Why isn’t Muay Thai more popular in the States?


Last week an anonymous poster left a comment, that I’ve been pondering.

“Point to Ponder: Why isn’t MT more popular in The States if people (i.e. MMA fans) get pumped when fighters stand up with kicks, punches, knees and elbows?? HHmmmm It think they’ve dranken too much Cool Aid and think anything in the cage is just that much better.”

I do agree that MMA fans enjoy good stand up. I feel that people who don’t know much about grappling or Jiu-jitsu can’t appreciate the nuances of what their seeing. Stand up is easier to digest.

I guess it’s sort of a chicken and egg type argument. I want to say it’s because we don’t have any good Muay Thai or Kickboxing televised here in the States… all we get is K1 re-runs on ESPN. What else do we have…? Fight Girls on Oh!?

Are American’s not interested because we’ve never had anything to whet our interest? If there was something on Spike for Muay Thai would it have been a different story? Are our roots too heavily rooted in wrestling culture? Do we American’s like MMA because it’s like wrestling only without fake shit? I don’t know.

I think if they ran the “Contender Thailand” here it would definitely draw a lot of Spike’s “Ultimate Fighter” viewers. I think there is sort of an education process that’s happening. The more traction and viewers that the UFC gets in the US, the more people will be exposed to Muay Thai. I’m confident Muay Thai will always be a necessary component of a MMA fighter’s toolkit. As people become more educated on what their watching, they’ll appreciate it more. Honestly, if they tried doing the “Contender Thailand” 2 or 3 years ago… I don’t think there would have been much interest. However I think things are changing, if it ran now it might actually stick.

If this fight girls thing works I’m sure Toddy has already got people lined up for an all male version. What do you think?


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  1. I had been waitin for this for a long time.
    The Contender Muay Thai would definitely do good here, I agree with you here. Everyone knows that 80% of the best MMA fights are the standup ones…why do u think Lidell makes so much money and bring such a big crowd? As a matter of fact, I have just watched one of the best UFC fights I have ever seen yesterday Spencer Fisher vs Sam Stoute 2 …an all-out stand up war.

    Those K-1 re-runs are really starting to piss me off…the same fights over and over and over. ISKA seems to have been taken off the air..well at least out here ( my tivo hasn’t been pickin’ em up for about 2 weeks now).

    I have no problem with BJJ ( I actually trained BJJ for a couple months). It’s cool if u’re into that stuff, I wasn’t, so I left. I’m a fimrm believer that it won’t work for you if u get into a fight in the streets, bar, nightclub (u’ll get stomped up by ur opponent’s friends before u pull that armbar off) I’m sure a lotta BJJ nuthuggers out there will be quick to argue but I seen it happen.
    In the ring however, it is an indispensable part of MMA.

    I wonder everyday why Muay Thai is not as popular as it should be, If u read some of my past comments u will notice that I have been wonderin for a while now but never got an answer.

    PS: I love “Girl Fights”…..I hope they keep it up. Too bad Jeanine got beat in the last episode, I was feeling her. Master Toddy made a smart move with that show….can’t wait for “Dude Fights”

  2. I actually gag whenever i see those same K- 1 fights on tv. And it’s also been about 2-3 weeks for me since i’ve seen ISKA or ‘Kickboxing’ on cable. Luckily I’ve had enough MMA to watch, including the Stout/Fisher caged Muay Thai bout (can’t wait for the rubber match). My thought was to incorporate some Muay Thai fights on MMA fight cards but the commission won’t sanction them in a cage. I agree with Spyda – Contender for MT on Spike would be huge. Even if they re-run The Contender on The VS Network that would be a great start. I do think the explosion of MMA on the martial arts circuit will also help MT grow quickly especially since all smokers now include MMA bouts.

    I do think certain techniques from BJJ do work as self-defense (i.e. sweeps, rear naked

  3. Ernesto, u’re right….sweeps do come in handy when u’ve been taken down and u wanna get back to ur feet before u get stomped. I just can’t see what BJJ can do for you in the street that Wrestling can’t….lol. Oh!…btw…I think it takes too long to choke someone out…..fights nowadays are rarely one on one and I don’t see anyone just standing there watchin u choke their friend to death….or unconsciousness….lol.

  4. Can we not use MMT as a forum for talking about what works in this or that street situation. Sherdog, TUF etc.. already has enough of that crap.

    Next week are going to see MT vs. TKD threads….

  5. I’m sure if Nop will have no problem saying anything if he has an issue with our discussion. Whether or not MMA works in the streets is in direct relation with the reason why MMA is so popular in the U.S as most people do take up MMA for self defense.

    Also, Ernesto, thanx for pointing out the “sweeps” as I had really never thought about it and it got me thinking a lil bit more about the way I felt about BJJ.

    Anyway…..I went to France last week, MMA is catchin’ on over there too, except they call it “free fighting”. I think it’s just a matter of time before it blows up over there and other european countries, I think it’s all about marketing. MMA is very well marketed. Muay Thai is well marketed in asia and Europe but not in the U.S. Some people still don’t know who Buakaw is….but I dare to find anyone who hasn’t heard of Chuck “Iceman” Lidell. That’s because that’s all they see on TV on Prime time…now every channel got their own MMA shit goin on…..IFL, Bodofight, Pride, UFC and many more. If I wanted to watch MT or Muay Thai I had to stay up at 1am to watch ISKA re-re-re-re-re-runs on ESPN2. Now they don’t even have that nomore.

    Sorry for yet another long chapter!

  6. I think it’s partly accurate that people enjoy watching standup because it’s digestible. What they REALLY want to see is a brutal KO. Something that in MMA can happen at any moment because of the glove size.

    If we televised MT with smaller gloves, I’m sure those viewers would be all up on it.

  7. KOs are always going to a big hit with fans. Why did people love Tyson fights so much- even though they dropped down $50 bucks on PPV for a 1 round fight? The only thing I could think of as has been said is the marketing of MT. American Kickboxing suferred the same fate. Chuck still rules. Norris that is…

  8. Yeah I think Tong Po is right there. The marketing has been lousy. Also, I think wrapping it up with more of the Thai cultural tradition instead of making it generic “kickboxing” would help.

  9. Tommy Gun had his so-called MMA debut a few weeks ago but after all the rule changes it ended up being a boxing with 4-ounce gloves. I wonder if we will start seeing that – striking matches with 4-oz gloves a la sanctioned Burmese bare knuckle boxing..hhmm

  10. When you bring up kickboxing to the general population they think TKD or AMerican kickboxing w/ pants. If they even just started calliong it Thai Kickboxing that would be better.

  11. I’m glad this was brought up. I have always loved Muay Thai, but a while ago I had the MMA fever. I trained BJJ for a few years (even got a blue belt), but I quickly got burned out. I love Muay Thai and only train that. BJJ is fine, if that’s what you like.
    Spike’s coverage of the UFC with TUF was the thing that made MMA so popular. Second is the MMA attitude It is portrayed as the ‘good ol boy’ or bad attitude (especially in this TUF). They’re idiots. I don’t think it has anything to do with technique or style, most stupid Americans just want a brawl. And *this is just my opinion* I believe these same fans don’t want to see a small Asian destroy some ‘good ol boys’.
    BUT, Contender Muay Thai or Master Toddy’s version (if it was marketed right).
    We need something with all of the traditions of Muay Thai; Ram Muay, Mongkons, real Thai training, all of that…

  12. I completely agree wit you Josh. The reason why Thai Boxing did not do well in the states is because back in the 60’s and 70’s every american was caught up on American Karate with kata’s and all that. I love Bruce lee but he is kind of responsible for the reason why Muay Thai did not take off in the states because every American wanted to learn and fight like bruce lee and throw all of these flashy moves. On the other hand i appreciate what Bruce lee did, and that was bring Martial Arts to the states and made every one aware that Martial Arts is a way of life and not something to learn so you could beat up some chump. So basically my point is that when the Thais came over in the Late 60’s and early 70’s majority of American’s were too caught up on Tae Kwon Do and American Karate so it did not do well. So now that we have a platform let’s all hope and pray that IF and WHEN we do go a Thai Boxing show on TV let’s hop that they do stick to the roots of Muay Thai and they represent it well. SAWA DE KHAP

  13. Mrblackmagic on

    I like Pride and UFC and KOTC but honestly, the stand for the most part isnt so great…especially in UFC. Pride was time to time a little better. Fedor and Crocop and all the chute boxe guys can stand up but, none of its really top drawer.
    and what passes for muay thai in these events is really lame.
    If your a wreslter or a BJJ guy, Im sorry but 2 months in thailand isnt going to change your game. When your juices start pumping your gonna go back to your old habits…whatever kept you alive before.
    let look at chuck liddel…he can hit, his kicks arent bad…but man if liddel added elbows, serious elbow training into his arsenal, everyone in UFC would be in deep shit.

  14. Hey nak Muau you said you like bruce lee but in he same breath you put him down. That is strange since bruce is almost the father of mixe martial arts as we know it and revolutionised the way people train marital arts.Now Iam talking about bruce the martial artist not the movie star with falshy moves. BUt if you read anythaing about bruce you would soon realize he was not into doing anything flashy. orthat was not economical. As I understand it bruce Lee love muay thai and thought it was great economical way of fighting that got to the point.
    That why he made and essential part of JKD.
    please stop blaming bruce for MT woes in popularity. he did his best to help and now he is dead.
    Muaythai is not popular because of bad marketing and a lack of beliefe on the part of sport promoters that thay could make money,also they had to much invested in BOXING for awhile just like mma is killing boxing now Boxing was killing MT then.
    plus it did not help that american kickboxing was popular hear.(wich sucks by the way)
    I think bruce dream was to see stuff like Pride , and UFC possible. HEwas always talking about using all your weapons.
    anyway I know I have gone on a tagent but people I notice tend to blame bruce for things out of nowhere.

  15. I would have to agree that Muay Thai is not popular in the States due to bad marketing. That being said MMA is not popular solely because of good marketing. Josh is correct in saying that MMA is popular because it is appealing to morons and good ole boys. It’s somewhat ironic that MMA is more popular than boxing and muay thai for the very reasons that should make it less popular. Basically, the quality of the stand up in MMA is marginal. You rarely see head movement. The footwork isn’t swift. The Thai kicks don’t look like the Thai kicks that I see experienced Thai boxers throw. The defense is as simple as cover up your head and hope that the other guy doesn’t sneek shots through your guard. Counterpunching is o.k. but not very intelligent. In short, the MMA stand up game has yet to evolve into a “science.” Because the stand up game lacks technicality it more closely resembles street fights. Dumb guys love to see street fights!! In addition, even if BJJ is not a good choice in a street fight as SpydaMan is quick to point out, that is basically irrelevant. MMA-ers don’t want to see what works in the street; rather, they want to see what realistic one-on-one-hand-to-hand-no-holds-barred combat looks like. Having a gun or mace works well on the street but nobody cares to see a guy shot or maced. MMA fans want to see fights that are sloppy enough to entertain their uneducated minds and realistic enough to get their adrenaline pumping. My favorite part of combat sports is watching a fighter with incredible defense, footwork, and counterpunching. Yet these things don’t entertain some people as much as haymakers. I am just amazed that it has taken this long for MMA to become popular. After all, people love to watch other people brawl. I always ramble and today will not be an exception, so I have one final point. Human beings still have much of the psychological baggage that we inherited from our ancestors the apes. We still have a thirst for violence. Combat sports are popular because they allow us to observe violence from a safe distance. MMA satisfies our carnal appetite because it looks like real violence. That being said, for intelligent combat sports enthusiasts, I see only one reason why Muay Thai shouldn’t be as popular as boxing. Boxing is, and has been, a huge part of American culture. It’s as American as baseball. Initially, the pride that Americans feel for Boxing, will be a stumbling block for the reception of Muay Thai in the states.

  16. Anonymous is a little bitter. It’s silly to compare MMA striking to muay thai just like you can’t compare MMA grappling to the guys at the Mundials or NAGA. The time requirements and rule set does not allow that sort of sophistication to develop.

    North Americans just haven’t been exposed to that stuff. You can’t even see true Muay Thai rules in North America. K-1 isn’t even real Muay Thai. True Muay Thai doesn’t exist in force outside of Thailand.

    American still associate kickboxing with that shiny pants full contact Karate. Even Chuck Norris’ World Combat League is nothing close to Muay Thai and Chuck knows as much about striking as anyone.

    Muay Thai needs better marketing, and some more push by the WBC.

  17. I’m a little bitter because MMA is not as beautiful as Muay Thai and Boxing, yet it is more popular. I find this depressing. You attempted to counter my argument by saying that the time “requirement and rule set does not allow the sort of sophistication to develop.” This is true and this is exactly my point. Sophisticated fans of a combat art appreciate the sophistication of their art. MMA striking is not sophisticated, therefore sophisticated combat fans are unimpressed with the quality of the striking. Which leads me to your second point. You state, “It’s silly to compare MMA striking to muay thai just like you can’t compare MMA grappling to the guys at the Mundials or NAGA.” This is a false assertion. The reason why it is false and the reason why this thread even began in the first place, is because MMA striking is basically Muay Thai and Boxing. Granted, their will be some differences in stance, blocking, combinations, etc. But those differences are trivial in comparison to the rampant sloppiness of the stand up game of most MMA fighters. Is a MMA jab or cross different than a Muay Thai jab or Cross? What about leg kicks? Of course not. So much of the MMA stand up game should be judged by the same standards as the Muay Thai game. My judgment is that MMA stand up fighters are not expert strikers. Crocop is a notable exception. But even he would get owned by a Lumpinee champion in a stand up contest. Even if they were both wearing 4 ounce grappling gloves!! So, MMA striking isn’t as entertaining as Muay Thai because the rules prevent surgical precision and artfulness; and the strikers aren’t as skilled.

  18. I’m going to paraphrase your argument. If you watch boxing vs Muay Thai, there is a difference. The punching is different, there is less head movement and slipping punches. Does that mean Muay Thai striking is sloppy compared to boxing? Where’s the bob and weaving? Their punching is nothing compared to Floyd Mayweather or Oscar DeLa Hoya. Why don’t you judge Muay Thai striking by the same standards as boxing? So Muay Thai strikers are not expert boxers. A lumpinee champion would get pwned by Floyd Mayweather in a boxing contest. Sp Muay Thai striking isn’t as entertaining as Boxing because the rules prevent surgical precision and artfulness; and the strikers aren’t as skilled.

    So if there is such a technical deficit (and i definitely agree that there is), then why doesn’t a good striker just come in and clean house? It should be relatively simple, no? But whenever great strikers enter, they get taken down relatively easily and get beaten badly. If their stand-up is so great, why aren’t they KO’ing guys as soon as they enter into striking range?

    You don’t think there a few guys who are not making that much money in striking arts that wouldn’t enter an MMA fight for easy cash?

    All grapplers who train bemoan the fact that MMA grappling is less technical than in dedicated grappling contests. Roberto Traven was a Mundials winner who got submitted by someone who shouldn’t have been on his level at all! Why are Crocop and Bang Ludwig getting KO’ed by such less technical strikers?

    I don’t believe that people want to see sloppy fights. Everyone who saw Anderson Silva dismantle Chris Leben and Rich Franklin loved it. There is somethign visceral about a great striker that everyone can appreciate unlike a great grappler.

    To get back to my point, an athlete is going to take the easiest path to victory. In Muay Thai if your opponent is weak in the clinch, then you would train your clinch in preparation for him. The simple truth is that the technical striking that you would like to see does not make as big a difference as you think, otherwise everyone would train it. You get larger dividends on your grappling technique than your stand-up technique. So that’s why you don’t see many Rampage’s (boxing) or Anderson Silva’s (Muay Thai) in MMA. A fighter has to have a solid ground game first before they can reap the benefits of increased striking proficiency.

    You don’t need to be a technical striker to have effective striking in MMA, end point.

  19. wow that last argument was way off the mark.
    Muaythai guy don’t bob and weave because they have to worry about knees and kicks.
    (Sp Muay Thai striking isn’t as entertaining as Boxing because the rules prevent surgical precision and artfulness; and the strikers aren’t as skilled.) what in the world are yout talking about?HUH?
    Muaythai is not a mix martial art it is muaythai.
    it’s own art. BOXINg used to be sloppy and brute with no skill it used to be just the strong man would wiintthe match.
    boxing evolved. through influnces from different culturesof martial arts.
    were we to except that that is the best boxing would have gotten the sport would have died a long time ago.
    I don’t by your arguement that that is as good as the sport is going to get or look.
    what false premise to work off of.
    muaythai has other weapons to worry about that is whay they don’t bob and weave
    but the punches that they do throw they throw them well and are not sloppy.
    I keep hearing thai baxers have weak hands but time and time again they seem to KO people with great hands.
    the reason they dont do as many combos is beacause MT is not boxing + kicking it’s Muaythai.
    MMA is trying to incorperated the best of everything the most efficient of everything.
    croccop got koed becuase sometime he thinks he is the man and does not give his opponents respect plus he is human. BANG is not The one of the best strikers around, he just has good knees. Anderson Silva looks good when he is striking it not only because you get a visceral pump. it looks like that is how you are suppose to hit it looks right.
    it ends the fight with style and conviction nothing is a lucky or wild shot. he can do it again at will.good form and technique is always important.
    fedor is good at striking and grappling that should be the standard.Not sloppiness is ok because that the way it is.
    in my opinion that argument amount to pretty much nothing.

    (You get larger dividends on your grappling technique than your stand-up technique. So that’s why you don’t see many Rampage’s (boxing) or Anderson Silva’s (Muay Thai) in MMA.) BUT YET THERE AT THE TOP
    this is to respond to Manfromyard
    sorry Ithink you point does not pass the smell test.
    we evolved as human in everything we do.
    and we should aspire to be the best.not except the the bottom of the barrel as thebench mark of our progress in any sport.
    Yet again I’ve gone on a tangent.
    I hope that I have made my point though.

  20. Strong Boy basically shares my thoughts about the absurditiy of Manfromyards argument. I will just say a few more things.
    1) I never argued that MMA should be judged by the same standards as Muay Thai nor did I assert that Muay Thai should be judged by the same standards as boxing. I stated that if the techniques in the respective disciplines are identical, then they should be judged by the same standards. Boxing, Muay Thai, and MMA use the same right cross. Muay Thai fighters throw right crosses that are almost as good as boxers, but MMA fighters typically throw right crosses that are significantly less technical and fast than both boxers and Thai fighters. The same roundhouse kick used in Thai fights is also used in MMA. MMA fighters tend to suck at it. I am not criticizing MMA for the uniqueness of its style; rather I am criticizing MMA fighters for improper technique in their own style. I agree with strong-boy that the difference in quality between the punches of boxers and punches of Thai fighters is not that pronounced.

    2) Manfromyard has one more argument. The first is that if technical striking is so lethal in MMA then strikers would own the UFC. Strikers don’t own the UFC, as he would claim, therefore striking is not lethal in MMA. He then goes on to say that we don’t see many technical strikers like Rampage Jackson or Anderson Silva in MMA. Once I heard this I honestly considered whether it would be worth my time to respond to someone with such bad thinking skills. He’s saying that striking isn’t important in MMA, yet the best strikers are at the top. Is he serious?? Jokes aside he does raise a point about the importance of striking in the MMA game. It is only half of the game and possibly the smaller half. However, if you have an excellent takedown defense and excellent striking you will be very hard to beat. Crocop is the best example of this principle. Of course, great strikers with great takedown defenses will occasionally get taken down and occasionally get knocked out by weaker strikers but this doesn’t really weaken my argument. Even the best fighters occasionally lose to weaker fighters. You may not need a great striking game to be a good MMArtist but you better be sure that you can get past those strikes safely before you take the fight to the ground. MMA is a mulitfaceted sport. You have to be good on your feet and good on the ground. Manfromyard also says that, “You don’t need to be a technical striker to have effective striking in MMA.” Once again I struggle with the logic used here. Is he saying that you don’t have to have good striking to have good striking?” Maybe he’s saying you don’t have to have great striking to have good striking and you only need good striking to be successfull in the MMA. Or maybe he’s saying that if you have a good defense against strikes and excellent takedowns and groundwork then you can be successful in the MMA. What is does a grappler with weak stand up do against a lethal striker who is difficult to take to the ground? Technical striking will alway be important because technical striking is fast, crisp, and powerful, i.e it’s dangerous. Technical striking is an indispensible tool for MMArtists. Evidence for this is the fact the MMArtists generally split their training 50/50 between striking and grappling.
    3) My complaint about MMA striking is not so much a complaint about the style of MMA, but the quality of the striking in current fighters. The quality of the striking has improved over the years and will continue to do so. If a sport becomes popular, then the athletes will make a lot of money, and if there is a lot of money then the quality of the athletes will improve. Imagine what would happen if the UFC became as popular worldwide as boxing was in the U.S.A in the 50’s. You would have little kids in Thailand training muay thai and grappling every day. They would be formidable MMArtists.
    4) The specificity principle applies to this discussion. The more an athlete focuses on one part of his game the better he/she will become. Because MMA is so complex it will be hard for fighters to become expert at all parts of the game. That being said they can be very good at all parts of the game. This will happen in the future as MMA becomes more popular.

  21. Muay thai techniaue doesn’t look like boxing technique in general because of the other weapons that are used. There are no kicks in boxing, so all the time goes to punching. Boxers punching is much more advanced technically than Thai punching, and its obvious to see. A nak muay can NEVER have as good punching as a boxer given equal training time and learning facility.

    “Manfromyard also says that, “You don’t need to be a technical striker to have effective striking in MMA.” Once again I struggle with the logic used here. Is he saying that you don’t have to have good striking to have good striking?” Maybe he’s saying you don’t have to have great striking to have good striking and you only need good striking to be successfull in the MMA.”

    In wrestling, some guys use great technique and some guys just bull rush guys. Both ways, you get the guy taken down, but one requires more skill. When have you seen fedor throw textbook punches? Some guys like Fedor and Chuck Liddell throw wide looping punches but they are still effective, at least until they meet a better striker. Rampage and Anderson are the exception, not the rule, but more will follow as they develop an advantage.

    Honestly, having this argument is like trying to explain color to a blind man. You have to train MMA and Muay Thai both to get what I’m trying to say, and I don’t think many people do.

    It’s just snobbery. People are saying that MMA fans are drunkards and uneducated, yet the majority of Thai boxing’s support in Thailand comes from gamblers. You have guys saying that Boxing used to be about brute force and no skill? When was this? Jack Johnson was refining technique back in the day. Most of the “evolution” in boxing has come from rule changes such as glove sizing, round length, and clinching rules.

    Honestly, I think its just Muay Thai snobbery, and a bunch of guys are bitter because MMA is blowing up. Striking is the least important skill in MMA because either your wrestling/takedown defense must be better to prevent takedowns, or your submissions must be enough of a threat to deter someone from trying.

    So yeah, its sloppy. But keep crying in your pillow and blaming MMA instead of showing people Thai fights or trying to boost the sport yourselves. How many of you guys give friends Thai fights to watch or show them on the internet? Think about that before you cry about the UFC….

  22. what are you talking about?
    (I think its just Muay Thai snobbery)
    well anyway if that is your logic this discussion dosent need to be prolonged.
    good luck with that thought.
    just for the record my friend love it when I hook them up with great thai fights they range from werstlers boxer non martial artist and muay thai guys. oh well enough said.

  23. Let’s see what subject I can pull out of my ars and see if it can get such a great response .. hahahaha ANy idea when the next Fairtex smoker will be?

  24. Sorry Nopstar. I have respect for you and your site. It’s just when someone insists that a MMA right cross is different than a Muay Thai or boxing right cross I become a bit frustrated.
    Please manfromyard, explain to me the difference. Is it not supposed to come straight out like a piston with a rotation of the fist at the end of the movement? Is the inside of the shoulder not supposed to touch the chin at full extension to protect the jaw? Is the back foot not supposed to pivot. The fastest way to get between two points is a straight line. The faster your strike the more likely you are to connect with power and bring your hand back to protect your head. Are slower punches more effective than fast punches in the UFC? If you answer yes to this question, then please watch some of Vitor Belfort’s fights. I can’t believe that I have to demonstrate something that seems so apparent. I am also puzzled by why someone would insist that “bull rushing” someone is as effective as a textbook double-leg takedown. If this is the case, then Bob Sapp would be an excellent MMArtist. After all he bull rushed people most of his professional career in football. For one thing, if you bull rush someone without closing the distance properly you will probably catch a knee to your face. Another thing is that if you try to bull rush someone with a foundation in wrestling it simply won’t get the job done. They will see it coming and sprawl, leaving you vulnerable to other strikes or grappling moves. If MMA has one thing going for it, it is the high quality wrestlers that fight. Could someone bull rush Randy Couture? A little bit on the charge of Muay Thai snobbery. I don’t know who you’re adressing with this statement, Manfromyard, but I will assume you’re speaking to me. First off, my claim was that the striking in the MMA at the current moment is marginal. I didn’t say that MMA striking will never be superb. I actually think it will be. Of course the strikers will never be as skilled as Muay Thai fighters in kicking punching kneeing or elbowing, but this is o.k. Some people prefer the versatility of MMA to the standup technicality of Muay Thai. Some people prefer the versatility of Muay Thai to the technicality of punching in boxing. Some people prefer the uncontrolled untrained violence of street fights, to any combat sport whatsoever. Some MMA fans are informed combat sport enthusiasts, but unfortunately, too many are drunkards and brutes. For further discussion on this please refer to Nopstars post, “Why is MMA so Angry.” I apologize once again to nopstar; what I said about manfromyard was inappropriate.

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