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    Kongsak Sitboonmee vs, Singthongnoi Por Telakoon

    Merry Christmas, Happy Festivus, and Happy Holidays to the MMT Family.  A shout out to my friends in the Bay, Bangkok and London.  Miss you all and hope you are well. Hope you are all safe and stuffing your faces.  As you’ve got nothing to do today, why don’t you sit back and take in […]

  • Singtongnoi vs. Saekson

    Singtongnoi por. Telakoon vs Saekson or. Kwanmuang

    Ok enough of Thai fight… let’s get on to some serious competition.  Many thanks to Eileen Helvaci for sharing!  Singtongnoi (red) is 32 years old, no spring chicken in our sport vs. Saekson 23 years old and looking to even the score.  These two have met once before with Singtongnoi taking via points. I suspect […]

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    Singthongnoi vs. Kongsak

    I was fortunate enough to make it to this fight.  As always many thanks to banana128 for taking the time to post and share this.  This was a major night put on by Songchai Ratanasuban.  I watched this fight with Tim the owner of Sitsongpeenong.  He told me that this match was probably going to decided […]

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    Singtongnoi vs. Pakorn

    As always thanks to Banana128 for feeding our addiction.  It seems like we’ve been seeing both of these guys a lot lately.  If they aren’t fighting each other, their busy with Pornsaneh.  Anyway, don’t take your attention off these guys.  With the way these guys were dropping bombs in the first round, this was only […]

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    Pornsaneh vs. singthongnoi

    Pornsaneh is turning out to be one of my favorite fighters. I got a chance to meet him briefly with Abs, Mike and the rest of the 13 coins a couple of months ago. If you guys remember we posted his last fight back in March, which is probably still the fight of the year.  When […]