Schilling Interview for Can’t Stop Crazy


Some of the Vegas and LA fighters have gotten together and formed their own promotional group, “Can’t Stop Crazy.” Taking media into their own hands is smart and thus far their output looks good (no doubt in part to help from Jeff Dojillo). As Schilling stated in his video the problem with doing interviews with others is that things can get misconstrued, and or edited in a way that you feel doesn’t represent you.

This video is helping me turn around what I think of Joe. I’ve stated before that he comes off as arrogant and like an asshole, but in this, and one of his last interviews I feel like I’m warming up to him a little. The ending of the video helped of course too.

Schilling will be fighting this weekend against Simon Marcus. Its a rematch of their last bout on Lions Fight Promotion which ended abruptly.




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