Slamm – Yodsanklai vs. Andy Souwer


Wow I’m beat as shit. My hat goes off to the Slamm folks for putting on a great show. My day started off at 5am and I was off the airport. The plan was to have a few hours to sort out logistics, but as fate would have it my flight arrived a couple of hours late.

The Venue

The Venue was in the middle of nowhere. It was about a 40 min train journey from Amsterdam then a cab ride to the wastelands. It’s literally the only building standing in the middle of the windswept emptiness. I get into the Venue and immediately run into Malaipetch and his entourage… honestly come to think of it I don’t think I’ve ever seen Malaipetch without half a dozen of his peeps with him.

I go into the venue and it’s sort of a mess. The $$$ tickets have seat numbers but essentially it’s a free-for-all. Great, basically if I get up I’m losing my prime seats.

Fighters and more fighters

It seemed like there were lots of well know fighters in attendance and milling about Drago (dude is tiny… seriously I couldn’t believe how small he was) Peter Aerts (not small) Melvin Manhoeff, Tyrone Spong, Remy Bonjasky, Fedor, Raffik


I was taken back a little by the Dutch fans… don’t get me wrong I didn’t expect them to be rude or anything. Obviously they were pulling for their countrymen but were quick to acknowledge the Thai fighters whenever someone landed something. Most of the fights started with the Thai Nak Muay’s doing the Ram Muay (with the exception of Yodsanklai and Naruepol) While the fighters were doing the ram muay the music would cut out , about ¾ of the way through the Ram Muay. Normally this is where in the states you would get meat heads shouting shit like “get on with it etc.” The dutch crowd yelled for them to give the fighters some music and would always applaud the fighters after the Ram Muay. Not the polite kind of applause either but one of genuine appreciation.

The Negatives:

There was easily about 2:30+ hours of MMA. They were basically having an M-1 event, but the crowd essentially used it as an extended intermission period. Our Muay Thai was interrupted for an hour at a time by really subpar MMA.

During that time I tried getting some food. You would have thought it was some sort of a UN food distribution center. People crushing and elbowing each other to get any scrap of food. To add insult to injury you had to pay to use the bathrooms… give me a fucking break.

Anyway enough about that… your here to watch the Yodsanklai vs. Souwer. Don’t read below the video it will contain spoilers…

[veoh v6332349XfsjsA8F]

So, I’ve watched this fight a couple of times and I just don’t see it. There is no way that it should have gone to extra rounds. I’ve got it scored 2 rounds to 1… the only thing I can imagine is that they weren’t scoring the body/arm kicks.


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