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    Muay Thai Minute

    In today’s muay thai technique, Coach Damon from Singdayt Muay Thai London takes us through a fundamental off balancing while in the clinch.  This is part of similar to an off balancing technique we’ve shown in the past.  The primary difference is that one was when your opponent has your arms “locked”.  I tend to find this […]

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    Muay Thai Minute – Outside Clinch Off Balance

    In today’s Muay Thai Technique, the very capable Coach Damon Faulkner of Singdayt takes us through an off-balancing technique from the outside clinch.  For those of you who’ve been practicing you clinch you’ll understand that there is a lot of “listening” in clinching… it isn’t just what your trying to do… you’ve got to feel […]

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    Catch and Turn

    In today’s Muay Thai Minute, Coach Damon takes us through a muay thai technique for catching a kicks.  This technique is a classic Muay Boran technique that can be adapted to the ring.  This works well for an opponent who is looking to “Crack your shell”  and is aiming specifically to kick your arms. When […]

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    Muay Thai Minute – Pat down and Elbow

    We’re back with the Minutes! Today Coach Damon takes us through a fairly simple but effective muay thai technique.  I say simple… the mechanics aren’t difficult but the application and timing is a bit more difficult.  This technique is more effective in the later rounds when your opponent is more fatigued or they’re dominent in […]

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    Muay Thai Minute – Knee Defence in The Clinch

    Happy Friday Nak Muay!  Today Coach Damon  of Singdayt Muay Thai London takes us through knee defence while in the clinch position.  It’s important to note that you’ll need to be in a controlling position (their arms locked down)  or you’ll find yourself on your ass.

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    Muay Thai Minute – Ep 52 Disruption Technique

    Sometimes you’ve got to take one to give one… that’s the theme to todays Muay Thai Minute.  Coach Damon Faulkner of Singdayt Muay Thai takes us through a disruption technique.  This ones particularly effective if you’ve got sharp hands.  The goal as Coach Damon explains is to move into your opponent, this will take some […]