Yodsaenklai Fairtex Vs. Rafik Bakkouri


This fight took place on January 11th at the Fairtex stadium in Pattaya (aka the arm pit of Thailand). For those of you new to Muay Thai, Yodsaenklai is the current Lumpini Stadium and WBC Muay Thai 154 lbs. champion. I think he was acquired by Fairtex back in ’05. He’s one of their marquee fighters, with an impressive 142 and 65 record he’s on a head on collision course with fellow country man and K-1 phenom, Buakaw. Lots of folks are speculating that he’ll soon be competing in the K-1 Max tournament. Yodsaenklai is known for his methodical stalking style of fighting. Rafik Bakkouri (26-2-1) is a French fighter who is on the rise. He’s been knocking out fools left and right in Europe.

I found this vid this morning. It’s clearly from Bakkouri’s Team. It’s surprising but it sounds like there is a fairly big French contingent at the stadium.

Obviously I wasn’t there, but I know Dii Mak was there for the action… Dii Mak any thoughts?

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  1. Good fight. Damn tough Frenchmen. Much props for stepping into the ring with “The Stalker”. Is it me or was that the most action-packed 1st Round of fighting you’ve seen in a while, especially coming from Thailand? I understand the whole “feeling out” process just as Mexican boxers take 2-3 rounds before they even get started in Western Boxing. By the way, why is Fairtex Stadium considered ‘the armpit’ of MT?

  2. Num told me that Frenchie went to Fairtex and called out Yod at the camp while they were training. Heard that he made a side bet of 100k baht.
    He got what he wanted I guess.

  3. Ernesto-

    Pattaya is considered the armpit…

    Damn, rolled into his house and called him out. So the question is big balls? or little brain? Probably both… There were a couple of forums talking about how Rafik says Eak outweighed him by 4 kilos.

    I hope Rafik is going to be in the “Contender” they need someone like that to stir up shit.

  4. Thought #1 : Nopstar you are way to harsh on Pattaya… ha ha ah… Sanctuary of Truth is worth the drive out there

    Thought #2 : That french guy’s mocking of the ram muay made him look like a real dick… Maybe he did not intend to mock it, but the foot stomp in each corner came off ass-hole-ish

    Thought #3 : Yod looked slow. I wonder how hard he trained for this fight. Sure, he landed some choice kicks and wicked elbows but he just looked a little slow. Maybe even heavy.

    Thought #4 : The french guy was throwing combos and bombs that landed quite a few times

    Thought #5 : Not a lot of french people there but a few older thai cats were trying to get farlangs to bet against Yod. They were giving 5 to 1 odds.. Still a dumb bet.

    Overall it was an entertaining fight, but realistically, Rafik was never really in the fight and Yod pretty much destroyed him after settling in.

  5. French man came out wild and crazy-worked for a minute too (1st round mostly), but that won’t work on someone as good as Yod. The outcome speaks for itself.

  6. i trained with rafik in bangkok. nice guy. he’s french. that should say it all. hes got tremendous talent and even bigger balls for fighting Yodsaenklai . win loss or draw, rafik will fear very little after doing battle with the stalker. rafik looked over trained in that fight. my gut is that in a year from now, if rafik has 1 or 2 more tough matches to stay sharp, then rematchesYodsaenklai he will go the distance at the very least.

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  8. So why didn’t Rafik get back up to fight after the knee – he didnt look that winded from it – where’s the french fighting spirit? Yeah, that stomping on corners looked very very overdone and asshole-ish. Seems like for most Farang fighters, any sort of talent goes hand in hand with a great deal of arrogance – something that seems to afflict the Thais much less (except maybe JWP).

  9. french big mouth he is a fucking idiot i have had the displeasure of meating this big mouth prick a few time saw him get in the ring sparring with a 15 yr old thai boy and really go to town on him then when i asked to have a go at 90 kilo he was like i have a bad leg the only thing he will do is talk lies and bring this great sport in to places it dont need to go there are world class fighters on the bill and he ain one of then i feel sorry for the others there to have to listen to his dribble he is a bully and a compulsive lier rafik wanna bring it on with me in the street ????????????????

  10. Yeah, “Frenchie, BIG Mouth, little heart” as Yod calls him out on the Contender. I am sure frenchie is a nice guy in person but he surely represent France as an arogant bastard like Napoleon ….arrgant, gutsy but small brain if he had any…LOL…

  11. I don’t know about you guys, but I think that the reason Rafik could stay in there with Yod that long, was because he’s a southpaw as well. IMO that kinda weakens Yods left roundhouse, which I think is his main weapon

  12. Talking about Napoleon, he used to explain how he divides his soldiers using two qualities: Intelligence and Speediness

    Smart and slow are the higher rankings, in charge of the strategies and big decisions
    Smart and fast are the middle ranking, who lead the battles and make fast decisions
    Dumb and slow are plain soldiers who will die for glory

    What about the dumb and fast? “We just kill right here, so they don’t scrude up in the battlefield”, Napoleon used to say.

    I wonder if Rafik would survive these days…

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