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  • Video thumbnail for youtube video Damien Singpatong vs. Daopragai Sit Somai

    Damien Singpatong vs. Daopragai Sit Somai

    Here is Lumpinee super light weight champion Damien Singpatong (aka Alamos) fighting in Patong stadium in Phuket. Many thanks to the muayties team for getting this footage up and sharing it with us. For those of you new to MT or MMT, Damien Alamos is first non-thai to defend a lumpinee title (which he still […]

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    Liam Harrison and Damien Alamos set for 2014

    Those of us in the UK are in for a treat!  The people behind Supershowdown (Pakorn vs. Sanchai) have put together another great bout.  Yes I understand it’s months away, and anything can happen before March 2014.  They’ve announced their main event, which will pit, MMT friend Liam Harrison against the current Lumpini Champion, Damien […]

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    Damian Kwaitong Gyms vs. Singsuriya Rattanabundit

    This is Damian KwaitonGym defending his lumpinee title.  This is the second time these two have met, they fought a couple of months ago in France.  Damien was obviously victorious,  Damien is coming off of 3 victories.  Let’s see if he can keep it going. Many thanks to champboxingmagazine for the upload.

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    Damien KwaitongGym vs. Kongbeng Mor. Ratanabandit

    This bout was from yesterday, at Bangla stadium in Phuket for the 61 kg (135lb) WBC title.  It seems to me like Damien is coming out a lot more aggressively then normally, seems to be oozing confidence fighting in at his local. Great fight! As always krub khun to livemuaythaiguy for the upload!

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    Damian Kwaithonggym vs. Thongchai Sitthongsak

    This is also from the other nights Krekkai show.  Featuring Damien Kwaithonggym (Alamos) and Thongchai.  Damien has been keeping busy with 10 fights in the last 10 months… would love to see any other top combat athlete keep that schedule! As always many thanks to Champboxing Magazine for the beautiful HD footage!

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    Sanchai vs. Damien Alamos

    This was the main event at JC Skarbowsky’s “Best of Siam 2″ show held just a couple of weeks ago. Sanchai vs. Damien Alamos the current Lumpini lightweight champion. Many thanks to Hanuman Prod for the footage. It never ceases to amaze me how fast Sanchai is, his ability to see pretty much everything coming…