Simon “Bad Bwoy” Marcus ready for the rematch.


Fight Record TOTAL: 46 Wins (WINS BY WAY OF K.O.: 24) // 2 Loses // 2 Draws
Fight Record PRO: 27 Wins // 0 Loses // 0 Draws
Age: 25
Country of Birth: Toronto, Canada
Weight: 180-190 lbs. (81.6 kg-86.2 kg)
Height: 6’1″ (185.928 cm)
Stance: Orthodox
School: Siam No.1
Years Training: 6

  • 2012 WMPF world Championship
  • 2010 Sport Accord Combat Games 81 kg Muay Thai GOLD Medal
  • 2010 Northern Thailand Champion Light Heavy Weight
  • 2010 Thaphae Champion Light Heavy Weight
  • 2009 WKA North American Amateur Muay Thai Champion Cruiser Weight
  • 2008 World Amateur Muay Thai – Thailand – Silver
  • 2007 World Amateur Muay Thai – Thailand – Gold



Simon Marcus is one of the top North American Muay Thai fighters in the Light Heavyweight division. Hailing from Toronto, Canada he is also one of the top contenders for the WBC Light Heavyweight World Title. He will be taking on American nak muay Joe Schilling one more time, with the winner of the fight moving on the face Artem Levin, the current WBC World Champion, at the WBC “Battle of the Belts” event June 9th in Bangkok, Thailand. The last time these 2 met at Lion Fight Promotions “Battle in the Desert 5” on February 25th. The fight ended with Simon walking away the victor with a controversial TKO in the first round. Some claim the technique Simon used was not legal, other claimed if you thought the technique was illegal to go and study a Muay Thai bible, and others might have even put the blame on the referee. Schilling, upset over the outcome, even went so far as to apply to appeal the decision by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, but the ruling did not change. Muay Thai fans from both sides went crazy and there was much debate and people were demanding a rematch. Lion Fight Promotions listened to the fans and now we have the rematch set for May 12th on the highly anticipated “Lion Fight Muay Thai VI: Schilling vs Marcus II” event.


I caught up with Simon Marcus to ask him a few questions about his rematch with Joe Schilling.

Simon, since your first fight with Joe in February you have been pretty busy. You fought in Thailand in March and China in April. How has your training camp been going for the upcoming bout?

SM – Great training camp for this fight. I had to prepare for my fights in China so I was already in great shape, and I didn’t take any time off knowing that this fight was next up.

Have you done anything different (training or otherwise) to prepare for the rematch?

SM – No not at all I trained hard to make sure I was fit and strong for the first fight and I’ve done the same this time around. I would say I am in even better condition for this fight due to the fact that I have had to keep training hard since the last bout up until now.

You walked away with the big win, and the bonus of Joes fight purse the first time around. That had to be a great feeling. Did you spend (what would have been) Joes portion buying drinks for your whole crew, or save the money for a rainy day?

SM – I try to save as much as I can. Knowing I have so many big fights this year I haven’t been partying at all much.

What do you feel is an advantage you have over Joe?

SM – Good question. I believe I’m better in many different aspects of the fight game. I’m more experienced than joe and I’ve fought many more experienced world level opponents, I’m stronger and just better all around. I think things that he has built up his reputation for will not work on top level fighters such as myself.

Simon, you’re coming off a a big win against Kaoklai in Thailand and also a big double win in China where you faced 2 opponents in a row. You did pretty much the same thing fighting 2 Iranians when we fought on that ridiculous event in Iran. Is this a common thing for you? and How different is it preparing for 2 opponents?


SM – I have fought in tournament style events more than three times before, once were I fought four fights in five days in the world armatures in BKK and then another three fights in the following five days in Chiang Mai Thailand. So fighting consecutive fights is a challenge I enjoy because you get to work on your mistakes the very next day. There is the possibility of injury but I think it only makes you a better fighter when you fight injured because you are forced to use other weapons and techniques that you may not be comfortable using. This makes your all around fight game much better and your mind sharper.

Who is your favorite fighter(past or present)? Someone you look up to or maybe feel you model your style after…

SM – Sakmonkol is my favorite because I believe his fighting spirit is greater than any other fighter I have ever watched. I also look up to Namkabuan because he is a genius in the ring and can play his opponents simply because he out thinks them. Also Buakaw because he is the perfect example of how beautiful, powerful and effective Muay Thai really is.

Your prediction for the rematch?

SM-Simon Marcus wins a decisive victory over joe schilling and is the New WBC Interm World Champion.

Thank you for taking the time for the questions. Do you have any shout outs or anything you want to say to your fans?

I would like shout out all the Bad Bwoy fans that support me and the sport of Muay Thai. Also all the people that encourage me and believed in me from day one especially my family. Also Siam No.1 Muay Thai Academy and Ajahn Suchart for helping me build the foundation to make my dreams come true. Love~Respect~Believe

Can’t make it to Las Vegas to see the fight? Watch the rematch along with the rest of the Lion Fight Promotions stacked card Live streaming online by going to



About Author

Born and raised in Southern California and now live in Thailand. I started training Muay Thai in the States at the age of 18. After my first trip to Thailand I fell in love with the sport and the “sabai, sabai” lifestyle of Thailand. I finally got tired of the 9-5 rat race life in Los Angeles, and thought it is time to re-evaluate my life. At the age of 25 I sold most of my belongings and bought my plane ticket to Thailand. I’m grateful for the things I have accomplished so far and always looking forward to what’s next.


  1. Simon gonna beat the smug off of schilling’s face. Hopefully he does another “illegal” trip throwing him 5 feet in the air and KOs him with it. I’d be happy with any kind of win though. Maybe a nice cut so he can “stitch” himself up.

    • Notice how Simon used the same throw in the 4th round as the one he used to KO Schilling out in their first fight just to prove a point.

  2. At first i wasn’t sure because his fights were so short, but now i’m POSITIVE that Joe doesn’t train for the clinch to a high extent, this is Muay Thai, not kickboxing… everytime they clinched he kept trying to tackle Simon like he wasn an NFL player and wade in with haymakers. Overall It was very ugly, and sloppy, he did knock him down in the first round so it did worked to a point, but the rest of the fight was just clinch domination. Good win for Marcus, good ending with that last throw, put the nail in the coffin. Joe was outclassed.

  3. and just think that, aftre his previous fight with marcus, schilling changed nothing in his training. says a lot about where he trains. he honestly still looked like that overly aggressive guy at the smoker who does well with haymakers and brawling tactics.

  4. This fight was a lil sloppier than I expected……I’m not criticizing….but I do have to admit that have seen better Muay Thai from Simon, I’m glad he won but by looking at both of those fighters fight each other I’m a lil skeptical as if any of them is actually ready to face Artem Levin….Only time will tell, best of luck to Simon and I hope Schilling takes this loss as a learning experience. Maybe a change of camp might do him some good. Sheer aggressiveness doesn’t cut it in the top league

  5. We got our moneys worth on that feed. I also agreed with the decision on Romie/Boom fight but there seemed to be some chatter about that. Artem will be an interesting fight..and looks to be a nice card too eh

  6. Rumors are that Simon pulled out of the fight vs Artem……SMMFH!!!!!!!!! So it seems that Schilling will get what he was looking for from the get go. I’m a lil pissed about this and hope that this is just a rumor as I really wanted to see a technical fight!!!

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