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    Is MMA Counterproductive to Muay Thai?

    How many times have you been watching an MMA fight and heard the announcer talk about a fighters ‘beautiful Muay Thai’. How many times have you heard Joe Rogan say ‘Beautiful leg kick’ even though the fighter he is referring to kicked his opponent square in the shin. Or ‘That guy has really good teeps […]

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    Teep to the Grill

    Pardon me while I take us off our Muay Thai diet for a few minutes to discuss the UFC. The other night I caught the latest UFC event with Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfour.  There has been some footage of Seagal training with Anderson Silva floating around. So if you missed the fight, you can […]

  • UFC Gym in Concord

    UFC Gym in Concord

    I see that the UFC has opened their first gym not too far away from my old stomping ground.