I hope you all had a good holiday and New Years.  Per my usual MO I was back in Bangkok catching up with friends and family.  It’s always great to get back, my mom passed away a couple of years ago and she was the preverbal glue of our family.  It’s strange to come home and not to have a program of events lined up for you.

My visits have always somehow revolved around family commitments.  Recently I’m finding myself with a little more free time…  I decided this time around I was going to try to get around and check out more camps.

Dii Mak’s article “Drive by MuayThai” talks about people who are interested in getting some training in while in Bangkok, but don’t necessarily want it to be the sole focus of their time in Thailand.  I fall solidly into that demographic.

When I’m in Thailand, I’m going to train that goes without saying, but I’m not really interested in doing 2 sessions or going to bed at 10 so I can make the 6am run…

A few months ago I had the opportunity to Meet Khun Thakoon, the GM of the Sasiprapa Camp in Bangkok.  He had brought some fighters to the MSA show in Bolton.    I decided Sasiprapa would be a nice jumping off point.

It’s Christmas morning about 8 am when I roll into Sasiprapa… the camp is located around Lad Phrao 130.  There isn’t MRT or Skytrain access so you’ll have to cab it.  Fortunately at 7am it’s a reverse commute and should only take you about 10 mins from the Lad Phrao MRT stop.

Here is a map of the Thai directions… if I were you I would print them off and hand them to the cabby.  It isn’t that easy to find…

The camp is a semi-enclosed space in the heart of a residential neighborhood.  The gym is decorated with flags and pictures of students who’ve all honed their skills under the Sasiprapa banner.


I roll into the camp and it’s quiet, nearly all the fighters (Thai and foreign) are back home with family.  I’ve got the place to myself…

I’m met by Kru Sit, the senior (instructor/trainer) of the Camp, who greets me with a warm smile and a jump rope…  “Jump”

It turns out Kru Sit is about 54 and has been teaching and training fighters for about 26 years.  He fought back in the day and immediately starting training after his retirement from the ring.  He trained Malaipetch and Malaidang (Malaipetch’s brother)

Kru Sit

I don’t think Kru Sit get’s to communicate much with the foreign fighters, as he had a lot of questions about why MuayThai was so popular with foreigners, what training was like abroad, if there were many Thai owned gyms abroad etc.

He’s got a very easy going and warm way about him, he reminds me of my uncles…

He’s explains that’s he’s 54 but he’s still quite active, to prove his point he drops and pumps out about a dozen push ups…

only in Thailand would you have a no smoking sign next to the bags!

We do 5 solid rounds with loads of details and tips; it’s really quite an honor to receive knowledge from someone who’s been involved in our sport/art for so long.

I do realize that the day I dropped in was probably the quietest day they’ve had all year.  I realize I didn’t get to see the camp in full swing… but based on what I could see and my short time with Kru Sit, I would recommend Sasiprapa to you without hesitation.

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t usually stay at the camps… so I didn’t get a look at their accommodations.  I’m sure they are adequate.

I would recommend dropping khun Thakoon and email, go in for a visit, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


Email :
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Address : 401 Soi Ladprao 130 Klongchan Bangkapi Bangkok 10240 Thailand

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