Suprise Thai Guy!


Thanks to John for sending this along. If any of you MMT guys around Plano Texas you should get your ass down there.  These guys are indeed legends…

It makes me wonder though, hasn’t there been any fresh Nak Muay’s immigrating to the States?  With the state of MuayThai in the US, I doubt it.  I see a lot of Thai Nak Muay’s coming to the UK and Europe.

“Surprise Thai Guy”…

There’s something about this that annoys me…  it’s like this surprise thai guy has been sprinkled with magical Thai dust.    Don’t worry about what this guy is going to bring to the table, he’s Thai!

I know they don’t mean anything by it, In fact I quite sure this poster was designed by p’Saekson himself.

It’s weird, though I do encounter this form of reverse racism quite a bit.  When I go to camps and people find out I’m Thai, they immediately assume I can fight.  Then I take off my shirt and flash my gut!


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