Tony Myers – Scoring Seminar


This past weekend Singdayt Muay Thai invited Dr. Tony Myers to give a Muay Thai scoring and judging seminar.   It was incredibly informative and a must for anyone looking to fight.  Anyone interested in Dr. Myers seminars can get in touch with him via his LinkedIn .

I’m posting excerpts from his lecture, in a 4 part series…

This first video is about Landing Techniques with effect.

Techniques landed with “effect”

  • Landing accurately
  • Effective (disturb them physically or psychologically)
  • Don’t lose your position when delivering your technique, or when you on the receiving end.
  • Don’t show, pain or fear
  • Landing techniques on balance

About Tony Myers:

Tony Myers is an experienced referee and Judge as well as an experienced MuayThai coach. He has judged and refereed at national, international and world level, in Britain, Europe and Thailand; this year being selected to referee live on national Thai TV and in front of Thai Royalty in Bangkok. He holds World MuayThai Council (WMC) professional refereeing and judging qualification, an International Federation of MuayThai Amateur (IFMA) amateur refereeing and judging qualification. He also runs refereeing and judging courses, as well as being a senior referee and judge for, the British Thai Boxing Council, the World MuayThai Organisation and Scottish MuayThai Federation. In addition he also referees and judges for some Showsport International events.


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