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On your next visit to Bangkok if your in need of some gear you should drop by the “Sport Marketing” store.


Hi guys this post was written ages ago.  I’ve been told by numerous people that the new place to buy gear is called Action Zone.

Tips on Haggling

  1. Don’t be a dick! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen deals go south because the vendor just thinks you’re a dick (Sulliman). Keep it friendly, smile, play the game. Thai people don’t like confrontation. In some countries haggling is more serious and combative… Don’t scowl and wave your finger in peoples faces it won’t work.
  2. Know your price. You should have a general idea of what something should cost. If you know the approximate range start a little lower… keep it friendly start at 50%… typically they’ll Say no way and then the haggling process begins.
  3. Walk away. No I’m not saying this should be your sole tactic. Vendors know when you want something. They do this for a living… What I’m saying is that you’ll find the identical product 10 stalls away. Gauge a price from the first vendor use it on a second vendor. (be careful not to do it too close to the original vendor, chances are they’re owned by the same peeps.) The second point is that if you can genuinely walk away they can sense this and make a last ditch effort to work with you.
  4. Know when to haggle. Don’t haggle at department stores and over food, it isn’t done you cheap bastard!
  5. Have perspective. This isn’t a hostage negotiation, your on vacation buying a $3 T-Shirt. At the end of the day you may find yourself haggling over $1 (.50p for my English readers!). Seriously when is the next time your going to be there? If you want it, buy it.

If you feel have a “negotiation” tip that works, add it to the comments. I would love to hear about it.



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