Stephen Meleady vs. Seeoui


This clip got lost in the shuffle… I had meant to post it along with Liam vs Sanchai.  This bout features Stephen Meleady, aka “la flama blanca” or my favorite ” The Red Ninja” an Irish Nak Muay who’s the WMC european champion and also ranked in the top 10 in the Lumpinee 130 lb (59kg).  The 130lbs division is stacked with names like, pakorn, jomthong, and kongsak.

Stephen received some attention after his bout with Rungravee Sasiprapa… despite losing his, it was clear that he had really hurt Rungr


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  1. How often do foreigners win close fights by decision when Thai judges are involved? I do realize that this fight took place in Macau, but I don’t know whether the judges were from there or elsewhere. I’m just thinking that I’ve seen several questionable decisions in favor of Thais and zero questionable decisions in favor of foreigners. Is this a big problem for foreign fighters over there?

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