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    MuayThai Journal Episode 6: Rob Cox

    Here’s another great episode of the MuayThai Journal, by John Wolcott.  If you haven’t already subscribed to his Youtube channel please do so immediately!  This episode feature a good friend to MMT, Rob Cox. Rob has been in involved in the Thai Muay Thai scene for a great while, in addition to being a camp […]

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    Interview with John Wolcott

    Most of you may know that MMT friend and contributor John Wolcott has been hard at work putting together a Muay Thai Documentary.  He’ll be releasing several web episodes over these coming months.  You’ll be able to view them all here and on I’m a massive fan of documentaries and even a bigger fan […]

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    Kiatphontip Fund Raiser

    I was recently back in Thailand, running one of the MMT tours.  We all had a great time, but it was a bit stressful a times.  Most of Thailand was under a state of emergency, and Thailand was faced with some of the worst flooding it had seen in half a century.  (here’s a good […]

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    Thailand’s stars of tommorow.

    As in any sport and probably more so in Muaythai due to the rigorous demands on the body and spartan training regimes, the guys at the top rarely stay put for a long length of time. There is constant change in names vying for the top and many don’t last the course. So who are […]

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    Rajadomnern Birthday Show

    It was good to be back in Bangkok, albeit for a excruciatingly short period of time.  I rang up Rob to see what was on for the night, and as my luck would have it, it was the Rajadomnern Birthday show. Diimak, Rob and I grabbed a mouthful of grilled chicken goodness at Likit before […]

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    Day in the life of Rob

    For those of you who’ve been kicking about my muay  thai, Rob should be no stranger to you.  I’ve profiled and interviewed Rob quite a bit over the past year.   He’s a good peeps and he’s a friend of MMT.  Rob own a camp, Kiatphontip (they’ve just re-designed their site) and runs MuayThaifocus, the place […]