Yodbuagnarm vs Kaew Fairtex


Kaew Fairtex

Props to our Swedish brother Chrisoffer for taking the time to encode these vids for us.  This bout took place on the 24th of January.

I’ve met Kaew on a couple occasions.  He was a former stable mate of my trainer Neungsiam and would pop around every time he was in town.  Really nice kid,  I don’t know a whole lot about  Yodbuagnarm,  I gathered from the announcer that he’s 27 and has been fighting since he was 10.  He was Lumpini Champion at 122 lbs and Thai National Champion.

[youtube Jndt4am5BJc]

I’ve been to visit Lookbhanyai as it’s actually just a few soi’s from my house.  (Sutthisarn). I met the owner Pa’ Joe, seems like a really nice guy.  He told me most of the fighters in the gym he’s taken in off the streets.  I had asked him what it would cost for me to come train with them.  He sort of looked at me like I was insane, that I would pay to train!

[youtube MYGMt54hoGM]

Anyway, I’m perplexed with Yodbuagnarm’s fighting style.  It’s a little Samkor‘esq wouldn’t you say?  I think I’ve seen him throw a few left kicks the entire fight.  It’s interesting to note though, the announcer said that Kaew had spent some time with Thai National Boxing squad, to improve his hands…   I think it’s paying off.  I want to say he’s hands a far better then the time he was fighting in LA.

What you think?  Thoughts?


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