Somluck Fights Again


After a recent win against Yodwanpadet Suwanwichit at Raja Somrack is slated to fight “King of the Ring” Jomhod Kiatadisak. Somrack  has signed up with Wanmitchai Promotions for a six bout contract and is reportedly receiving 300,000 baht which is roughly $10,000 per bout. That’s a nice junk of change for an older fighter. The fight is scheduled for Lumpinee’s birthday, December 7th. With Lumpinee closing its doors soon I can only imagine that this show should be pretty packed. I hope that Jomhod is in good shape, better than say Jean Claude Van Damme.  As a trainer at a gym near Phuket it looks like he should do okay. We’ll see what happens…

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  1. somluck calling out jomhod is interesting..Jomhod came off a loss to buakaw in 2007 I think ( but that was k1max but buakaw managed to stop jomhod in his treks which sent him in pain to the canvas unable to get up) somluck did say buakaw only fought easy fighters or something to that effect. Lets see how somluck does against jomhod. I loved watching jomhods fighting style. He was very explosive and has great technique :)

  2. I also do want to point out that Johmod was way past his prime when he took the fight vs Buakaw. A Young Buakaw vs a Johmod in his prime would have been very interesting.

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