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This is Saenchai Sor. Kingstar all around Muay Thai bad ass. I found this clip of him foolin around. My Trainer Neungsiam fought him once. Neungsiam was the 112 lbs Lumpini champ and moved up to fight Saenchai for the vacant 115 lbs Lumpini Title.

[youtube lsaJGKcGRDE nolink]

Neungsiam said it was a great fight, they went into the 5th round even. Neungsiam said he through a left kick which Saenchai slipped, Neungsiam’s missed and ended up tangling his left leg in the ropes. Saenchai timed it beautifully and landed a crushing right kick to Neungsiams back. Saenchai became the 115 lbs. lumpini champion, and they never fought again.

If you watch The Contender Thailand promo clip you’ll spot Saenchai. Neungsiam was suprised to see him in the clip. I think he gets excited whenever he sees fighters from his generation still at it. Neungsiam wished him the best but fears that Saenchai may be getting too old to compete with the young dogs…


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  1. UM…i hate to disagree with the man himself…but Seanchai is nowhere near past his prime. As a matter of fact…he is actually been dubbed by the WMC to be the best current Muay Thai fighter P4P ( followed by Buakaw #2, and even Yod is in the top 5). I think he still holds the lightweight title at the Raja. Stadium, but that needs to be confirmed. They say the man is running outta opponents in Thailand (forced to go up and down in weight to find worthy fighters) and started kickin everyone’s ass in Japan. I do not know how old he is

  2. News Flash:
    He was schedule to fight Nopparat for the flyweight title…but because of an injury during his last fight…Nopparat withdrew and relinquished his title….Seanchai and some other dude…will fight for that title

  3. the narrator is hilarious – listen to how calm his voice is when he describes the african guys elbows “that would clearly leave you bloody, toothless and unconcious if it were to connect”… HA HA

  4. Saenchai has no competition in his weightclass and that’s why he always has to fight bigger opponents. And he IS without a shadow of a doubt the best P4P fighter in Muay Thai. Sure he’s getting up there in age (for a Thai mind you), but Orono Wor Petchpun is 28 and he’s still fighting at the highest level.

    Saenchai will be coming back to Japan in July to fight Shin’ya Ishige, a fight that has been held off for quite some time thanks to Ishige’s injuries. In his previous two appearances in the Muay Thai Open ring he won both fights effortlessly by knockout in the second and fourth round respectively. He also fought in France awhile ago and clowned around against Fabio Pinca winning that fight with ease as well.

    There’s actually a Saenchai gym in Japan.

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