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  • Video thumbnail for youtube video Buakaw vs. Victor Nagbe - My Muay Thai

    Buakaw vs. Victor Nagbe

    Many thanks to 7nightfury7 for the upload.  This bout was the main event at the Combat Banchamek event held yesterday.  It’s Thai New Year aka Songkran at the moment, so lots of stuff going on.   The event was staged by the Banchamek team… not really sure why, maybe he recognises that his career is […]

  • Video thumbnail for youtube video Buakaw vs. Lee Sung Hyun

    Buakaw vs. Lee Sung Hyun

    This was from last nights K-1 event in Azerbaijan, This is a semi final match of the 4 man tournament, the other two fighters in the opposite bracket are Shane Campbell and Enriko Keihl.  I haven’t watched this yet, but I imagine Buakaw will pull of the win.

  • Video thumbnail for youtube video Buakaw vs. Zhou Zipeng

    Buakaw vs. Zhou Zipeng – K1 Max China

    Buakaw Banchamek was back in action this past week.  He was taking part in a K-1 tournament in China.  This was the quarter finals of the tournament, the follow up fights taking place over the coming weeks and months. Per tradition, Buakaw fighting K1 there is bound to be controversy.   Anyway, here you go.

  • Video thumbnail for youtube video Buakaw vs. Enriko Kehl

    Buakaw vs. Enriko Kehl

    Props to the MAX Muay Thai people for having their act together, official vids up hours after the fights, well done.  Watching this show, I’m got to give them props.  I think the match ups were pretty damn good.  Far as I heard they were able to successfully stream and televise the show without any […]

  • Buakaw Sato

    Buakaw vs. Yasahiro Sato – Max

    MAX Muay Thai was held this past weekend in Sendai Japan.  Some of the footage is beginning to emerge, and I’ll post them when I find them. The last time these two met was back in K1 Max 2008, when Sato KO’d Buakaw.  I’m curious how much the organisers offered Masato etc.  Does anyone know […]

  • Buakaw vs. Dong WenFei

    Buakaw Banchamek vs. Dong WenFei – Max Muay Thai

    Once again, many thanks to to TheKomThai for taking the time to record and upload this event.  This was the Main Event of the Max Muay Thai tournament.   Buakaw vs. Dong WenFei… a rising star in China.  He definitely had the crowd behind him which is nice to see. I don’t know his back […]