Wanchalerm vs Singdam


This was another great fight from 2 weeks ago…  I’m not sure if these two have met in the past… but they’re well matched.   I can’t remember what round exactly… I’ll need to go back and rewatch it.  One of the trusted bookies runs up to Singdam’s corner and yell 20K Baht,  this is a cash injection directly to the fighter.  Typically when someone has a shit load of money riding on the fight, he may or a bunch of gamblers may pool together some money to offer a fighter a cash injection/bonus.  In this case 20K for the fight or the round… I don’t know which.

Singdam digs deep and finds another gear or two.


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  1. so much technique and style, old school vs new school and they leave everything in the ring..such a pleasure to watch..and those pics make me feel the intensity of the fight even if 13.000km far away from lumpinee. thanks nop

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