Sanchai vs. Liam Harrison 2


Good news for UK Muay Thai fans, Sanchai v. Liam Harrison 2 is on!  According to Dan Green (the promoter), the fight is going to take place April 9th at the Doncaster Dome.   Some of you were present the last time these two met… According to Sanchai he really enjoys fighting Liam because whatever he throws at Liam, Liam throws back at him.

I snapped this pic a couple of years ago at the inaugural MSA show in Bolton.  The Dr. was fighting Rob Storey, and I think Liam was there to corner Jordan.

Hopefully I’ll be able to make it up to Doncaster… On a side note why is Muay Thai so popular with northerners?  The north of England get’s all the great shows, while in the south we get a few?  I’ve got to imagine the cost of the venues in London are too cost prohibitive.  Anyway, i’m looking forward to Sanchai v. Harrison 2, and hope to catch some of you there.


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  1. I hope that the “nasty” Saenchai that we saw against Yetkin Ozkul comes to the UK ! As much as I like to watch Saenchai show boating it was good to see him get “nasty” and not just play around as he did when Yetkin came out gunning for him as I am sure Liam will.

  2. I can’t see that happening, i think Sanchai likes Liam too much… Yetkin was an outlier. If I remember correctly Yetkin tried to teep sanchai in the face and was generally asking to get KTFO.

  3. well if he does get nasty i dont think he will or can knock me out so i might try teep him in the face and we will see…where mates but we aint gonna be for 15 mins on april 9th…the fight last time was at 62.5 i was 62 saenchai 64 this time its 63kg….i dint make weight at thai fight cos i was ill im back down to fighting at my normal weight now 62.5-65kg

    • Liam in the house! glad to see your going to bring it, I’m always happy to see Sanchai fight in the UK, but it feels more like a show then a fight. Does that make any sense to anyone?

      Everyone loves him, and sure he tries to put on a good showing, but it never has that feel of a fight.

      With yetkin, he brought it, and paid for it. So Liam… you’ve said your going to try to teep him in the face (which is pretty damn bold) I respect that. I will pay your charity of choice £10 for every head teep you land. That will get things going… what do you think? Are we on?

  4. to be fair sanchai isnt an idiot if he doesnt try to play and tries to bring it hes stepping into dangerous teritory, last time i hit him with some hard shots, swept him off his feet 2 or 3 times (something that rarely happens to him by anyone not just farang) and he never tried to bring it to me, he said to a few people after he knew how strong i was so hes gonna fight his style, he could get away with blasting Yetkin straight out the park buit i dont think he can with me, last time i tried to fight his fight..this time ill fight mine…and i aint gonna try to teep him in the face have you seen how small i am only a tiny bit taller than saenchai and have little stumps for legs…its not my style either tbh

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