Yodsanklai vs. Artem Levin – K1 Sweden


Huge MyMuayThai thank you to Kebab Hunter (I’m not making that up) of the K-1 Fans for uploading and sharing with us.

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I don’t know anything squat about Levin. The only bit of info I found on him was from this old profile. I’m guessing it’s old or incomplete because I wouldn’t imagine anyone would knowingly send a 15-1 fighter into the ring with Yodsanklai… or would they?

Damn Levin is tall… he’s definitely fighting like someone who isn’t afraid of Yod. Although I would think the quickest way to piss yod off is to continue to throw teeps at his face. Even if he’s had 30 fights, I think Levin is definitely not a bad fighter. It’s got to be horrendous for your game plan to get stalked by a fighter of Yodsanklai’s calibre.

Despite having a huge reach advantage over Yod, I don’t think he should stand box with him… Yodsanklai is just too damn sharp.

I’ll have the rest of the tournament up tomorrow.


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