Sanchai vs. Wang Wei


Hola mmt…  Here is the clip of Sanchai vs. Wang Wei.  This bout took place a couple of weeks ago and was a part of the same show that Buakaw was on.

Many thanks to hanhan of the K1-Fans forum for posting the link. I’m sorry the quality is so crap but I downloaded it from the original Youku clip, so it’s a copy of a copy.

I’m sitting here trying to look busy at work, so I haven’t watched it yet.  Anyway… enjoy.

Part 1

[youtube eceqaNPsPWc 550]

Part 2

[youtube p-eMIyd05o0 550]


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  1. im chinese as my login name suggests but……damn did china buy another commodity that enabled them to win this one too? i have relatives that are poor as dirt but china spends around 50 billion on the olympic games….

  2. WTF ???? What rules is San Shou or what ever that was ? Is there only 1 round no elbows or knees ?
    That just looked like Saenchai messing around sparring with Orono @ 13 coins on a very bad day at the office !

  3. Dagobert101 on

    Ha ha ha- funny stuff??? I thought I have something with my ears when I heared the judging- then I must lol- hä that can`t be serious
    Good that you have the same idea- puhh nothing wrong with me or my ears
    Thank`s for posting the clip- Peace & MMT

  4. Looks like Saenchai got robbed.

    Can some one explain why Wang Wei won ? due to Sanshou rules or plain & simple robbery ?

    Anyway, it’s always a pleasure watching him fight!

  5. For anyone that understands Thai,,What were Saenchai’s post fight comments?? Im curious to know if the always humble Saenchai was a little pissed at the results.I hope he at least got paid well to go all the way to China to get robbed like that.

  6. I agree wiith you SE, I also thot sanchai didnt do much. I was hoping he would push the pace but he didnt.. I liked Buakaws fight coz he was out to kick some ass

  7. how come whenever I see any fight events where some kind of foriegners are flown to fight Chinese people do the foreigners never win no matter what?!!!!Why are the Chinese in these events such terrible cheating sore losers?I’d dearly love to see a few Chinese fighters flown to Thailand to fight full Thai rules.In fact anywhere fly em here to the uk.9 times out of ten the the Chinese fighters iv seen are always rubbish even if MT is not there prefered style they never look that good at what they actually do!

  8. Thanks for posting this! Was trying to track it down and it’s interesting to see.

    From the scores, it certainly seems like what we have here is rounds 1 & 3, but round 2 is missing. Assuming nothing bizarre happens in round 2, I’d say this is a fair decision based on Sanda/Sanshou rules. Wei gets a takedown in round 1 (and stays on his feet while doing so, which is a big plus in this scoring system). That scores in Sanda, so gives him round 1 easily. The 3rd round is close, and from most of the judges score cards it sounds like both 2 and 3 were draws. So I can certainly see the decision.

    Great site by the way!

  9. Here’s the full fight on Dailymotion, thanks to StackMo @

    I’m no expert, but I was surprised to see most posters here thought Saenchai got robbed. I do think the rules were very limiting for Saenchai’s masterful MT skills, and that WangWei was bigger/taller, quite fast and un-fazed by Saenchai’s tricks (eg, the shuffle, the cartwheel) – unlike 99% of his opponents. The no-clinching and elbows rules allowed WangWei to stay sfaely on the outside and play a patient (though largely undamaging) counterfighting/point-scoring game against the shorter Saenchai. Saenchai seemed to have difficulty entering and was often stopped with front & side kicks and punch-countering. He seemed slightly flustered when WangWei dumped him a few times, esp on those high kicks. I don’t think WangWei “beat” Saenchai, though.

    So I asked my Thai trainer, Neungsiam (who once fought Saenchai), about it today. He said similar stuff: Saenchai wasn’t very effective and WangWei was “young, fast and not scared of Saenchai”. He didn’t think Saenchai really won, but the point was moot to him — he said the rules were ridiculous/confusing and was disappointed that China is able to lure Thai nak muay into events that compromise their abilities and make them (and by association, Thailand & Muay Thai) look comparatively weaker.

    In short, it wasn’t Muay Thai: it was just kickboxing — and that ain’t Saenchai’s art/sport. He was brave to put his name on the line… or maybe the money was just great. Either way, he’s still the man.

  10. I wud like to see yodsanklai fight against sanshou… hes just relentless and a go forward fighter from the opening bell.. I think hed do great but maybe the chinese will just keep trying to catch kicks and throwing fighters on the ground to secure points.. sux in my opinion. Yes why not fly the sanshou fighters to thailand and show them wot happens wen thais are not limited by chinese rules. Does anyone know why there is nothing to be found on yodsanklai these days? All his fights on youtube are getting quite old. Maybe chinese dont want him in sanshou fight like the japs dont want him in k1

  11. I agree with Mark. The decision was mostly fair based on San Da rules. Of course Saenchai would lose under these rules–just like he would surely lose in Olympic style TKD. If he agreed to fight under these rules, it’s a fair deal, though the result wouldn’t mean anything. Honestly I think Wang Wei did very well against Saenchai, considering he’s so young and inexperienced. Maybe he just didn’t know who Saenchai was–and that helped. I also don’t think either Buakaw or Saenchai cared much about the result. Buakaw was essentially sparring with his opponent in the 3rd round. Maybe they were under the impression that it’s an exhibition fight.

  12. C, I agree with what u said aboutnot knowing who saenchai is and that helping.

    Also, sanda san shou fighters fight full muay thai rules too…..they take huge beatings. I seen malaipet defeat a san shou champ. They threw in the towel in the first round. San shou will negate any if not all kicks….it really flips any nak muays gameplan.

  13. I watched the fight and first thought that Saenchai got robbed,after looking at it again he definitely lost under sanda rules. I said that Nak muay should stop fighting these Sanda matches were the ruleset favors sanda fighters. It speaks to the arrogance of some nak muay thinking MT is the KOMA. This will no doubt look like sanda vs mt when in reality it’s a Sanda match between a Sanda Pro and a thai fighter clueless to Sanda Rules. Saenchai needs to fall back on the “tricks” and start bringing it for real. Tricks are only good when they work,otherwise you end up looking like a show off who prefers to clown around as opposed to fight. Everyone knows about the two tricks he does already,it’s time to use some new ones. Maybe Saenchai should link up with Somrak again and borrow some of his tricks which have a higher percentage of landing and doing damage than Saenchai’s current bag. I love Saenchai but someone needs to tell him to cut the crap and fight! Those of you who listen to hip hop may get this analoghy. Jay-z used to be very good lyrically and you could tell he put alot of effort into his rhymes. He began to feel himself too much and now kinda just talks over tracks. I guess he feels that he already established himself as an all time great and is now coasting on his past fame. Saenchai IMO is beginning to follow in Jay-z’s steps. Still a big draw but increasingly becoming less relevant. I doubt that the chinese fighter did’nt know who saenchai was(it’s Saenchai after all) I think he was just unfazed by all his clownish antics.

  14. yeah back in the Big L days jay-z was much more raw and def not the pop star he is today. if you catch him on some albums with certain producers, for example 9th wonder, he still has lyrics, just a totally different delivery.

  15. With the exception of the 6 or 7 stepsidekicks that WangWei landed to keep Saenchai at distance during the entire fight, he really didint do much to deserve such a lopsided unanimous victory.

    Sanda rules or not,Exhibition or not, it was a “favored” fight for the Chinese fighter for sure. If the Chinese want to be taken seriously on the world stage they should ease up on the Pro Chinese bias when it comes to fighting or competing against foreigners in the future.

  16. @NAKMEEZY: I’m sorry, but someone has to call you on that ridiculous crap. Barring this rubbish non-MT rules fight he obviously wasn’t interested in and a mismatch against a much bigger fighter in Petchmankong, Sanchai has been KO’ing people all over the place this year.

    Recent victims include Nong-O Sit O and every single person he faced in the 8-man!

  17. @king First off,I’m not the only person that thinks saenchai needs to stop playing footsie with people and start fighting. He should’nt fight if he was “obviously not interested” he runs the risk off lowering his stock by taking losses to unknowns like the Sanda dude. I can do without the david vs goliath muay thai matches as well as the 2 on 1 matches. imo that 2 on 1 fight was a spectacle on the level of the beautiful boxer vs that fat japanese wrestler.

  18. @ KIng Saenchai fought 2 people in the 8 man tourney. Your post make’s it look like he fought 8 people at once. “every single person he faced in the 8-man” (insert dramatic hamster music) It’s more like BOTH people he faced. I love Saenchai but he needs to stop f ing around.

  19. my point, in case you missed it the first time, is that he hasn’t been “f ing” around in important fights this year.

    I’d imagine criticism last year had something to do with it, but only he knows that.

  20. @K1ng That may be true,however he runs the risk of getting owned by an unknown fighter if he does’nt view EVERY fight as important. Owning sub par japanese talent and a few foreigners does’nt do him any good IMO. There was an article in a thai muay thai mag(forgot the name) back in 08 where they were talking about how the thai fighters are losing their dominance in muay thai due to foreigners training more seriously. The point of the article was pretty much that Thai’s need to take their opponents seriously or risk losing dominance in their own art. Saenchai is no different.

  21. I’m inclined to disagree with you. I don’t think there’s any arguing with him being one of the most phenomenally talented nak muays ever to step across the ropes. he beat everyone who’s anyone at his weight, and most people within realistic distance above his weight, so what does he do?

    fights = payday. if you’re the best you’re going to have to fight people who aren’t on your level. maybe that contributed to him dicking around, but I agree that evil sanchai is better to watch then nice sanchai.

    I know which one I’d rather fight tho!

  22. @K1ng I also prefer to go out like yetkin ozkul then one of the Japanese fighters we’ve seen Saenchai tool. I agree that Saenchai is the best I just hate seeing him lose when he could’ve beat the opponent.

  23. just been reading all the responses on this thread and I for one definately think that Big L should be brought up in to general converstaion much more often!!!Good shout SE!.Jay Z was nothing compared to Big L (RIP)!!

  24. I am a Singaporean Chinese. Crying out aloud! That chinese fighter didn’t even throw a proper punch and he won?? Damn it man…Why don’t they Chinese send their fighters to Thailand and fight 5 rounds of Knees, Elbows, clinch? 3 techniques can down them…

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