Sanchai vs. Damien Alamos


This was the main event at JC Skarbowsky’s “Best of Siam 2” show held just a couple of weeks ago. Sanchai vs. Damien Alamos the current Lumpini lightweight champion. Many thanks to Hanuman Prod for the footage.

It never ceases to amaze me how fast Sanchai is, his ability to see pretty much everything coming…


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  1. hmmmmm, a bit surprised at the decision…

    in rd 4 when saenchai caught the kick and dumped alamos i thought he won for sure. then alamos, iirc, dumped him a bit more. and also countered multiple attacks with kicks that landed clean. maybe the judges didnt score that one kick where alamos did the spinning kick after an attempted left kick and knocked saenchai down.

    • I disagree. I think Alamos put on a fine showing, and at times was on par with Sanchai put I think Saenchai was winning each round. Alamos is super young though and if he keeps fighting fighters of Saenchai’s caliber I think he will do really well.

      It looked like in the 5th Alamos thought it was over, both of them did. I am pretty sure that Alamos thought he got the nod, which he didnt’ desrve. Funny.

      The camera continual pan to Alamos’ corner was interesting the first time but after that was excrutiationgly annoying.

      I’d like to see Alamos vs. Ross or Alamos vs. Embree. The former I don’t think would be that great of a match up because physically Ross is bigger than Alamos. Alamos has more of a body type similiar to Embree. The latter fight would probably be a pretty technical bout. I also think Ross did a better job against Saenchai than Alamos.

      Its getting a little boring watching Saenchai fight to be honest. He’s a victim of his own success, like Buakaw. The plight of being “too good,” sigh.

      • True, saenchai is a victim of his own success but at least he fights worthy opponents and is up there with the best unlike Buakaw who after everything he’s been through gets in the ring with a dude with 30 fights! Just doesn’t make sense to me…

      • Well, I only watched once, and not that closely, but I can’t lie, I feel that Damien might have gotten the nod in Thailand after such a strong showing in rounds 4 and 5, without Saenchai’s star power playing a role anyway.

        Also, I am a fan of Embree and I think Ross is an extremely fast, strong and tough fighter, but I feel that Alamos is on a different level. If you look at his performances against top Thais vs those of Ross and Embree, in my opinion, there is a clear disparity. I mean, the guy has been training/fighting in Thailand for how long? He holds the title in his weight class at the most prestigious stadium in the world? At what point will we stop differentiating between Thai and foreigner, haha.

        • Saenchai won, no way alamos would have ben given the nod.You could tell hed lost by how overjoyed he was at taking saenchai down in the 4th round!!!!

          I agree Alamos is on an entirely different level to Ross and Embree from what Iv seen.That said I never undersestimate the American strengeth and conditioning and scientific weigh cutting!I reakon Ross would defo be a lot physically stronger.Cant wait to see Liam Harrison fight him, that will be a awesome matchup

  2. wtf is wrong with the cameraman? Is he really F*CKING showing the corner for more than 2 seconds? That was really annoying, no one cares about the people watching, to whoever videotaped this; i know you’re trying to be interesting & edgy, but PLEASE focus on the fighters next time, i’m sure there were some important strikes that i missed, thanks.

  3. Clear win for Saenchai although Damien did do well by putting up a great fight. After watching this fight I am more excited about the bout between Diesellek Aoodonmuang vs Saenchai at the Yokkao show in January. It should be a great fight since they both have defeated Damien. Diesellek is one of my favourite fighters at the moment and I have a feeling he will do really well.

    Saenchai amazes me! At 32 he is still practically the p4p king and to most athletes 32 is not old but when you have a record of 300-400 fights and you have been fighting since you were 8 it can take its toll on most fighters but not Saenchai and that’s why I think he’s one of the best Muay Thai fighters to ever live if not the best! Even if his style a grown on me it doesn’t change all his achievements….

  4. think saenchai looked a bit flat but totally and clearly won every round.Worth remembering he fought Pakorn in Glasgow about 2 weeks ago, fought alamos here on this paris show, and fights liam Harrison in hongkong in 2 weeks!!!thats insane!, and then dieselek in january.Its mad enough how the thais fight once every few weeks in Thailand but add in to that the level saenchai’s fighting at and the travel/jetlag?!

  5. Saenchai looked tired to me from the beginning, just mentally more then anything, think he’s just burnt out, like he didn’t want to be there,and Alamos did good but the first 3 rounds he was basically just watching the Saenchai show, as most do, and he had nothing on most of his strikes, slappy, that being said Alamos is an amazing fighter, it’s just hard not to get distracted when you have one of the greatest of all time across from you…but ya I thought Saenachai pretty clearly won IMO

    • Elbow pads are required in certain parts of France, you can still throw them, it just deters cuts, though if you watch the fight between Sacko Bobo and Petsawin, he was still badly injured through the elbow pad which caused the end of the fight.

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