Steven Seagal douching it up


Internationally renowned douchebag Steven Seagal, most famous for being said asshole and also starring on youtube for some muck, has now announced he plans on setting up a production company in Thailand.

Seagal recently visited Bangkok and had meetings with  the National Reform Steering Assembly. The NRSA is an advisory body to the military government that seized power in 2014 in Thailand.

Alongkorn Ponlaboo, VP of the advisory board said that the production company could boost the country’s creative economy, notably its film industry, economy and tourism. It was not reported whether or not Ponlaboo was drunk or not.

Seagal stressed his veneration of Thailand’s King Bhumibol and his own Buddhist beliefs. He previously shot “Belly of the Beast” in Thailand in 2003 which can viewed in its entirety here on youtube! I think that having your film on youtube is this generations straight to vhds.



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