Sam-A vs. Pokaew


This is the latest effort by Sarm -A (Triple A)… this was from a couple of weeks ago.  For those of you who are new to Muay Thai or MMT, Sarm-A is a stadium champion and the only fighter to have been named  sportswriter of the year fighter twice.  Our good friend John Wolcott from Muay Thai journal has done a very nice documentary/interview with him… I highly recommend that you check it out.

Sarm-A (Red) and Pokaew have met once before at 124 lbs with Sarm-A taking it.  In this fight Sarm-A is giving up 3 lbs to Pokaew.  Many thanks to our friend Banana128 for the upload.


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  1. Good fight. Sarm-A seems invincible..

    Going back to the documentary, I couldn’t believe how calm and humble he is. He really felt uncomfortable doing the “I will kill you-move” at Leklaa, with his manger pushing him to do it, so he would look really cool. I was LMFAO. But in the ring he is a destructive machine..

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