Why isn’t Muay Thai more popular in the States?


Last week an anonymous poster left a comment, that I’ve been pondering.

“Point to Ponder: Why isn’t MT more popular in The States if people (i.e. MMA fans) get pumped when fighters stand up with kicks, punches, knees and elbows?? HHmmmm It think they’ve dranken too much Cool Aid and think anything in the cage is just that much better.”

I do agree that MMA fans enjoy good stand up. I feel that people who don’t know much about grappling or Jiu-jitsu can’t appreciate the nuances of what their seeing. Stand up is easier to digest.

I guess it’s sort of a chicken and egg type argument. I want to say it’s because we don’t have any good Muay Thai or Kickboxing televised here in the States… all we get is K1 re-runs on ESPN. What else do we have…? Fight Girls on Oh!?

Are American’s not interested because we’ve never had anything to whet our interest? If there was something on Spike for Muay Thai would it have been a different story? Are our roots too heavily rooted in wrestling culture? Do we American’s like MMA because it’s like wrestling only without fake shit? I don’t know.

I think if they ran the “Contender Thailand” here it would definitely draw a lot of Spike’s “Ultimate Fighter” viewers. I think there is sort of an education process that’s happening. The more traction and viewers that the UFC gets in the US, the more people will be exposed to Muay Thai. I’m confident Muay Thai will always be a necessary component of a MMA fighter’s toolkit. As people become more educated on what their watching, they’ll appreciate it more. Honestly, if they tried doing the “Contender Thailand” 2 or 3 years ago… I don’t think there would have been much interest. However I think things are changing, if it ran now it might actually stick.

If this fight girls thing works I’m sure Toddy has already got people lined up for an all male version. What do you think?


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