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  • Video thumbnail for youtube video Saekson vs. Pakorn - My Muay Thai

    Saekson vs. Pakorn

    As always many thanks to live muay thai guy, for sharing this with us.  This bout took place on April 4 in Songkla, Southern Thailand.  This bout features 2 of the most aggressive and hard hitting nak muay around. Saekson (133lb) and Pakorn (131)  Great matchup.  These guys have never met…

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    Saeksan Or Kwanmuang vs Detnarong Wor Sangprapai

    Hi guys- Sorry for the absence… I’ll explain in a couple of days. anyway, many thanks to Livemuaythaiguy for the clip.  Really enjoy watching Saeksan… love his pure almost reckless aggression… win or lose, this kid always brings it.

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    Saekson Or. Kwanmuang vs. Petpenomrung Wor Saengprapai

    This bout took place a couple of weeks ago.  Saekson (red) 128lb vs. Petpenomrung 130lbs, this is a classic fee-muh vs. brawler matchup.  I love watching brawlers, and Saekson loves to bring it.  Let’s see how he gets on with a very technical and tricky Petpenomrung. Thanks to NakKlebe for the upload.

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    Stephen JittiGym vs. Saekson Or Kwanmueng

    This is MMT friend Stephen Meleady aka Jittigym doing battle with the no. 1 ranked contender…  Saekson.  I had a chance to meet and sit down with Stephen a couple of weeks ago. As always many, many thanks to our friend livemuaythaiguy for the upload!

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    Saekson vs. Petawi

    This was the main event from the Rajadomnern shows from the other night.  It features 3rd ranked Lumpini workhorse, Saekson Or Kwanmuang vs. Petawi.  I’ve always enjoyed watching Saekson, he’s incredibly agressive and at times a bit careless, which always makes for an interesting fight. Many Thanks to Muaydeetsport for the upload.

  • Singtongnoi vs. Saekson

    Singtongnoi por. Telakoon vs Saekson or. Kwanmuang

    Ok enough of Thai fight… let’s get on to some serious competition.  Many thanks to Eileen Helvaci for sharing!  Singtongnoi (red) is 32 years old, no spring chicken in our sport vs. Saekson 23 years old and looking to even the score.  These two have met once before with Singtongnoi taking via points. I suspect […]