Yamada Trailer (Update)


Ninja’s… Buakaw?  I’m all over this… to be honest by the time I’m back in BKK in Dec, this would have already come and gone.   Which is a bit of a bummer, gonna have to find the dvd…

Sombat Snappin Necks and Cashin checks! I’m curious to see how much Sombat is actually in this flick.  The way he described it, I thought he was going to be in the background smashing fools, but it appears he actually get’s some screen time.

[youtube 6m19g5IT6Go 500]

If you pause it at 2:52 I’m pretty sure that’s Yodsanklai doing his best superfly snuka impersonation.

Props to Juufry for posting this.


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  1. haha yeah if youre a man, its impossible to not be into this movie. Dont expect a award winning plot or anything. But buakaw, yod, sanchai, anuwat, etc… epic

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