The Contender Thailand (Update)


As many of you know the Reality TV show The Contender is coming to Thailand. The Contender Thailand will take 16 Muay Thai fighters who will live and train together. The Grand Prize is a huge chunk of change and a house. I blogged about this initially a few months ago. My source who’s close to the action had thrown around some names I initially felt were wildly optimistic. I turns out that the initial list wasn’t that far off. My source has confirmed a few names, and expected some the other aforementioned fighters to be involved.


I had a chance to talk to Samkor about this during my visit. I asked him what he thought about it… he was actually less aware of the format. He initially told me he was going to be fighting in a tournament with “Super Stars”. It began to occur to me that he was talking about “The Contender” He didn’t know that you were going to be living together… maybe they won’t be but I thought that was the point. He said it was going to be rough going, that in addition to being Super Stars, they were young. I asked him if he was worried? “Nothing to worry about, you just have to fight”. I asked about the prize money, I told him that if he won the house, he wouldn’t want to go to the States anymore. He replied “No way, I would just sell it. Although I would buy myself a nice sports car… I’ve always wanted one.”

Additional Fighters:

I wish him all the best. I hope that he does get his sports car, he deserves it. These two fighters who I had not previously mentioned will more then likely join the cast.

Ole Bagio Laursen

Wanlop Sitpholek

Any of you guys hear any rumors? If you’ve heard anything about the lines ups I would love to hear about it.


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