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Hey  guys John Wolcott has written a great piece on Lumpini for MMT Tours.  I’ve posted a bit of it here, but you can read the full piece on

By John Wolcott

The sound of the Pi Java(an instrument similar to the Japanese clarinet) cut through the air. The long, shrieking notes signaled that it was time for the fighters to perform the Wai Kru. They slowly circled the center of the ring before kowtowing to the canvas beneath them. The rhythmic drumming of the Klong Kaak set the cadence. As the fighters danced the foreign attendance gazed on in amazement. One man rushed up to the ring and snapped some photos. He looked down excitedly at his camera checking to see if he got the shot, then ran back to his seat where a cold beer and his lady for night awaited him. The temperature inside was hot and a pool of sweat began to collect in the middle of my grey polo shirt, but the numerous ceiling fans made the humid air tolerable. After some time the Thai instruments ceased and both fighters went to their respective corners to have their mongkon’s removed.   Continue the article on  Muay Thai



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John Wolcott currently lives in Thailand and works as a freelance writer and videographer. Join him on Twitter or John Wolcott.

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