Sanchai vs. Nong-O


I’m off to Bangkok this next week.  I’m thinking about carrying a red or a yellow shirt depending on the situation… seriously though, I’m not sure what to expect.

I’ll probably be staying in most nights, I think eating some shrapnel would ruin my week.  I am heading out to this show though.  Looks stacked, many thanks to Rob for posting info on this.

Dii Mak and I will be there, anybody else going?  I’ll be sure to get some nice snaps and hopefully some video footage.  Nong-O is on fire…  it’s going to be a close one.

I’m also going to try to get some training in.  I’ll be dropping by Kiatphontip, Baan MuayThai, and Possibly Fairtex (RCA).  If anyone knows of any Camps in Bangkok that I should be checking out… let me know.


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  1. I’m in Bangkok, and will possibly be attending this show. I’ve been reading this blog since you started this thing, so hit me up! It’d be cool to meet up at the fights or something.

    I trained at 13 Coins for about 4 months, but have been elsewhere for the past couple months. I’ll just say this… I really hope Saenchai is actually training for this fight. I know he’s the man and everything, but I have a feeling that Nong-O is going to turn up the heat and pull away with the win. I’m a huge fan, so hopefully he’ll prove me wrong.

  2. Yeah Nop , i don´t know if you got my message on Youtube ,or if it…even works..anyway

    I was wondering if you maybe could go to Por Pramuk Camp

    and make an reportage about Buakaw ?

    Alot of people wanna know what´s going on Will he be in K-1 MAX 2010 ? etc

    maybe ask questions like if his aim his to get a third K-1 Belt etc.

    And your the man that might be able to get that information

    Oh well would be cool if you might do it

    Thanks & Good luck

  3. I had gone to the Muay Thai Museum that was given a small write-up at the beginning of the year. There wasn’t much to see there as they didn’t have anything much in the way of history, anthologies or anything of interest in the line of sport Muay Thai. All that they had at the moment were pamphlets about rules of governance and organization. However, if you are close to MBK, it is once stop over from the BTS within the National Stadium. As soon as you get in, head over to the tennis courts and it is within the main stadium building itself. There is a little gym right next to it.

    What school I was impressed with as far as history is concerned is the Muay Thai institute.

    This place is the old Rangsit Stadium turned into an international gym. This is on Paholyotin Rd. between the old airport and future park. This place serves better as a Muay Thai Museum as it is decked out with posters and literature of all the past greats. Rawee Daechachai is an instructor there and I was suprised to see him. He was the one of the catalyst of Muay Thai spreading to Holland and Europe when he beat Kenji Kurosaki. Kenji opened up Meirjo Gyms in Holland and Tokyo which in turn produced Rob Kaman and Toshio Fujiwara. There is also a library within this place that I totally forgot the check out.

    Samart Payakaroon also opened up a gym:

    44/9 Moo.4 Soi Saimai 31 Saimai Road
    Bangkok Thailand 10220
    Tel : 084 707 7094

    Didn’t have the time to make it so not much to say.

  4. Currently in BKK and haven’t been shrapnelled yet. Haven’t seen any violence or anything but then again I haven’t been walking up the street that the Red Shirts are based. I’m also at the 13 Coins gym and can say Seanchai has been training!! Should be a good fight on Wednesday!! Hopefully bump into you to.

    Chok Dee

  5. It was actually 3rd Round KO.
    My mates uploading Rd 1 and 3 to Vimeo. Will post up link as soon as its available.
    Computer for some reason won’t render the round two because of the sound issues but, at least you’ll get to see the KO.

    Good to meet you too Nopstar! I was with Abigail in the stands, wearing the Lakers cap.

  6. did nong-o go southpaw for this fight? wow. saenchai looked possessed. something clicked now like he’s on a mission since hearing all the critics saying he’s only good at playing footsie… i feel bad for his last two opponents since he’s been off the chain and going for the chest and guts instead of holding onto the ear for the win.


  7. “i feel bad for his last two opponents since he’s been off the chain and going for the chest and guts instead of holding onto the ear for the win.”

    what the hell does all of that mean?

  8. “i feel bad for his last two opponents since he’s been off the chain and going for the chest and guts instead of holding onto the ear for the win.”

    “what the hell does all of that mean?”

    it’s dog-talk. it means instead of just holding on to win by points= holding on to the ear, he’s going for the kill=chest and guts for hunting boar with a dog. no man sex buddy. you just called yourself out.

  9. sorry SE. my bad. i’ll be sure to speak extra slow for you too. i think i hear that yellow bus outside waiting for you bro. hahaha. just kidding man. i know you won’t get upset since your humor seems to be the same as mine. but seriously, saenchai seems to be on a rebirth. K1 max time? how many pounds would he be giving up?

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