Sinbi Taewoong and John Wayne Parr


Baring injury it looks like Sinbi Taewoong and John Wayne Parr will be meeting each other on the 21st of this month at K-1 Khan (K-1 Korea). I’m really looking forward to this fight. In addition to these Sinbi and Parr you’ve got other notable fighters such as Kyshenko, Kraus, Kalakoda, and Sirimongkol who all have fights lined up.

I think the Sinbi, JWP will be a great match up. I had an opportunity back in May to meet “Sing” and train at his camp in Phuket. Both these guys are warriors, I’m hoping I’ll be able find some footage from. For those of you who aren’t familiar with “Sing” I’ve included the obligatory HL clip

[youtube lAh7JpSvaYI ]


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  1. It’s funny that you should show this HL as I watched it 2 days ago for the first time….lol..What a coincidence. Anyway, I wish both Sinbi and JWP good luck. They’re both cool fighters.

  2. I never looked at Parr as a puncher….I always thought he was pretty well rounded, but now that you mention it, if I had to pick his best weapons it would be between his punches and his knees in the clinch ( he uses those a lot). But now I’m curious ( I kno some of yall are gonna get upset, so what?) I wonder if you were to put a kicker vs a puncher, both with the same experience (length of training), who would have the best chance??? I’m a kicker myself, but I have noticed that most farangs are better at punching than kicking ( notice I said “most” not all). I dont wanna to turn this into a long post, just wants a few opinions that makes sense. Thank you.

  3. fourchamberz on

    Sing aka Sinbi Taewoong will not be fighting JWP on the 28th anymore. He injured his wrist…he might be replaced with Kim Chun a Taewoong Gym fighter and also trains at Sings Camp in Thailand. He is my friend so I hope God is in his corner against JWP cus that is going to be a war.

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