What does your fighter pic say about you?

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What does your fighter pic say about you?

Published on February 02, 2007 with 9 Comments

So it’s time to do your fighter pic… What are you gonna do? Go to glamor shots? I don’t think so. Still lots of people are going to see your fighter picture and you’re going to be judged by it. On one end of the spectrum, you’ve got well know fighters like Jongsanan whose fight picture doesn’t matter at all. If you’ve ever seen his old posters, he doesn’t look intimidating or badass. Then you’ve got unknown fighters who are all oiled up trying to look deadly. Those are the best, they’ve always got some really janky looking belts too.

I’ve found four fighter pic’s that I find really interesting. What do you thing they trying to convey?

Anuwat Kaewsamrit

This is Anuwat Kaewsamrit, his picture conveys… accomplishment. I’ve been there, done that and your getting wrecked.

Tyrone Spong

This is Tyrone Spong, Dutch killa. He’s a European champion, and at 20ish is an all around bad ass. Some of you might remember, Kaoklai got KFO by Spong a few months ago. Not sure what to make of his pic though. Glass huh? You sure you want to go with that? A bit too hard core for me…

Speaking of hard core…

Meet Lauren Sugihara, she is a Muay Thai fighter from… does it really matter? As for what her fighter pic conveys?

This is Kerri Crusher Scarr… I get it. Question though, if you want to be taken seriously as a fighter are you really going to want a pic like this?

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  1. Anuwat = BLING BLING Motherf**ker..
    Spong = “Are those Heineken’s you’re wearing?”
    Lauren: DAAAAAAAMN.. “You complete me!!”
    Crusher: Nice but let’s look at Lauren again DAAAAAAAAAAAAM

  2. I’m with Ernesto on Lauren. I’m thinking anything but Muay Thai with pics like that- more naughty thoughts!

    Its a common theme to wear one’s belts on a fight pic. Anuwat is a bad ass! Spong went overboard with his pics- a bit too Kickboxerish (see Van Damme posts)

  3. hahahahahah…. You had me at “Are those Heineken’s you’re wearing?”… Man, that is funny.

    As for Lauren, holy tittyballs.. Didn’t realize there was that much competition for Bringing Sexy Back in women’s muay thai.

  4. I belive Lauren had a fight recently.
    Shin pads, head gear and in a cage!


  5. Wow, I couldn’t even stand watching that fight for one round. :(

  6. hi guys. Yeah that pic was taken for a magazine shoot so i just used it for my fight pic as well. I’ve only had the one fight. Still very amature, but I love it. My manager doesn’t want me to fight for fear of breakin my nose ect, but it’s something i love to do. 1-0 so far =)

  7. Hello Lauren… welcome to My Muay Thai. Hopefully you’ll stick around, it be nice to get a woman’s perspective from time to time. BTW, when is your next fight

  8. Lookin to get in the ring in about 2 or 3 months. I strained my trap overtraining. I took a month off so now i’m back to the grind. I’ve only been training a year so I have a ton to learn, but I try to make up for it with hard work. That’s all anyone can do right? =)

  9. tyrone is gewoon de beste .he is the best keep on going tyrone

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