Yodsanklai vs. Artem Levin – K1 Sweden


Huge MyMuayThai thank you to Kebab Hunter (I’m not making that up) of the K-1 Fans for uploading and sharing with us.

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I don’t know anything squat about Levin. The only bit of info I found on him was from this old profile. I’m guessing it’s old or incomplete because I wouldn’t imagine anyone would knowingly send a 15-1 fighter into the ring with Yodsanklai… or would they?

Damn Levin is tall… he’s definitely fighting like someone who isn’t afraid of Yod. Although I would think the quickest way to piss yod off is to continue to throw teeps at his face. Even if he’s had 30 fights, I think Levin is definitely not a bad fighter. It’s got to be horrendous for your game plan to get stalked by a fighter of Yodsanklai’s calibre.

Despite having a huge reach advantage over Yod, I don’t think he should stand box with him… Yodsanklai is just too damn sharp.

I’ll have the rest of the tournament up tomorrow.


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  1. Kreuang Jak on

    Oh man! the other guy thought that he had this fight down. It was just a matter of time before Yod backed his ass up into that corner and gave him some Sugar! Hey Nop, were there any other good fights on that card? Damn, I really wanna see Buakaw vs Yod.

  2. They way Levin had his guard in the 2nd, it was only a matter of time before that cross-hook came in. To his credit, Levin did look pretty sharp in the first. You don’t see many fighters that are willing to catch Yod’s kicks lol.

  3. Levin had the height reach advantage going for him for sure. It was only a matter of time before Yod was going to catch him. Straight left, right hook- BAM! Yod is very strong and his punches are very accurate.

  4. This guy appeared to be a wild fighter…those are always the worst to face. I knew that knockout was coming…esp after all those teeps to Yod’s face.

  5. Sometimes Yod can be so boring to watch, because you think he’s just taking it too easy. Then BAM he lays the other person out on their ass. His game plan must be to lull them into a sense of false security until he decides to unleash.

    I guess I’m just always worried he’s getting scored on too much, I hate seeing decisions like the one that went to Souwer. Glad he finished this one proper. :)

  6. I liked the way Levim fought except his poor guard. I think that many of the fighters that have bouts with Yod freeze up or go in with bad plans. I think if Levim had kept a tight guard, and had more power he would have been a better opponent.

    Yod seems very methodical with his fights. He stalks, he waits, he plans. He seems to wait for his strengths to expose themselves and from what I’ve seen hasn’t gotten fustrated from his opponents, from the way the fight might be going. He is determined, he has will power.

  7. I don’t know how Yod feels, but the feet are considered the dirtiest part of the body, while the head sacred in thai culture. I could see a teep in the face being particularly offensive. Sort of how in street fighting there is an unspoken agreement not to kick each other in the balls. Which reminds me, if any of you kids get in a fight with me, watch yo testicles!

  8. Levim did have the reach advantage. He didn’t seem scared in the first round. For such a tall fighter I didn’t see nearly any knee strikes. Good strategy (I think his game plan was to piss and throw Yod outta his game by teepin’ his face) Everyone knows yod is a methodical fighter and the best way to fight a methodical fighter is too piss em off so that they start making mistakes. In my opinion the boy only made 2 mistakes:
    1 – He got caught in the corner with his guard down
    2- He accepted the fight with Yod
    All in all, I’m sure it was a great experience for him.

    On another note…..WOW!….Yod’s punching accuracy and his timing are just off the freakin’ chart. I’m not even gonna mention his kicks (too easy!)

  9. Yod really is a class act!
    The opponent looks dangerous, skilled and motivated.
    He would probably do well against other fighters.

    I predict the same result with Yod against Malaipet.
    Malaipet doesn’t have a chance.

  10. right after the teep yod gives him a quick little nod. Yod is too technical for a fighter like levin who doesn’t have the experience like yod. Honestly i’d like to see yod tested with better opponents even though he has fought his fair share of opponents who were world class.

  11. Back to what Matt said about teeps to the face… what do you guys think of that? I always knew about the feet part in Thai culture, and can understand how it would be an insult to do it to an opponent. So I’m kind of torn; on one hand I don’t want to be disrespectful, but on the other, teeps to the face can be very effective.

  12. Frank-

    To me the teep to the face is throwing down the gauntlet. There really isn’t any coming back from that. You teep someone in the face and it connects… you should expect the same and then some.

    I always try to stay cool when I’m sparring but a teep to the grill is that one button that really gets me going.

  13. 1. i would never kick anyone in the balls in a street fight unless i though my life plus others were in danger

    2. my kru once suggested i stretch more so i can teep people in the face with the front part of my foot. i asked him why cus i didnt think it would do too much damage. but he smiled and said ‘but it will piss them off real good’

  14. Yeah I’ve never teeped anybody in the face while sparring. That and no knees to the head while sparring are kind of unwritten rules at my gym.

  15. I agree with Nop: teeps to the face are disrespectful and a challenge at the very least. I wouldn’t say don’t ever do it b/c a lot of good fighters do throw high teeps (Buakaw does all the time) but be ready when you’re opponent gets pissed.

    What do ya’ll think about stomping in your opponent’s corner during wai kru? I’ve heard everything from “never do it” to “ah, that’s just showmanship…no big deal.”

  16. Teeps to the face are disrespectful….There’s no point in doing it while sparring unless u have no respect for ur opponent. Buakaw does it in K1 for the same reason Levin was doing it to Yod….to try to throw him off his game ( people tend to make big mistakes when they’re mad) and then again most of Buakaw’s opponents are Kickboxers not Nakmuay and to them teeps to the face doesn cause the same mental effect as it would to a Nakmuay.

    “No straight knees while sparring”????….I have never heard of such a rule. It goes without sayin that you shouldn’t throw knees to the face while sparring (Like Frank stated) but knees to the body and legs are perfectly acceptable unless u have no control. Then again SE, maybe I’m misunderstanding what your definition of “straight knees” are. If so, please elaborate.
    At my gym no elbows are allowed while sparring.

  17. Matt,

    “I think that many of the fighters that have bouts with Yod freeze up or go in with bad plans.”
    Agree, Yod is very scary. His big and powerful, and his stalking posture and his determination on his face probably freaks the shit out of his opponent.

    “Which reminds me, if any of you kids get in a fight with me, watch yo testicles!”
    Wth? So you’re a dickboxer? :)

  18. the height different is like david vs goliath. but yod sure packs some punch man! it onli takes milli-seconds for him to spot Levin letting his guard down and …..BAM!!! ardious! :)

  19. I think if Levin kept the same pace as in first round, the result may upset Yod’s supporters.

    Levin has advantage over Yod on height and length, fast enough to catch leg and of course he is quite an aggressive fighter.

  20. Ahmoy

    Levin was able to keep up his level of aggression and pace only because Yod allowed him to…
    Yod was definitely feeling him out the first round. As the second round began Yod came out kicking…

    I think Yod needs to change his tactics… there just aren’t enough rounds for him to have an intial feeling out round.

    It’s fine and all with guys at this level, but against any of the top 4 max fighters I think he would need to get busy asap.
    just my 2 cents

  21. ShadyEskimo on

    Youre Right, in Max they are used to the 3 rounds, and they know they gotta go All Out from the Get go, and Yod is use to the Thai way, and he needs to change that. Teap in the Face at training, Cool with me, you gotta move, but knees in the head at training to Much.

  22. Levin Artem has had around 100+ amatuer/padded fights in Russia. Hes won the Gold medal at the IFMA World Amatuers i think 3 times maybe. The last 3 years in a row at A class level. The 15 fights are his pro fights. He is also WMC Super Middleweight 76 Kilo intercontinental Champion. I think he is hungry for a match with Eugene Ekkelboom from Ausralia for the WMC Super Middleweight World Title. He’s a quality fighter.

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