Thai Fight Nak Muay on Talk Show


I came across this clip the other day, it’s the Thai Fight Nak Muay on some sort of teen talk show… I thought it was interesting, as you don’t really get to see them in this sort of environment.  Turn on your captioning.  Now some of you will finally see what it’s like to interview some nak muay… one and two word answers.  Like pulling teeth!

If anyone reading this understands Thai, can you tell me what Singmanee’s nickname is?  I just couldn’t understand…


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  1. hey Mai thanks for that. It certainly made me laugh. I loved the mattayom girls in the audience. I watched it with Jun — he said the nickname is ‘Sai Dap Winyaan’ which is something akin to Soul Assassin come to think of it lol. As Mai knows, its literal meaning is “Sai” — Left (Kick, Punch), “Dap” — Turn Off (as in a light) and “Winyaan” — Spirit or Soul.

    • ahhhhhhh… I must have listened to that loop about 50 times… it was driving me crazy. Thanks! “punch that extinguishes the spirit” hahaha yes soul assassin has a much better ring!

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