Win. Lose. Forgive


Just saw that some friends of MMT will be the subject of a short 27 min documentary!  Jongsanan Fairtex and his trainer Monlit Sitphoadaeng are the subjects of a short film called, “Win. Lose. Forgive” which will be premiering July 20th in Santa Rosa.  You can purchase tickets to the screening here, and you can find out more info on the documentary here.

Those of you who’ve been around MMT, will remember that I interview Monlit back in 2011, when he was the head trainer at Sitsongpeenong.



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  1. Quick question. got a pal who is moving to SF and has started doin a bit of training, but is a newbie.I told him to go where ever the thai trainers are.I know fairtex has good trainers is there anywhere/anyone else in SF?

  2. Your friend is lucky — the Bay Area has a good amount of muay Thai talent. Fairtex San Francisco closed a while ago but Jongsanan now teaches out of El Nino Training Center ( while Ganyao went to Pacific Ring Sports in the East Bay. I think there’s still a branch in the south bay though with Anh teaching there.
    Neungsiam and Bunkherd (also former Fairtex nak muays) are still at Fight & Fitness in downtown SF and Master Cheetah has a gym out in Richmond called Chai Yo MT Academy.

  3. wow that really is a decent whose who of Thai that the most and the best concentration of Thai trainers anywhere in the wolrd outside of Thailand? I imagine Japan might ahave agood few, I know Hong kong also has a good many ex champs etc teaching there? Thanks for the info Il pass it on.

    • The biggest concentration outside of Thailand would have to be Evolve in Singapore… Yes it’s very close to Thailand, so it almost doesn’t count.

      • yeah was going to mention that evolve place but Im not sure it counts either! Im pretty sure hong kongs got a good gang of top thai trianers? could be entirely wrong tho

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