have happened.  Yods game is all about cracking the shell,  it’s just not going to happen with two fighters of this caliber.

I saw Levin landing a lot of elbows, (which are scoring).  I think if you took another fighter who was used to fighting in this format, they would have made more of an effort to avoid those elbows.  What I’m trying to say is,  I don’t think Yod perceived that he was in any real danger from those elbows and didn’t adjust his fight game.

Hat’s off to Levin, can’t wait for the rematch.


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  1. yod was having to adjust his headgear alot during the fight. Levin gave a good fight. I did think during the fight when i saw they wore the headgear and pads that this mightve been a bad judgment for yod to enter this format… especially after his loss to the african dude. He wuda been better off not taking any chances on racking up another loss becoz of this handicap. Thats now a 2loss streak isnt it? I hope he comes back big time and doesnt fade out from here . I like to see the same yod that fought the epic battle with malaipet come back. I know hes got a up coming fight with jwp again but jwp is heading to retiree stage of his life and looking for a good finish which will be good for him but worse for yod is he loses another fight

  2. Levin is a punk that fights with no class. He’s obviously way too big for 70kg and needs to move up. In a way, I would love to see Naurpol fight him but I don’t think his hands are good enough.

    Either way, I would be more of a Levin fan if he showed more respect towards his opponents and if he moved up in weight to fight guys his size.

  3. Levins attitude won the fight.I dont know if you have seen the whole tournament but as usual all the fighters that were fighting the thai opponents were so scared and just run in circles in the ring.When fighting a name like yodsenklai you have to have this attitude and let him know your not scared and you stand your ground.Its a mental game too.

  4. And the comments like levin should move up in weight class I dont understand.If he can make the weight why wouldnt he figt in that weight class.So you say that in example mike zambidis should not fight in k-1 and he should move to a lighter division because hes too short.kyshenkos normal weight is 77 kg so he shouldnt fight in k-1 max.levins normal wight is 77-78 kg also so i dont understand why wouldnt he fight in a 75 kg class

  5. GlegSorChaoPhraya on

    @robzepeda I have to agree with Kosta on his point of view. By the way, this final was at 75kg and I think if anyone that can make the weight should be allowed to fight, regardless of size.
    I think Levin deserved the win, and I’m a fan of Yod but credit given where credit is due.

  6. Don’t know about you guys but watching fight with protective gear is like watching basketball where players are not allowed to run.
    Props to Artem… he reminds me a bit of Schilt, another average but huge fighter, man is that boring to watch.

  7. I know what Rob is saying…it’s not a statement on Levin’s aggression. There is a difference between not being afraid of your opponent… and throwing a teep to the face when you’re already clearly up on points, to teep someone like yod who’s clearly your senior… lame.

  8. levin did that teep to the face to yod last fight to iirc. i think, emphasis on think, that levin uses those offensive teeps to get his opponent out of his game.

    gusnark, to say levin is anything close to semmy schilt is a very very ignorant and incorrect statement…….levin is extremely talented. semmys best weapon is an ogre jab and ugly face. i mean come on.

  9. Def got to agree with nop- take away the extra padding and it’s a different game. Sure, it’s Olympic style, and Levin won fair and square, but I can’t help thinking about how things went with the smaller gloves and no shin pads.

  10. OMFG! THIS DOUBLE STANDARD IS GETTING OUT OF CONTROL! Yod trains lazily and imo fights that way as well. Thai style works best in thailand against thai or foreigners that fight thai style. Artem SCHOOLED YOD hands down. Yod looked like a pudgy, frustrated little tuk tuk driver you see the tiger mt thai students beating up all the time. And how is YOD anyones senior? In the ring the a nak muay is a nak muay is a nak muay. Artem knew what he had to do and he did it. Saenchai,johmod,Sudsakorn and many others act like dicks in the ring and everyones all YEAH MAN,THEY’RE GREAT! When foreigners do it theyre disrespectful. This is a fight and all legal techniques are allowed regardless of so called “status” in the ring. A teep in the face is disrespectful in sparring. It’s perfectly legal and used in many fights. If it’s done however, you can expect an elbow fight. Artem owned him and had very clean technique. Yod is so predictable it’s disgusting. He still punches like Nak Muay circa 91′. Stop making excuses for thai fighters that train lazily and expect the same result that they got before foreigners started taking Muay Thai more seriously than some thai’s. STEPup the training or continue to lose face(oooh we cant have that) and dominance in muay thai. Like Songchai Ratanasuban said Muay thai MORADOK THAI MORADOK LOK- Muay thai Thai heritage WORLD heritage.


    First, am I supposed to spell your name with “all caps” (a la MF DOOM?)

    Second, in Thai culture people are very particular about the feet. If you want to insult someone, you point your toe at a person and say something like, “bleh”. That’s why throwing a teep in a Thai person’s face is seen as being disrespectful.

  12. @brownhornet. I understand the feet to the face is highly disrespectful. It’s one of those “oh no he did’nt !” type of things. But still,it’s allowed in the fight and if you get teeped in the face you need to get your respect back. Yod did’nt do this.

  13. I agree with NAKMEEZY (of course in not so many words, yo yo damn fuck yo man and whatnot…)

    Gotta give credit to Artem for his skills and performance against someone like Yodsaenklai. He played the game and he won without a shadow of a doubt.

  14. How is Yod his senior? Years of experience? Fight experience? Titles? Age? Number of Fights? Profile in the sport? Contribution to the sport?

    it’s a philosophical difference… a nak muay is a nak muay, fair play. But don’t think respect doesn’t come into play.

    I agree when you’re in the ring a nak muay is a nak muay, fair play Levin won, and I’m sure it was quite clear between them who had won. The teep to the grill has nothing to do with hurting a fighter… it’s strictly for humiliation.

  15. Yod’s style is basically just to get put a hurting on the opponent. Doesn’t work well in amateur style. Also, Levin is freakin tall and Yod is relatively short for the weight class. Makes for a very hard fight for Yod.

  16. I think levin didnt teep yod because he wanted to humiliate him.I think he did that to mentally finish him off, because as we all know thais are very strong mentally especially thowards the end of the fight.You can see that in the fourth round yod strarted to put more pressure on artem so I think he did that to say you cant get close to me.In the first three round levin was fighting in close range but you se in the end of the fourth he staret to fight on more distance from him.I think teep was just to say dont come close to me or something like that, but I guess we will never know unless someone get his e-mail and ask him :)

  17. @nop I get the whole Yod is a household name and has done alot more for the sport. I didnt even know who levin was before this post. That still does’nt mean you cant teep him in the face. Maybe Yod will wake up now and stop what appears to be taking opponents for granted.

  18. I thot if within the rules of muay thai wotever arsenal is permitted in a fight then can use..

    Not… ok u can use this and that but please dont use teep to my face ok coz i find it offensive. Its a fight man and doesnt it happen alot. If artem scored a teep to the face and it helped get him a win.. well. good on him. I think its used for a reason in fighting and nothing to say please only use on my mid section. If its offsensive to thai culture then i dont understand why its not banned for use in mt. Well can correct me if im wrong.. im just giving my view point. Yods my favorite fighter and i do think he wuda been better off not getting in this olympic style competition

  19. Levin clearly applied better tactics than Yod did this fight, and he beat him fair and square – pads or not. Yod couldn’t make up the reach and he got tired and frustrated because he couldn’t get close enough. He bashed Levin up a good bit in the third, but that wasn’t enough to win. I’m surprised Yod was given the fight by any of the judges. But who cares? It’s the fight game, you win and lose, and with the added complexity of many fights in the tournament format, it’s even toughter. Yod will be back, teeped in the face or not. (As far as the face teep, I would probably do the same to somebody that ko’d me if I had the chance. Lol.) Congrats to Levin on the big victory.

    Some people have mentioned about Levin not being that weight (75kg max, I think, right?). But if you know anything about these tournaments, weight is measured each day a boxer has a match. It’s not like a fighter can drop 10kg, weigh in the day before, and put it back on like in the single fights, as you have to be ready to fight everyday. So yes, that’s his weight. If anyone, it’s Yodsaenklai that’s out of his own weight class.

    Not sure why there is so much Yod bashing going on all of a sudden. Levin is a very accomplished boxer and shows a great, complete technical style. There’s no shame in losing to him. Yod lost to Colossa a couple months, too, but that was a close match. I think putting Yod (or any particular boxer) up on a pedestal and looking down on others warps the reality of the game – the pack is not ever that far behind the leader, as many people think. I don’t agree with Nakmeezy that Yod’s boxing is not up to snuff. I think he has superior power and accuracy, and he can attack as well as counter. He’s ko’d and put down many fighters with his hands. More than that, he is one of the few nakmuay who has great head movement and he has never been down or out as a result of having his boxing countered. As far as training lazily, I don’t think that was Yodsaenklai for these fights either. Historian from Rob’s board made a point about of how good Yod looked recently in training. And just to put it out there, I don’t agree Yodsaenklai vs. Malaipet was “epic” – thought it was pretty one-sided in Yod’s favor though Malaipet gave a good effort.

    Anyways, a good match, Levin clearly took it this time. I think Yod is as good a fighter as he’s ever been but he came up short this time. Other people train and get better, too. That’s the sport.

  20. I agree with GorillaPalmz. While from an outside observer Yod’s punches may look a bit one dimensional at times, his power and accuracy are bar none. Take one of those crosses or hooks into you best guard and I bet you start to panic a bit. It’s like being hit by a freight train. Let alone after you’ve had your forearms almost broken by a few kicks.

  21. Point taken Gorillapalmz. We will have to agree to disagree on Yods boxing. However,if you spell my name in lower case again you can count on a teep in the face from me. lol or should i say LOL?

  22. @nakmeezy: LOL. if you teep me in the face, i will just have to release your personal info to a certain sexual offender, and i cannot promise that you will not be impregnated. LOL!!! =P dear Lord, spare me, i know not what i do…

  23. Buddhist or not, who the hell wants another man’s dirty feet in their lips/face area? I’d be pissed if i got teeped in the face during a match lol, shit’s foul.

  24. A very skilled fighter, yes. Also, with the BIG advantage that he 1) is way taller (6’3”) than most of his opponents and 2) knows how to use his height.

    Kind of a more skilled Semmy Schilt…”kind of” ;-)

  25. ^ meaning very tall and using it very well to it’s advantage…the “kind of” + wink was meant to show it was derision…hope you got it ;-)

    But yeah man, computer wiz is “kinda” out of date…”thai butterbean” sounds nice! haha!

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