Yodsaenklai Fairtex Vs. Rafik Bakkouri


This fight took place on January 11th at the Fairtex stadium in Pattaya (aka the arm pit of Thailand). For those of you new to Muay Thai, Yodsaenklai is the current Lumpini Stadium and WBC Muay Thai 154 lbs. champion. I think he was acquired by Fairtex back in ’05. He’s one of their marquee fighters, with an impressive 142 and 65 record he’s on a head on collision course with fellow country man and K-1 phenom, Buakaw. Lots of folks are speculating that he’ll soon be competing in the K-1 Max tournament. Yodsaenklai is known for his methodical stalking style of fighting. Rafik Bakkouri (26-2-1) is a French fighter who is on the rise. He’s been knocking out fools left and right in Europe.

I found this vid this morning. It’s clearly from Bakkouri’s Team. It’s surprising but it sounds like there is a fairly big French contingent at the stadium.

Obviously I wasn’t there, but I know Dii Mak was there for the action… Dii Mak any thoughts?

[google 1848978278102664574 ]


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