Sudsakorn Sor. Klinmee vs. Veselin Veselinov – Thai Fight


Here is a classic Thai Fight Match up, Between elite nak muay Sudsakorn and 21-6 Bulgarian Nak Muay Veselinov. I saw somewhere online that he’s the Bulgarian Muay Thai Champion… Anyway, Velelinov’s got heart.  He can take quite a beating and continue to get back up and fight.

As always many thanks to DuangAesthetic for the upload.



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  1. Not trying to be negative but I am not going to watch this fight! I already have a feeling Sudsakorn wins anyway and never heard of his opponent which I am not surprised about. Probably picked him up at Kaewsamrit gym where he was staying and training to improve his stand up for his mma career lol (just a guess). Probably doesn’t even know who his opponent is! Oh well…

    On another note I don’t know if you have seen these yet but there some of the best of siam 3 fights from a couple weeks ago. I think the uploaded has finished uploading them all now. Sittichai vs Fabio Pinca now that ladies and gentlemen is a decent match up:

    • Sittichai.. now theres a name i havent heard on the fight scene for awhile.. fighting fabio pinca? cant wait to get home to watch it ( just checking in from work and cant see fights on mobile.. hour to go haha) Not to sure I want to even watch thai fight.. but mix the elite top tier up to fight each other or opponents from abroad that have at least made decent headlines in the fight world..( stand up fighting ).. There are dozens of great fighters in uk ,australia and other places so why not use them instead of picking nobodys that no ones ever heard of to fight top level nak muay…for what? just for show for the thai public to be in awe of thier stars beating the crap out of someone

  2. GlegSorChaoPhraya on

    Another fantastic Thai Fight matchup. Sudsakorn definitely had his hands full with his opponent, as usual, it could have gone either way especially with a fight record of 21-6.


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