Slamm – Yodsanklai vs. Andy Souwer


Wow I’m beat as shit. My hat goes off to the Slamm folks for putting on a great show. My day started off at 5am and I was off the airport. The plan was to have a few hours to sort out logistics, but as fate would have it my flight arrived a couple of hours late.

The Venue

The Venue was in the middle of nowhere. It was about a 40 min train journey from Amsterdam then a cab ride to the wastelands. It’s literally the only building standing in the middle of the windswept emptiness. I get into the Venue and immediately run into Malaipetch and his entourage… honestly come to think of it I don’t think I’ve ever seen Malaipetch without half a dozen of his peeps with him.

I go into the venue and it’s sort of a mess. The $$$ tickets have seat numbers but essentially it’s a free-for-all. Great, basically if I get up I’m losing my prime seats.

Fighters and more fighters

It seemed like there were lots of well know fighters in attendance and milling about Drago (dude is tiny… seriously I couldn’t believe how small he was) Peter Aerts (not small) Melvin Manhoeff, Tyrone Spong, Remy Bonjasky, Fedor, Raffik


I was taken back a little by the Dutch fans… don’t get me wrong I didn’t expect them to be rude or anything. Obviously they were pulling for their countrymen but were quick to acknowledge the Thai fighters whenever someone landed something. Most of the fights started with the Thai Nak Muay’s doing the Ram Muay (with the exception of Yodsanklai and Naruepol) While the fighters were doing the ram muay the music would cut out , about ¾ of the way through the Ram Muay. Normally this is where in the states you would get meat heads shouting shit like “get on with it etc.” The dutch crowd yelled for them to give the fighters some music and would always applaud the fighters after the Ram Muay. Not the polite kind of applause either but one of genuine appreciation.

The Negatives:

There was easily about 2:30+ hours of MMA. They were basically having an M-1 event, but the crowd essentially used it as an extended intermission period. Our Muay Thai was interrupted for an hour at a time by really subpar MMA.

During that time I tried getting some food. You would have thought it was some sort of a UN food distribution center. People crushing and elbowing each other to get any scrap of food. To add insult to injury you had to pay to use the bathrooms… give me a fucking break.

Anyway enough about that… your here to watch the Yodsanklai vs. Souwer. Don’t read below the video it will contain spoilers…

[veoh v6332349XfsjsA8F]

So, I’ve watched this fight a couple of times and I just don’t see it. There is no way that it should have gone to extra rounds. I’ve got it scored 2 rounds to 1… the only thing I can imagine is that they weren’t scoring the body/arm kicks.


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  1. Yod looked confused in the clinch. Probably not used to the K-1 rules. It looked like he didnt throw many knees and Souwer took advantage of that.

  2. LOL, Yod fought too much Muay Thai and not enough ‘K-1’. It would have worked for him in a Muay Thai rules match, but i think Yod just blew his chance at the K-1 ring.

  3. Blocked kicks done by Yod (cause that was like the ONLY thing he did) weren’t scored…… In Thailand such kicks are scored, but not in the rest of the world. So it was Andy Souwer all the way, with his combinations, highkicks and aggresiveness. Fair win, imo.

  4. Yod has the cleanest shots and the best style, especially with leg techniques on this fight, but judging under K-1 rules is way different than in full thai rules, judges will give more credit to the fighter who comes forward and brings the fight the most, which Souwer does with punches followed by knees and constant pressure, that’s the main reason and the result would have been different under muay thai rules, remember that Buakaw used to be in this situation against many fighters because he was mainly countering them with his kicks, technically dominating his oponents but allowing them to bring the fight which is why he now uses more his punches.

  5. Keung Jak aka The Machine on

    I thought that yod won 2-1 also. those kicks to the arm i guess did not count. that must be so frustrating knowing you won but ending up losing. i feel like they made them go extra rounds so that souwer could somehow pull off the win.

  6. Love the Ghetto CAM Nop! Not as bad as you thought it would be. You gotta do more Ghetto cams for events you go to. So we can see fights from your persepctive.

  7. Also Yod was fusually first to strike in every exchange with the left kicks. In my eyes he was being more agressive. The Dutch judges are easily fooled into thinking that thowing punch combination into the air is a sign of agressiveness even though they dont land anything. Next time yod should just jab and cross the air in between exchanges for good measure so the judges think he is being “aggressive”

  8. Ehh… I do feel it was a draw before the extra round. In terms of damage I think Andy was hurting more than Yod but it was mostly superficial stuff, only punches that landed well throughout the whole fight were mainly jabs and straights. The last round was strange. Yod had the first two minutes but then Andy went into beast mode and didn’t give any Yod any space. Not sure how much damage he actually did but he was 100x more aggressive. Honestly If I had to give the fight to one of them, I’d still pick Andy. If Yod put more heat on Andy during the last round then he would have definatly won.

  9. Stephen aka Taiwan Superstar on

    from what i saw yod took the first two and souwer the last and extra round. it seems tho that either yod gassed or hurt his leg leg in that last round. i’ve never seen him use the teep and have to clinch like that.

  10. i saw souwer throw combinations in the air. i dont think he had many clean hits. the ones i counted were when the ref broke the clinch and he punched. clean fucking connection which did no count. and the odd jab here and there. all souwer landed was low kicks low kicks low kicks.

  11. Scored under Thai rules, Yod takes it 2-1. But K-1 is so f-ed up, it’s hard to score. I give credit to Andy for countering well off of Yod’s left kicks. You don’t see that very much; most people are just happy that it didn’t hit their head.
    Another thing…. k-1 is only 1 knee in the clinch, right? Yod seemed to abide by that, but Andy would throw as many as he could before they got separated. That’s why they just need to allow for a full clinch to get rid of that gray area for both the fighters and scoring.

  12. unanimous decision Lol that is such bullshit andy never got clean shots and yod was tired and yod was aggressive as well i thought that was even.

    which is bullshit

  13. hurt his leg the man has been in enough fights wheere he trains his legs like buakaw lol u think andy could hurt buakaw in terms of the exchange of leg strikes.

    man those rules i thought that yod punished andy hard with those kicks

  14. bullshiet!!! to me, whoever won is the one with less damage and that is Yod. Why dont they have a rematch in Japan so it wont be nobody hometown, only japanese judges. dat be better. k-1 rules too.

  15. It’s hard to judge from this video. The quality is decent but the camera is shaking, too far away and the cameraman is ridiculously slow at catching up with the player’s movements.. I’ve got to say this though: not all of Yod’s kicks were landing on the guard; he was nailing Andy to the body too. In my mind, this was the most effective technique from either guy that night. However, Yod didn’t box enough in my opinion. Also, why wasn’t he throwing any lows? Or checking Andy’s?

  16. I think it was a fair decision considering it was K1 rules…Yod was clinching too much and didn’t get penalized for it, also the way i saw it: I gave the first round to yod, the second a draw and the third to souwer which makes it a draw. Then Souwer fair and square took over the extra round, in my eyes the judges did a great job, the referee should have given yodsaenkrai a warning for clinching. BUT…I would love to see the rematch in full thai rules, hope Souwer has the will to fight Yod under those rules or even under shootboxing rules , there Yod has a better chance to win. I saw Yodsaeknrai a bit tired in this fight, not as strong or effective as his other fights, hope their dutch hosts didn’t take the thai team to amsterdam or something like that the day before :P thanks nopstar!

  17. Blocked or no blocked kicks. Every kick was hit to the Souwer’s arm. First two rounds to Yod. Undoubtedly. He was more aggressive and gave more shots. He should won. But… given an extra round, he should repeat his performance like in the first round. This time Yod dissapointed and Souwer was more aggressive. Conclusion: the judges were doing in Souwer’s favor.

  18. This is why Buakaw trying to use his punches more than his kick. Kicking to body or arm is not counted under K1 rules. Besides, Yod seemed to run out of gas during round 3 and 4. Agree, Andy wins this fight.

  19. Yea, ive been watching K-1 since it started and when a fight goes to an exra round that round is the deciding round, all the other rounds don’t add up. Andy showed the most activity in the extra round and thats enough to win it in K-1 rules.

  20. I’d call it a draw just in my opinon. 1st 2 rounds I’d have Yodsaenklai, last 2 I’d say Souwer. But I quite honestly could have called a win either way. That said to me this is not hugely controversial.

    I don’t see any huge rip off and reportedly Yod didn’t even make the agreed weight and Souwer opted to fight him anyways.

  21. man…Yod was doin’ his thing but he ran outta gas BIG time. Just seeing from a non judge point-of-view and a regular bystander, it showed Andy Souwer wining the match -_-

  22. I’m not surprised the judges called and extra rnd or gave it to Souwer, especially with K-1 scoring (arm block etc). I’m more surprised with Souwer clinching so much in the 3rd rnd…and if I’m not mistaken, it looked like he was showing frustration with Yodsanklai’s clinching in the extra rnd.
    Even stranger was Yod not throwing low kicks. It’s true, he favours the body. But I would expect after getting tagged in he leg by Andy he’d want to throw his own.
    Yod was dead tired towards the end of the 3rd rnd and clearly was on his last bit of steam in the extra round. To Andy’s credit, he was pretty active the whole fight.

    Still, Yodsanklai has the meanest left kick of modern day muay thai fighters!

  23. Yodsanklai vs. Andy Souwer

    Yodsanklai whooped on that fool i just watched it three times and the shit does not make any sense… i have it scored 2-1… Am i missing something? And Souwer should not be cheering for shit.

    As my trainer Bunkerd would say.. someone call the cops cause Yodsanklai just got robbed!! o my god…

    Hey rocky if you are reading this you should have bet Neungsiam “The Rock” Samphusri… you fool…

  24. TexMT – I think it may be a K-1 thing, but I don’t think Naruepol was fighting K-1 rules was he? Seems kind of weird. I’ve def seen both of the do Wai Kru before.

  25. Frank, you may be right…I’ve never seen a wai kru at a K-1. I know when I fought in an amateur fight they went crazy when I performed my wai kru. Didn’t like it one bit…

  26. Does combination in the air is more aggressive and more points than hit on the guard.
    Why souwer complain to the ref. I don’t get it.
    If k-1 rules. Why andy throws more than 1 knee on clinch.
    And what stupid punches from andy after the ref break the clinch. (More than 1 time) These are clean hits . Haha

  27. I guess when there’s a close fight the judges naturally give it to the hometown boy or whoever is cheered for more, whether consciously or unconsciously. Hope they meet again!

    Someone commented about Yod not throwing any leg kicks and getting hit by too many (not checking them at all). Agree with him on that. I do not know the details of the K1 vs Muaythai rules, but if those body/arm kicks don’t count, Yod’s team should have known and told him to play his game differently. At the same time I wonder how Souwer’s right arm looked after that fight.

    Finally, and most importantly, THANKS FOR THE UPLOAD!!!

  28. Sorry if I missed this as I didn’t read through all 51 posts, but I did do a search on “Sanchai” and “Saenchai” on this thread and didn’t see anything: can someone tell me how that fight went? Did Saenchai just school the guy as usual?

  29. what ever happen to acknowledging the other fighter after the decision is announced. Disrespectful how yods is going to souwer to congradulate him and souwer is celebrating like a child

  30. Listen up.Andy won because these are K1 rules…And he won it clear under those rules.MT rules Yods would have taken it.But since the MT rules weren’t in effect it’s a moot point discussing that.Also,Andy has said he is willing to fight Yods under full MT rules in Thailand.Yods will probably beat him there,but Andy will still put up a good fight.Why?Because he IS a good fighter,just like Yods is a good fighter.The decision here is a good and fair one under the rules they fought under.Is it so hard to give Andy credit for this great fight?Or are you just mad that Yods lost?

  31. Thanks for posting this fight, its appreciated.I know its where the moneys at and Yod probably hasnt got much left to achieve in muay thai but I would much prefer to watch him fighting properly, not in K1 rules fights!!!

  32. Someone said Yod was clinching too much.
    Watch the match again.
    It was Andy who always clinched.
    Andy just repeated pushing and clinching.
    Yod wanted to keep distance to strike.
    K-1 rule is a crap.

  33. So Sick of K1 Rules, why did they change the Clinch part, and why does it count as a block getting hit on your arms. Can you hear its Yod im routing for??He he. Yeah Yodsaenklai needs to fight Souwer in Thailand, but he is probably committed to K1 so damn. Hey Nop what about the Legend Saenchai did he Dominate his opponent? Saenchai !!!

  34. I was there… I meet all the guys… I was there right next to Yod’s corner and let me tell you… that fight was straight up BULLSHIT in judging!!!!

    First of all, Andy make a big stink out of Yod coming in only 1 kilo over and called off the fight the day before (Saturday). Yod thought he isn’t fighting anymore, and went back to regular routine. Then, the morning of the fight he notifies Yod that he does want to fight him. Basically, psychologically he was screwing with him because Yod had to repeately lose weight and dehydrate himself for a few days before the fight. For that, Andy is a piece of ****.

    Second, as soon as the fights started, Yod started kicking and punching, beating Andy in every department. While Andy may have scored a few blows, they were too far and few in between. You can see throughout all rounds that Andy was really frustrated and he couldn’t do anything.
    The crowd acted wildely when Andy did anything of little significance… and trust me, if you were there, it wasn’t much. His face was pretty fucked up from Yod’s punches and body kicks.

    May I also mention that the MAIN EVENT (This) was out of nowhere only 3 rounds? wtf is that? Bullshit.

    When a draw was called, everyone knew this fight is going to be jobbed. Yod showed signs of fatigue from losing all that weight, but he still CLEARLY won that extra round. In the first minute, there were at least 15 kicks from Yod to Andy . Every round the kicks was amazing from Yod. If you look closely the few punches that Andy tried to make were missed… but its very difficult to see from a video or a TV. If he tried to kick he would miss.

    In conclusion, plenty of Dutch people came up to Yodsaengli telling him he should have won that fight. And clearly he should’ve. The dressing room after the fight was FILLED with fans waiting to talk to him and show respect. I even have a picture of the crowd with a face of “wtf????” when they announced Andy won. When he went to one of the corners I looked at him like “you didn’t win shit” and he just kind of looked without a reaction and looked away to his friends. It was bullshit. Alot of the respect that I had for Dutch judges went down the drain… it was complete bullshit!

  35. saenchai:

    It was a fucking joke. Saenchai was WaY SHORTER AND LIGHTER than the other dude… but it was stilll a freaking joke. He (Saenchai) just punked him.

  36. Thanks Ilona for the Saenchai Info, Yo Nopstar how did all the other fights go? Not the MMA part, but Nauropol, Samranchai, I think i heard Annuwat Won??

  37. Knowing that blocked middle kicks hardly count in K1 rules. Why is everyone crying about Yod being robbed? Just count the number of times Souwer counters with a lowkick..that isnt blocked btw.

    and yod clearly winning the extra round? please, I doubt your objective at all, as almost everyone who has seen the fight states that yod looked out of gass at the extra round and Andy the more agressive one.

    hopefully Souwer will fight under MT rules in thailand though. Would be great fight.

  38. It would be a GREAT Fight but I really doubt Andy or His team would do that, when they have the chance for more Glory and Money in K1 But if he was to challenge himself and get Better he should do fights like that. He is damn good Andy, but yeah I am culturally bias when it comes to Fighters, I prefer Thais!! But only because they are so natural in their fighting, cause they started like at 7 8 9 years of age, It shows-!

  39. true, they are the masters of muay thai. Thats why i am glad that we have this Thai-Holland slamm events. Dutch fighting will improve through true competition.

    I like max better then regular K-1. It is really about how is the more skilled fighter, instead of people having large weigh/range advantage.

  40. Ilona don’t talk too much bullshit,I was there too and I didn’t score it in Yods favor because of the K1 rules.And for your information Andy wasn’t the one complaining it was his corner,that doesn’t make HIM a piece of shit.Corners are like that often.And the rules were known plenty of time before the fight…I knew about the 3 rounds for over a month already.People were congratulating Yods because of a great fight NOT because of a bullshit decision.

  41. from

    “We learnt of this fight being in the balance a day or so, prior to the departure of the Thai contingent over an issue of dropping weight to 70 Kg. Since it wasn’t going to be the case, we were all set for 72.5 Kg and the block buster went ahead. This was only a brief mention from the Fairtex camp that made no excuses what so ever, but was disappointed about the result.”

    Is it true? Why we do unfair to Yod.

  42. Andy wins are always suspect. it is his trade mark as much as those pants are.
    people that keep saying body kicks don’t matter is like saying from now on we should just practice kicking legs and the head all other targets are useless.
    I think the rules are not good.
    I can trhow a million kick to yod or buakaws legs
    then we can all pretend they will be effected by them. but in reality it’s not true. ask
    kozo how much affect his leg kicks had on buakaw
    wait let me answer that for you ZERO affect.

  43. Jurgen
    Yes Slamm is a genius event for the European fighters, they can match their skills against the best, and improve themselves. And I dont even watch the Heavies i K1 anymore Exept Remy and Hari, Shcilt is just so YAWN. Max is clearly who is the best fighter and that is what appeals to me and probably most on this Page.

  44. Body kicks aren’t kicks to the forearms…they are kicks to the body…hence the name….And as I stated before,kicks to the forearms are not counted in K1…Is this so hard to understand and accept?I’m sure Andy would have fought a different fight under full MT rules.

    And about the weight issue,corners always seem to do stuff like that for some reason while the fighter usually doesn’t care.I mean it’s not like there’s a 10kg difference there.Hell,I’ve seen corners complain about people being 100gr over the limit.I doubt this stuff affected Yods whatsoever though,he’s a pro and more probably then not has dealt with this stuff before.

    The people of Rogue mag made a fair review of the fight and they see it the same way I do.

  45. MAX is not clearly who the best fighter is. It’s invitation only and as said by all others have rules that are barely one step above old style full contact rules. Under the inivtation onlt K-1 MAX has had the likes of Mongolian wrestlers, some old broken boxers and basically freaks grace their rings. That sure isn’t the world’s best.

  46. Roigue magazine? The articles are barely legible at all. They just seem to me to be little more than the print marketing arm of KO World series.

  47. Stack
    I guess youre right, but Compared to the Heavies Max is much more interesting. I admit where is Saenchai and a lot more thais in K1, why werent they invited, they would rule if the old K1 rules where knees and clinch were fully allowed. And thats not, I guess, in the Japanese owners interest.

  48. Stack

    invitation only? I thought most countries had their own tournament of which the victor would go on to the final elimination. Just like K1, just like dutch and japanese tourney for K1-max.

    true, Masato, and Kraus didnt seem to fight, so apparentely are “”in”” by default or something. (commercial reasons)

    But i was talking that in max, there is no big weight, height advantage. And it comes down who is the better fighter of the two..(wasnt claiming that that fighter is best in the world)

    clearly they should open up tourneys to allow the best from other countries. Buakaw, Yod, Naruepol. Having them compete in k-1max (with rules that allow more points for kicks and knees etc. not this slow evolution to boxing the japanese seem to prefer)
    is something I would like to see more then having sub-par fighters around.

  49. Mithras- You are an idiot. You don’t know shit. Go learn something about muay thai… then get back to me. K-1 rules… it doesn’t matter. An ass kicking is an ass kicking. Period.

    and Jurgen you obviously don’t know what you are talking about. Body kicks count idiot. Its still muay thai

    Do I have to explain everything to you or can you learn anything on your own? Jee

  50. Ilona it is obvious you are the idiot here.It was in K1 rules,the kicks you are referring to landed on his forearms,and those kicks thus don’t count under these rules.You should learn what the rules are.And Andy surely didn’t get his ass kicked.If he was getting his ass kicked why did everyone score the 3rd round in Andy’s favor?The only round really up for debate is the second.Perhaps you are in love with Yods?Love blinds people…


  51. there, Mithras already said it. Perhaps decision could have gone Yods favor in regular time, but with the convincing extra round, Souwer was the fair winner.

  52. Dutchchocolate on

    Even if it was under K1 rules, Yodsanklai won the 1st and the 2nd round convincingly. Unbias comment, the 3rd was a draw. So why the 4th round?? It was not necessary. Yodsanklai won the fight under K1 Rules.

  53. Well those of you who have not fought in nederlands and Thailand here are the differences:

    ROUND 1 and 2 are not counted (not scored) in Thailand–so why even fight them? That’s why Thais don’t fight in the first round.

    Kicks that are blocked on the arms count for the guy kicking in Thailand (not ANYWHERE else in the world: not Japan, not Europe, not North America)

    LOW KICKS are not scored as points in Thailand (that’s why few Thais do it anymore)

    Punches DO NOT count in Thailand (that’s why they want to kick and clinch: knees are big points, even if they are those stupid point knees and clinch throws are points). That sort of fighting is boring to Westerners.

    Wai Krus and the Crab like clinch fighting style is not accepted as interesting to Westerners.

    As far as getting robbed: you should ask Ramon Dekkers, Hydro, Rob Kaman (the pioneers of Dutch fighting in Thailand) about rocking the Thai with punches but losing on points.

    Losing on points in Thailand is meaningless to the rest of the world.

    Yes, coming forward and being agressive is a big scoring factor as is just throwing more combos. Thais fight with ONES–too much power on just one thing all the time. That’s how Ramon and Rob beat them.

    And Andy clearly dominated points on low kicks which DO count everywhere in the world except Thailand.

    K 1 is 3 rounds now: it is more a sprint event–the Thais have to change their mentality to fight like this. I agree that elbows should be put in–but also count low kicks, punches, agressiveness and keep it 3 rounds. I guarantee you will see more action (and keep the production levels of K 1, better music, ring girls, etc. trad Muay Thai is boring to build up) and yeah, I have fought in both countries before we get some young keyboard warrior wih no experience flaming back.

  54. Good write Sok.Unfortunately it is hard for some to see the difference in scoring and rules.

    I’d also love to see elbows in K1 and the clinching should be allowed a bit more.

    dutchchocolate as I said before the 2nd is up for debate but counting everything together under the K1 system made this round a draw for me.

  55. Looks like almost everybody inside this forum hate Souwer…

    Come on! If Yod wanna win using K1’s rule then he need to adapt to K1’s fighting style. I doubt that the judges will give any point on kicking to the Souwer’s shoulder.

  56. To all you normal people that want to know info about the other fights…

    Nauropol,- I am not sure which round his opponent gave up , but it was before 3rd and 4th. The opponent is very aggressive but he went strong the first round while Nauropol tried to just warm up. in the rest of the rounds there were some MAJOR KNEES (beautiful knees) and eventually the guy were so worn out that he could just hang there like a dead body. Then he gave up.
    Samranchai- Really didn’t have time to watch too in depth but heard it was major ass kicking and he won the fight
    Anuwat- This was very interesting fight… he fought the same guy last year and knocked him out. The guy was running last year away. Same this year… but simply there were way more runnings… everyone said anuwat should’ve won the fight and he also got robbed but it was called a draw. You should’ve seen how happy that other dude was for it being called a draw.
    Saenchai- very short dude… I am a girl and 5’10 but when I took a picture with him I had to sit down because there was too much of a height differences and it would look weird… I think he is like 5’3 or so. He is also very light. His opponent was WAY bigger than him… but Saenchai just played around with him and made the other dude look like a joke.

    About Yod’s fight… if you go to axkickboxing you can see that even Tony Myers (expert in MT and K1) said that Yod should’ve won. And he should’ve. People say “oh this doesn’t count in Thailand and counts here… blah blah blah” . Hello, MT is a THAI sport!!! Anyways I don’t think Andy is going to dare to get a rematch and I think they should end the b.s. with the stupid ass K1 rules because it DUMB!

  57. Ilona stop getting yourself deeper into a swamp of idiocy!MT is a thai sport yes,but Yod vs Andy wasn’t MT now was it?It was K1 and that’s NOT a thai sport!I hope someday soon you’ll get that through your head.Yods didn’t dominate either,Andy gave a great fight.Is that so hard to admit?Before you judge a fight you should know the rules of the fight,if you refuse to know the rules of the fight you can’t judge the fight.Easy as that.The rules were clear,also to Yods.And he isn’t making any complaints,only ‘people’ like you.

    And as far as Andy not daring a rematch…he has already said he’d be willing to fight under full thai rules.But I suppose you think Andy is a scared little boy and everything,which he clearly isn’t.

    It is obvious to me that your are so far up Muay Thai’s ass that you can’t see anything clear anymore.

  58. How many fights ahve you had llona?

    Which continents?

    Please tell more of us who are pro fighters (that would be me) all about the K 1 and MT differences.

    I am sure I have a lot to learn from a ” fan.”

  59. llona, thank you for the info on the other fights… but I agree with the other guys. If it’s a K1 fight, the fighter has to adjust to K1 rules. If it’s a MT fight, obviously they adjust to MT rules. You do not play football on a basketball court.

    Again, thanks for the info.

  60. Just to clarify some more points on judging and fighting style in THAILAND.

    If the fighters has out pointed the other fighter in round 3 and round 4 HE WILL NOT FIGHT in round 5. He will run around the ring (the most moving Thais ever do) tap gloves of the other guy (which is to say–we fight a lot and often let’s not get hurt in this round as I got the point victory this time).

    They will teep and move away in the 5th round if they are ahead. Both fighters will not fight and just look at each other. THIS WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED IN WESTERN fights.

    Yes, you fight more often in Thailand than anywhere else I have been or fought in–so it is easy to get injured. Yes, the money they pay in Thailand is nothing compared to K 1 or even A Class in Europe.

    But if you want a new generation to follow MT (and not go to MMA–which is where all of North and South America are going and Japan is there also) then you are going to have to make the fights more interesting. The fighters have to become personalities. The fights have to be shows. No more rushing one fighter in very quickly and starting the horrible music and doing the Wai. IT IS TOO MUCH with 9 fights like that. The clinch fighting and point knees are BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    REduce the rounds–build up the fighters, pump up the music, create drama, have an intermission, count everything that is thrown (do not count the thai point knees).

    THat’s the way to make it so NEW people want to be part of it and not go to the more exciting world of MMA.

  61. i just want to clarify something

    sok are you on crack? yod won that fight hands down, if anyone was affected it was souwer end of story gtfo of here

  62. Souwer won the fight under K1 rules…Yods didn’t win anything hands down…Andy wouldn’t have been pushing that hard if Yods had totally destroyed him.Objectivity is a hard thing to obtain,you clearly don’t have it.

  63. “But if you want a new generation to follow MT (and not go to MMA–which is where all of North and South America are going and Japan is there also) then you are going to have to make the fights more interesting. The fighters have to become personalities. The fights have to be shows. No more rushing one fighter in very quickly and starting the horrible music and doing the Wai. IT IS TOO MUCH with 9 fights like that. The clinch fighting and point knees are BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    REduce the rounds–build up the fighters, pump up the music, create drama, have an intermission, count everything that is thrown (do not count the thai point knees).

    THat’s the way to make it so NEW people want to be part of it and not go to the more exciting world of MMA.”

    MMA is more exciting? I think it’s fairly boring.

    Muay Thai doesn’t need to change to cater to anyone. People end up going where they want to and they aren’t leaving Muay Thai to go to MMA. Most don’t even know what Muay Thai is or even heard of it. Most people here only have at best passing knowledge of Muay Thai or they may be heard of some one like Parr or Masato once. Sorry Ilona’s right and you are wrong.

    It’s funny Ilona’s made people so mad now people are pretending to be pro fighters and challenging a girl. Most of you protesting Ilona’s statements weren’t even at the fight. She was.

  64. “invitation only? I thought most countries had their own tournament of which the victor would go on to the final elimination. Just like K1, just like dutch and japanese tourney for K1-max.”

    Those participants are also by invitation only.

  65. Mithras- you are so in love with Andy and you kiss his ass (obviously) that why would you just go to holland and admit your love? Go on axkickboxing… see what the experts got to say…

    And Sok, you can say that you have 2,000,000 pro fights. Ask me if I care (or believe you in that point)? I talked to PLENTY of people and trust me, I really don’t give a **** about what you say. Thanks for that.

    And Deimian, good point :-)

  66. I have been on axkickboxing and they gave the 2nd round to Yods.I have stated before that that was the only round up for debate.Those ‘experts’ your are talking about is only 1 person.Admitedly he’s a respected person but alot of others disagree.I’m sorry Ilona if you don’t like this decision and you can’t accept different rules other then MT rules.And which part of I really respect and like Yods don’t you understand?Are you THAT dumb?I also doubt you talked to plenty of people because everyone I talked to thinks like me.1st round Yods…2nd round draw or yod,3rd round Andy and extra round Andy.See?Only 2nd one is up for debate.And the only reason that’s up for debate if because some people keep scoring those middle kicks on Andy’s defense.I suppose you’re just angry that everyone’s prediction of Yods KO-ing and destroying Andy hasn’t come true(I predicted a loss for Andy too).I feel sorry for you.

    Who’s misthra?

  67. Axkickboxing has sparingly few experts these days. It used to be much better but it’s pretty much an all UK site with a few decent people though it seems most have left it long ago.

  68. About the pros comment: Anyone can be a pro. It’s not a huge accomplishment. Do your medical exams, go buy a license. Congratulations you’re a pro. There’s a lot of pros actually. Some can fairly call fights and some cannot.

    Not being a pro does not nullfy one’s ability to judge a fight based on the fairness of the calls or scoring. It neither wins an argument or disproves anything Ilona has had to say.

    I really dislike the use of intimidation to silence an opinion you may not share. Plus, it’s a girl. Are you really that stung that a female commenter can make a point and defend it well? You guys act so offended that a female can have an opinon and defend it too. Plus she was at the fight. Besides Nop, were any of you?

  69. LOL @ Stack.She was the one who started like this,I just respond in kind.Where have I used intimidation to silence her?This is a message board how can you intimidate anyone?The point is that she didn’t make a point and hasn’t defended it well.I have not once said I was a pro.I HAVE said however that her comments were dumb because they actually ARE.She does not see the difference between K1 and MT rules and calls us idiots because we DO see the difference.If anything Ilona is the one trying to intimidate.

    And yes I was at the fight…I said that before.

  70. Right,ok,I didn’t say anything then…but in any case maybe the name-calling was a bit out of line…primal response and all that…there were just some parts in Ilona’s writings that really ticked me off…for example : “You can see throughout all rounds that Andy was really frustrated and he couldn’t do anything.” + “If he tried to kick he would miss.”(like Andy didn’t score a host of lowkicks) + “May I also mention that the MAIN EVENT (This) was out of nowhere only 3 rounds?”(I knew about the stipulations 2 months before the fight,I presume the fighter knew too.Yods himself said he wanted this to be on K1 rules!) + “Mithras- You are an idiot. You don’t know shit.”(this is where it started going down the drain) + “and Jurgen you obviously don’t know what you are talking about. Body kicks count idiot. Its still muay thai”(saying this is still muay thai while it was a K1 fight…need I say more?) + “Hello, MT is a THAI sport!!! Anyways I don’t think Andy is going to dare to get a rematch and I think they should end the b.s. with the stupid ass K1 rules because it DUMB!”(Ilona doesn’t like K1 rules,which is fine,I prefer full MT as well,but as it was the K1 rules were in effect and it should thus be judged like that.Andy also has stated that he’d fight under full MT rules but apparently she doesn’t want to know about that.It’s ok to hate Andy,hell,lots of people hate him,but as someone said : I hate Andy,but he deserved that.It was a good fight.At least give credit where it’s due.He fought a good fight.Yods fought a good fight.I enjoyed it and that’s what counts.The whole day was a bit long though.)

    In conclusion : We for sure agree on one thing : The Anuwat decision was bullshit.

  71. I got the link for Hassan vs Anuwat

    This is the only other one I’ve found so far.

    Me thinks a visit to specsavers before the fight would have been a good thing for the judges…the public also generally didn’t agree with this decision…except maybe that girl(and guy too…with classic screaming advise : bash him in the head) who was screaming Hassan throughout the video…

  72. Mithras- you just try to protect your point in that long paragraph. I never disliked Andy… I actually was proud that a European person (like me) actually won a k-1 and was considered to be a good fighter. However, when I saw the way he fought I wasn’t impressed. I have not biasism towards neither one of the fighters… I had not gain in whether Yod or Andy wins. But I remember clealy seeing Andy frustrated and he only did a few low kicks but thats about all. I don’t know either were you were sitting during the fight, but I was sitting RIGHT next to the ring where you can see every little thing and not from a pretty large distance. I have a video of a segment of the fight which I will post on youtube when I get back home ( in Paris at the moment) and it might show you another perspective to the fight. I just feel that an argument with you at this point is purposeless because it has just come to a point when you use personal characteristics as an attack and not to tackle the matter of the argument.

  73. @Ilona:
    Most K-1 winners were european (Dutch) in the past. K-1 World Grand Prix: 13 out of 15, K-1 Max: 3 out of 6 and K-1 Heavyweight: 1 out 1.

  74. i don’t understand misthra
    he keeps going on and on about bullshit this, yod won hands down it was a close fight. i am going to be hoenst i am completely hating on souwer i hate his attitude, he talks too fucking much. thats why he got that overhand hook by buakaw.

    i don’t like masato either man hasn’t even won a trophy in 5 years and he talks bad

    i am not saying he lost because i dislike him either, it was just what yod was doing controlling the pace no direct contacts.
    was made by souwer

  75. Ilona about 10 meters away from the ring isn’t that far either.I was about the opposite of the camera.And if you post something of a fight,post the whole fight,a segment never gives a good view of the whole fight.I could post a segment of the fight too,but then take only last part of the 3rd round or big parts of the 4th round and people would think it was Andy’s win easily.Only the whole fight gives the right perspective.

    Also I didn’t use personal charachteristics to attack anywhere to make my point,I took points you made and made a comment at them.I said nothing unreasonable there.

    btw I looked up the K1 rulebook and read the way they score…here it is :
    Points will be awarded in this priority.

    1. Number of downs
    2. Extent of damage inflicted on the opponent
    3. Number of clean hits
    4. Degree of aggressiveness (points in the offensive)
    Personally I think the criteria are a bit vague.

    Extent of damage to the opponent is hard to judge,unless knees buckle,fighter starts to wobble etc.,I didn’t see Andy or Yods get into major trouble anywhere during the fight and neither showed any significant damage during the fight.Neither fighter was rocked anywhere,Yods continueing to fight the same and Andy coming back strong shows me that neither got much damage.

    Degree of aggresiveness can be interpreted in different ways as well.For example some people say moving forward is being the aggressor,but that’s not always the case.For me it would be : who is the most willing to engage,which in this fight was equal imo.Yods started strong,but Andy worked his way back into the fight(he’s notorious for starting slow).

    Those 2 parts being subjective and no downs being scored leaves criteria 3 which is number of clean hits,so not looking at damage just the number of blows landed.
    Round 1 : Yods threw alot of kicks,alot landed clean and alot landed on Andy’s defense,but Andy didn’t do a whole lot in that round.Easy round for Yods.
    Round 2 : Yods starting strong again,but Andy picking up the pace.Middle kicks countered with unchecked lowkicks.Round is a draw imo,but like I said before up for debate.
    Round 3 : Starting more or less equal,but Andy getting in stride and scoring more clean hits.Round edged out by Andy.Round 4 : Pretty much starts equal but Yods looking tired a bit.Andy landed alot more in this round even scoring a kick to the head.Last part of the round is clearly for Andy.
    onclusion from my perspective : A hardfought close victory for Andy.

    Now that I think about it : I think Yods biggest fault was relying on one technique too much.If he had done more then mainly the middle kick I’m sure the result would have been different.

  76. MT scoring(just to be complete) :
    The Principles of Scoring will be as Follows:

    * Hitting with punch, foot, knee and elbow according to the Muay Thai rules, the officials will also consider the effectiveness of the strike, its strength, target and how much it causes disadvantage to the opponent.
    * Defensive, ability to evade the opponent’s attack.
    * Attacking and fighting skill.
    * If both boxers score equal totals, the who more offensive in the fight will be given an advantage.
    * The referee is authorized to deduct only 1 point at a time, as a penalty to any contestant.

  77. LLona who are you, again? A Fan–stay that way as you don’t know what you are talking bout.

    No one answered how many fights they have fought in Thailand , Europe and North America. So that would mean I have the experience that none of you have-but keep running your mouths like the 11 year olds you are.

    As for MT being exciting–take a look around-MMA is the new sport that is overtaking everything. No one in North America cares about MT. There are virtually no fights. THen check out how many MMA fights there are in North and South America.

    Now in Europe MMA is taking hold (except Nederlands which is huge kick boxing base).

    Get real.

    Also on the Thai rules listing-re-read what I wrote. That’s how it is. But again continue to talk out of no experience in the actual game–come on.

    And llona remain a MT sychophant.

  78. @Stack…why does being at the fight instead of seeing it on youtube matter when its clear Ilona doesnt take K-1 rules into account and seems subjective as she basically scores ALL rounds for Yod. Even the last round is supposedly “”CLEARLY”” won by Yod.

    when i brought this up i got:

    “” Its still muay thai””
    “” K-1 rules… it doesn’t matter. An ass kicking is an ass kicking.””
    “”Hello, MT is a THAI sport!!! “”

    which proves she isnt really taking the different k1 rules into account and instead discards them to stick to her view no matter what. (shows she is probably not very objective)

    so defend her point and defend it well? please.

    Basically conceding to the point that she looks at the fight to much under MT rules, and then resorting to constant name-calling is well defending a stance??

    “”Body kicks count idiot””
    “”To all you normal people “” (excluding us)

    Which again makes you wonder that if she is that hotheaded just from someone disagreeing with her….instead of calmly taking in information and discussing it.
    How objective she could have scored that fight.

    that she is a female has nothing to do with my reaction. I respond to everyone who insults me and proves they completely ignore my arguments. And have been very respectfull so far, ignoring being called “”idiot”” etc.

  79. Sok… and who the fuck are you? You don’t know shit just because you are a fighter. Are you fucking kidding me? Lack of a brain might just be your issue….

    and yes its because I am a girl and I don’t give a **** that you say its not it, because thats the reason!!!

    And it doesn’t matter because you are stuck on your stupid ideas while I also listen to others that clearly saw Yod winning as well.

    And btw Daimein, I don’t like Massato either. It not personal but I just don’t think he is as a great of a fighter as everyone thinks he is. He is just average.

  80. IMO Yod clearly dominated, at least up til round 3. Yod clearly did a hell lot more damage than Andy. But rules are rules. Regardless of how ridiculous and senseless K1 rules are, it’s still the rules after all. And based on these rules, Andy won fair and square.

    Yod came into this fight with the intention to prove how powerful and impressive a fighter he is and I believe he has proven his point. Andy came into this fight only to win, and he didn’t care how unconvincingly he won, just as long as he won.

    Yod is a professional so I’m pretty sure he’s well aware of K1 rules. And I’m pretty sure he can fight smart and play along K1 rules. But I believe he chose to fight the way he did because he would rather win convincingly than to win a controversial one. Both fighters have very different mentalities in this fight.

    Andy won and no amount of arguments can change that. But to it’s a paper victory. It’s meaningless. Yod lost fair and square. But he still is the better fighter.

  81. Ilona
    Yup like I said Yod did do a hell lot more damage than Andy. But Andy deserved the victory based on the rules. And since Yod accepted the fight based on these rules I’m sure he accepted the loss as well.
    Yod did not deserve to win this fight. But in our hearts we know that he is the better fighter.

    What can I say? Life isn’t fair :P

  82. I can see the personal attacks are still going on over here.

    When I first came to my muay thai everyone was pretty friendly. What’s happened?

    The last time I commented here I got abused because I said JWP is a good fighter whose fought some good opponents.

    If this thread is any example, people have got even more abusive.

    Can someone email me when its safe to come back here and discuss muay thai without getting personally attacked?


  83. lol well its the first time I am posting in this thread and unfortunetly, after several times you are attacked, you have to keep attacking too… :-(

    Thats why at this point proving an argument would not be possible. Its a “you against me” now.

    And to Horoc- well I don’t think that it was judged fairly and I think a large component is supposed to be about DAMAGE! and Yod does accept the loss and all… but its just sort of weird for all the people that were there when a decision was announced. Also, after the decision, Yod congradulated Andy and all Andy was doing is being super excited after getting his ass beat. It was pretty disgusting to see that. I never saw Andy fight before (live), but now I give him and his attitude TWO THUMBS DOWN. In addition, I feel that there are much better fighters out there… and I don’t think he is talented as a fighter. Thats it I am done now. :-)

  84. To fight geek
    Yeah I agree with you. There seems to be more aggression here than in the Yod vs Souwer fight itself haha. Well it really doesn’t matter whether anyone of us here are fighter or not or if we actually went to the fight. The fight is over. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. And they are just it. Opinions. Unless the K1 judges start posting here, all these bashing is unnecessary.

    To Ilona
    Yeah I agree with you too. But just like you said, a large component is SUPPOSED to be about damage. Unfortunately the K1 judges and their warped minds don’t agree with the majority of us. I believe they would rather give points if you gave a friendly pat on your opponents head than if you were to give a powerful roundhouse into his arms. And like you I don’t like souwer too. He complains waaay too much. But he is a good fighter and a rather smart one too. He knew what he had to do in order to win. He knew attacks to the guard wouldn’t score and he knew he couldn’t compete head-on with Yods power. He’s more comfortable with K1 rules than Yod too. He is after all a 2 times champ. He knew what he had to do to score points and he did it and that’s what gave him the victory and that’s the end of the story.

  85. @Stack…why does being at the fight instead of seeing it on youtube matter when its clear Ilona doesnt take K-1 rules into account and seems subjective as she basically scores ALL rounds for Yod. Even the last round is supposedly “”CLEARLY”” won by Yod.

    when i brought this up i got:

    “” Its still muay thai””

    That voids your prior point completely. being ringside sure is a much better view than laptop side.

    Now personally I wouldn’t have called you ‘idiot’ but that reply reveals much on it’s own.

  86. llona I am something you will never be: a PROFESSIONAL FIGHTER who has fought on 3 Continents. (NOW HAVE SOMEONE READ THAT TO YOU OVER AND OVER UNTIL IT GETS THROUGH YOUR TINY GREY MATTER AND INTO YOUR GLIAL CELLS, that should take at least 5 years)

    And unlike you I know from personal experience what MT rules are. So continue running your mouth like the little child you are. You obviously have never been through a logic course (your ad hominen and red herrings do nothing to change the facts)

    K Max is K max.

    And nice avoidance of my stating of the facts about MT’s death knell in comparison to MMA’s rise.

    MT is boring to Westerners–K max and K 1 are not.

  87. People have been proclaiming Muay Thai’s demise for quite some time now and yet bigger and bigger events happen internationally, specifically the west.
    Yet the United States has already had multiple showings of WBC Muay Thai world champions simultaneously broadcast in the USA and in Thailand, all due to the efforts of an American promoter – Dennis Warner.

    K-1 MAX and K-1 are basically unknown in the west (at least America). K-1’s basically bad on many levels in my opinion. .

    And what can I tell you? Some people find prowrestling more interesting than any of the above too.

    Sorry but your hyperbole holds absolutely no validity in the slightest.

  88. Personally I feel that if you can come back in the 2nd and 3rd round of the fight you haven’t taken as much damage as people say.

    And Andy had a right to be happy with the win : everyone said Yods was going to win hands down and probably going to KO(or TKO) him.That clearly didn’t happen.


    quote from SOK, “Muaythai is boring to Westerners”

    in those five small words you’ve just ruined any credibility you may have had to make comment,

    you actaully come across as a complete asshole..

    you say you are a fighter, well i am a hollywood actor (you may have seen me in my latest movie the deer hunter)…and i think i can kick your ignorant ass…i actually prefer muaythai because the participants are there on merit and skill, not because they are OVERHYPED EGOCENTRICAL MEATHEADS more obsessed with self promotion and talking a big game….MMA can have all that i dont want to see it in thailand

  90. I’m Thai myself. In my honest opinion, Yod lost a 100 % it’s normal for sports that sportman may win or loos, but we are all friends. The relationship and friendship are more important then anything else.

  91. Fight Geek and Horc
    Agreed, rough tone in here, lets just talk muay thai no one is WRONG, everyone sees things from their own perspective and no matter how wrong you think another person is, respect the difference of opinion and leave it at that. Peace.

  92. @Anonymous

    take into consideration what shadyeskimo said thank you and stop bothering me because my opinions reflect what i believe and are not what others want to read.

    thank you

  93. I believe your opinions top be the beliefs of a moron with no knowledge or interest in Muay Thai.

    Take into consideration what anonymous says and shut up.

  94. @Stack
    “”That voids your prior point completely. being ringside sure is a much better view than laptop side.

    Now personally I wouldn’t have called you ‘idiot’ but that reply reveals much on it’s own.””

    you starting too??

    ringside view beats laptop view yes..but did i ever claimed otherwise? NO .

    I was questioning how objective Ilona was, and questioned if she took into account the fact that it was under K1-rules.
    that was my point.

    What does being at the fight matter if it is one’s objectivity and scoring (MT instead of K! rules) that is being questioned?

    It doesnt matter at all. Being at the fight, she can still be subjective and been counting under the wrong set of rules.

    so sorry, my reply doesnt void my own point at all. Its your reply thats basically completely redundant because your “”you werent at the fight and she was”” has got shit to do with my points.

    ofcourse, you would know this if you bothered reading carefully.

    Now personally I wouldn’t call you ‘idiot’ but that reply of yours reveals much on it’s own

  95. @Hoc

    I agree that certain rule changes need to be done. that hard kick to the arms does damage, while a swift but more or less powerless lowkick counter scores full points. Somethings a bit off.

    Then again, everyone knew it was k-1 rules, so Yod should have changed his gameplan a bit more.

  96. IIona really has a stick up her/his ass about the Yod fight. Too bad Yod didn’t make a gameplan where his kicks could have scored huh? The Computer Wizard forgot to read the rules for K-1 scoring apparently.

  97. This is so pathetic. I had this many and this many fights, taking quotes out of context, and believing you are a genius. Guess what? I can write as a name “Jesus Christ” or God and say I came down to earth and I believe that Yod or Andy should’ve won. I am European but I can write I am Thai or write that I am an average fan and I can be Andy’s brother. Get over offenses people… Just start clean by making arguments without insults.

  98. Pretty much. And scoring is scoring. But K-1 has also given standing 8s for getting kicked in the balls.

    It’s just a pro-European bias as far as I am concerned.
    Ilona is European and she’s backing her points up. I could see someone arguing a draw. Ilona defend here point well and if you all hurt by being called an idiot, don’t be one.

  99. “your ignorance amazes me
    stack you could learn something from that muay thai vagabond post read up on it”

    Interesting post for a drooling idiot that knows shit about Muay Thai. You should read from Cobain’s diary and re-enact the part where the suicide happens.

  100. lol “”defend her point well””. She wasnt arguing a draw, she was arguing that Yod completely dominated Andy Souwer in every round.

    I ask if she realized fight was under K1 rules, her defense was: “”K1 rules dont matter, This is still Muay Thai, Andy got more Damage”” etc.

    which basically proves my point. She wasnt really considering K1 rules when judging the fight.


    Another point was her objectivity. Scoring every round clearly for Yod? being hotheaded, and quick to insult. Clearly disliking Souwer.
    Makes me wonder how calm and analytical, how objective, one remained when seeing the fight.

    Here, she hardly has a reply at all, and every response just works against her seeing she throws an emotional tantrum every time.

    So in fact, it was a horrible defense of her point.

    but just keep on ignoring that. I am done repeating myself.

  101. Its not a sign of weakness if you withdraw from a ridiculous discussion that has no end. Agree to disagree. I love all people who loves all people. Lets just all SMILE, and kick.

  102. May be in some regards or in semantics. How ever the point that damage is damage does. The calling everyone idiots thing was partially correct about some commenters.

    How many of you think Yod got to the body with kicks and think they were ‘blocked’? And even if they were blocked Andy did a good amount of swinging and not connecting. Even under K-1 rules damgae is a criteria. Who looked more damaged by the end of the fight to you?

  103. Andy wasn’t too damaged.If you’re too damaged you can’t fight in the 4th round like he did.And in any case,most caucasians show damage earlier then some others.

    But the point about Ilona is that she tried making a point by saying “this is still MT” and other gibberish like that.That is NOT defending your point well if you’re talking about something that clearly isn’t Muay Thai.There were other points where she seemed to react totally emotionally to whatever was written.But enough about this.

  104. Emotionally about this? are you freaking kidding me? I am saying what I think but you would want it your way and you don’t care about what others think. This is a waste of time with you Mithras. Maybe if you show up to Slamm V we can get a different argument across! Ciao!

  105. “@Ilona:
    “are you freaking kidding me?”
    I call this emotionally!”

    First of all, its *emotional* and me saying that comment does not show I am emotional. When you type you can’t really show the reader your face expression or tone…. I just think its really funny how now you guys are trying to say that I am emotional and that the reason I am arguing my point of view. No, you just have a horrible tactic to attack me with. I know because I am a female you think that the whole stereotype of girls being emotional applies to me… well let me tell you… it doesn’t. I just say what I think and I leave it there to a good argument but you should all just let this go or if you really love to argue that badly please countinue this conversation without including me :-) Thank you

  106. The problem with Yods kicks to the arm is that they did not cause visible damage. Even in Thailand the opponent has be rocked or show pain from a technique. Andy walked through several of those kicks and respect to him for that, all in all I though it was quite an even match, although Andy kicks seemed quite light and didn’t bother Yod to much.

  107. sok, please ask your fathers.
    Daddy, does anderson silva use muaythai-style in standing fight? I thought u are the loser of every fight. Open your mind dude. If you don’t use muay thai. don’t complain about it. don’t show stupid answers on this site. OK.

  108. first of all i think that “slamm “is described as a “muay thai” event…at least it can be considered as “modified muay thai” and this is a different concept from “k-1″ …”modified mt” and “k-1 ” are different things …
    the “modified muay thai” is only different in” elbow events” , the rest should be as same as “muay thai”…

    and as far as i remember,slamm was represented as a “muay thai “event…if so, then it’s “evaluation criteria” should be muay thai,where “power,stamina,accuracy,style etc” should be considered…

    however, it seems that the “dutch “(as usualy do) has spoiiled this event also a bit by reclamating it as “muay thai” but converted and evaluated to

  109. furthermore:

    “caesar’s right has to be given to caesar!..”

    most of the mt staff (me also some times) are claiming that “mt is “mt” and should include all the “mt-authentical aspects”…they have also a great right in this sense…

    however, “monetary power & assets” of the “japan and west” should be considered &followed carefuly…mt has started to be influenced by “k-1” , this is sure and the first signal is “lumpini new clinching rules”…some people will say that it has nothing to do with “k-1 effect”, but this is not the fact…in close future, if “k-1 event ” would continue in this way, “mt’s appreance “will be changed intenisvely and the appreance will be mostly as “k-1″…

    this is due the show business & monetary influences of course…during especialy 1990’s “kb “has started to lose it’s effects and if
    “k-1” would not have been strated in 1993 , “mt” would have conquered the world very easy since it has proved it’s power among fight disciplines…

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