Suprise Thai Guy!


Thanks to John for sending this along. If any of you MMT guys around Plano Texas you should get your ass down there.  These guys are indeed legends…

It makes me wonder though, hasn’t there been any fresh Nak Muay’s immigrating to the States?  With the state of MuayThai in the US, I doubt it.  I see a lot of Thai Nak Muay’s coming to the UK and Europe.

“Surprise Thai Guy”…

There’s something about this that annoys me…  it’s like this surprise thai guy has been sprinkled with magical Thai dust.    Don’t worry about what this guy is going to bring to the table, he’s Thai!

I know they don’t mean anything by it, In fact I quite sure this poster was designed by p’Saekson himself.

It’s weird, though I do encounter this form of reverse racism quite a bit.  When I go to camps and people find out I’m Thai, they immediately assume I can fight.  Then I take off my shirt and flash my gut!


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  1. …i’ve seen guys try to score mt points on facebook bragging about slapping around “the thais”….meaning thai university students that train for fitness…..and people feed into it…..because there are pics of them sparring with thais…..

  2. My point isn’t to knock the seminar… in fact I endorse it. Between these 4 guys there is probably over 1000+ fights between them. You would be hard pressed to find that sort of talent and experience in one location anywhere in the world.

    I just think the suprise thai guy a little random…

  3. If the format is like other seminars by Saekson, there will be a Smoker and plenty of time to “interact” (pour a few Sat evening) with the instructors. At the Walled Lake seminar Saekson brought Samart Payakaroon and had Coban come in…at Addison, Il seminar a few years back the was Kaensak Sor.Ploenchit giving instruction. Both Bunkerd and Pongsan have done seminars with Saekson in the past.

  4. Well, I know who Mr. Surprise Thai Guy is… but all I’m gonna say is that, although he’s no youngster, he is no fuckin joke. This looks like an awesome opportunity for nak muay who don’t normally get to be around and study the Thais up close. There’s only so much you can get from watching videos…

  5. This seminar should be great. I train at this gym but won’t be able to make it to the seminar. As for the “Surprise Thai Guy” thing… well, that’s just Saekson’s sense of humor. If i had to guess, I would say that it would be Samart. Just because he and Saekson are good friends. BM trains us at the gym every night so he should definitely be there.

  6. Celtic1967….Addison, Il seminar was late 2006 or 2007. About a year later they did another in Schaumberg. About a year ago Saekson was in Madison, Wi giving a seminar. Chicago Wasteland…LOL…I know what you mean. I live in Milwaukee…10-15 years ago a hotbed of Muaythai…now there is nothing. You would have to watch Saekson’s website or follow team-toro in Burr Ridge to know about future midwest seminars. Serious about Muaythai? Move to California!

  7. This post is full of win.

    I just love the phrase “Surprise Thai Guy,” I’m thinking of it as someone’s proper name. Seminar w/ Jongsanan and Surprise Thai Guy!

    I also like Nop’s last line there: They think I’m all tough and shit so I take my shirt off and flash my gut and am all “What’s up now guys?
    It’s an awesome inverted version of the standard BS stories of how some guy intimidated some other guy.

  8. I traveled out from ohio to the seminar and i must say that it was truly amazing! Sakasem wasnt able to make it because of travel issues and what not but with Jongsonan, Saekson, B.M, Kaemsak, Matee and Neungsiam all walking around and training people and showing a constant flow of techniques i would say that it was totally worth it!

  9. Yeahrightdennis on

    I work in Afghanistan and after work I do pad work with a friend of mine. Once people find out that I’m Thai, they all want lessons. I’m more they happy to run a few rounds with people that want to learn, but no one ever shows up.

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