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Well you’ve all seen the Muay Thai Gift  buyers guide; I suspect many of you will be practicing your Ninja Tanto skills in the days to come.

Well put down your tanto for a minute and listen up.  It’s time to do your part to make this world a little better.  I’ve got two causes that are worthy of our support.  The first is The Muay Thai Preservation Project.

“The Muaythai Preservation Project was founded in July of 2010. After spending four years travelling back and forth to Thailand, it became evident that the positive effects Muaythai has its practitioners could be carried over into every day life. With its main focus on developing a strong mind and body, Muaythai also teaches the value of community, tradition, respect, and modesty. It is values like these that we strive to instill in the generation of today.”

“Our mission at the Muaythai Preservation Project is to make a positive impact in the lives of New Jersey at-risk youth and young adults. Through on going programs designed around Muaythai, it is our aim to teach the importance of personal well being and service to others, at the same time helping to build each person into a stronger individual in their community.”

They’re currently working with the boys and girls club in Northern New Jersey to start a muay thai programme.  You can sponsor a child for $25/mo. Or $300 a year.

For those of you involved in the Muay Thai scene you might recognize that one of the founding members of this charity is John Wolcott, who was the acting US correspondent for the World Muay Thai magazine.

It’s a great cause and you can make a donation here.  I’ve made a personal donation and I’m asking you to chip in whatever you can.

For those of us in the UK, there is a charity that’s been around for a couple of years and has been hugely successful.  It’s the organization Fight for Peace.  Similar to the model above, they offer Muay Thai, Boxing and BJJ to at risk youth.  They set up a center in the favellas of Brazil as well as a center in East London.

Here is a short documentary on them.  Again, this is another worthwhile cause.

[youtube Q6nKvddNtb8 590]


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