Som nam na


Som nam nah is a Thai idiom that loosely translates to “serves you right” This clip comes via MTAA’s David Huerta… I’m not really that shocked.  I don’t recognise  the venue but I’m assuming it’s in a bar.  From the description in the video this is supposed to be a friendly “hop in a go a round with the boxers”  It’s supposed to be a fun, post pics on facebook kind of moment.

This isn’t the typical hero fighting fat cab drivers… you can clearly see that from the size difference.  It looks like he’s trained… I’ve got to imagine he’s fairly drunk…  I’m also astonished that if he was that faded the “promoters” would even let him in the ring.

Stuff like this always blows me away…  it is because he’s on holiday that he thinks it’s ok?  Is it because he’s infront of a boxer and assumes he should be able to take it?  or is it that he’s an asshole who’s piss drunk?  I suspect all of the above…  My fear is that I’m going to end up with one of these tools on my  tour.

The ensuing beat down is quite typical of the silent rage that some thai’s feel toward the farang kii nok.  ( The worst kind of foreigner)  I love how it prompts a standing ovation from the audience! Welcome to Amazing Thailand.


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  1. lol first they beat him like a dog, then they wave their hands in his face reprimand him like a misbehaved pet. lol Thais really do look at foreigners as animals. Dats wayyycist.

    To be fair, that guy was definitely your typical idiot.

  2. regardless of who it was and where it was I don’t think he got a good enough hiding.Its got nothing to do with him being a foreigner or them being thai.The guy was an outrageous fucking knobhead and hes lucky they never hospitalised him.To behave like that in the ring when the fight was clearly already very lopsided is unforgiveable.What a bellend.I hope he got worse outside the ring after.

  3. The farang deserved to get his ass kicked BUT to be stomped down by multiple guys like that when he’s down? If he happened to be unlucky he could very well never walk again. Shame on both.

  4. kareepama – did you watch the same video I watched??!!!!you must be one hell of a nice person, he deserved so much worse than he got, I was personally gutted to see him so easily walking around after

    • and muuuuuuch more!!!! It coulda been worst…they coulda went “Wanderlei Silva stomp” or “Jose Aldo soccer kick” on him. The guy was a douche to the 10th power. I share Manant’s feeling…”I was personally gutted to see him so easily walking around after”

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