Yodsanklai vs. Keo Rumchong

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Published on February 22, 2014 with 5 Comments

Many thanks to LiveMuayThaiGuy for getting this up so fast.  This is from this weekends “” Kaad Chuek fight from Hua Hin, featuring Yodsanklai vs. Cambodian fight Keo Rumchong. Last time I posted  a Thai Fight Kaad Chuek bout it was Saiyok and Sudsakorn.  There was a quite a bit of conversation… lots of people felt it was a “fake” fight while many disagreed.  I think it’s fairly clear, this is “real” looks like they’re straight up trying to end each other.  ’s vision and accuracy is off the charts… this is Thai Fight after all, we can be sure that Keo was driving a tuk tuk a week ago, but he did look dangerous…

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  1. I enjoyed this fight. Liked how the cambodian dude tried to bring it. He failed but he did try!

  2. Keo is actually not a bad fighter from what I have heard, he was just up against Yodsanklai!

  3. that cambodian guy was acting like a straight up monkey. yod knocked the dirt off that dirty fuck.

  4. muay thai and thai nak muays will always be the best amongst its neighbors. always. even if the moves are similar the thai nak muay will be better and always have better technique. and yes, watching the fake saiyok and sudsakorn fight and then watching this fight is a good examle of people really fighting without any ‘rules’ that will limit their damage done given by what ever powers that be.

  5. hahah just cant let it go can you?

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