Sanchai vs. Sagetdao – March 2012


Hey guys here’s the latest muay thai action from Lumpini… Sagetdao vs. Sanchai no. 5 or 6  I can’t keep track anymore.  I was fortunate enough to be at this fight, and had better luck running into the promoter of the fight.   Khun Thakoon of Sasiprapa helped secure a spot for my ringside.  It was it was the first time I’ve ever shot ringside at lumpini and it showed…  I didn’t come with a flash and my pics are a bit meh…  What was surprising about the experience was how much Thai liniment is on the canvas…  my arms were burning from laying on my stomach on the canvas, soaking up what was probably weeks if not months accumulated thai oil.

Anyway, as you can see the fight was a brillant display of technical muay thai.  All of the fights that night were exceptional, and I’ll be posting them later on.


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