Samart vs. Nizuma


While we wait for footage of the Evolution show, I thought I might drop an old school fight on you. If you haven’t heard of Samart Payakaroon, you should pay attention.

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In addition to being a 4x Lumpini stadium champion, the guy was also a talented boxer. After he won his Lumpini titles he decided to give boxing a shot.  In 1986 he won the WBC Super Bantamweight belt.  How tough is that?  By the way… Samart might be the only person badass enough to rock the shorts he’s wearing in this clip.

This vid is towards the end of his career; in fact I believe it was after his career (1993).  I think this was make easy money/travel to Japan kind of a fight.  You know how it ends, but it’s amazing to see his skills at play.  I think I’ve seen Sanchai through the reverse crescent kick/ slap to the face.  Now I know where he got it…

The crowd is great… they’re hanging all their hopes on their boy, who just doesn’t have a chance.  If you listen carefully about 10:50 into the fight it sounds like they are killing a woman.  Damn they’re getting riled up.

If you talk with serious Nak Muays, about whom they admire, a fighters, fighter… Samart’s name always comes up.  When you ask them, (Nuengsiam, Jongsanan, Bunkerd et al.) they’ll all sneer and give him a thumbs…  they ultimate sign of badassery.  The sneer is perfect, because a smile just won’t do when you’re that nasty.

Neungsiam who spent sometime at his camp as a teen speaks of him with great deference. I’m compiling a list of my personal top 10; I’d have to say Samart is probably in my top 3…


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  1. It’s too bad most of his best fights were not recorded. He was much further ahead of the competition around the early 80s. He was a young up and comer beating champions and veterans like Pedetsuk Pitsunuraichan and Nongkhai Sor Prapasorn, Kitti Sor Thanikul. Participated in fight of the year 3 times (Mafueng Virapol, Dieselnoi, Panumtuenlek). Gave away close to 20lbs to fight the “other” Samart Prasarnmit and beat him. Samart is actually the only fighter to get fighter of the year on three seperate occasions 1981, 1983, and 1988. He was so dominant that they put him in with another fighter that was also dominant in two weight classes above him. The fight with Dieselnoi at the end of 1982 had an astronomically high fight purse at that time which was 350,000 baht.

    I find it surprising that another Muay Thai great, Put Lorlek has better documented video footage than Samart and he was from an earlier time. Someone had told me that they were trying to do some kind of computer match (much like Ali vs. Marciano) between Put Lorlek and Samart contending for the greatest Muay Thai fighter of all time. I don’t know if they ever went through with it.

  2. Gusnark aka Sandjora on

    7:00 LMAO!
    How can you not love Japanese crowd, they’re awesome. They’re so enthusiastic and respectful.
    Samart could finish this any time, but damn Nizuma is tough and has a great heart.
    Great entertaining fight!

    please share your top 10 fighters list.

  3. That was a great fight. I really enjoyed watching that. Samart had such composure, timing, and a feel for range. He used so many different weapons too. His composure didn’t crack either when he took some shots. The way he looked, he could have been in the middle of a muay thai fight or at the beach on his 3rd corona.

    Thanks for posting and if you have any other vids of this guy–Id love to watch.

  4. Damn, what a great fight. Loved watching it. Gotta love Samart’s attitude and composure… just watch that I don’t get cocky and try the whole ‘no guard’ approach in my own sparring!

    I’ll put in the third word: Nop, give us your top 10!

  5. Jake, I too admire his mustache, meuan tam ruatt 555+. And Ting Ting, Orthodox is regular stance!! The 2 different stances are Orthodox/regular and Southpaw(Unorthodox) na…

    P.S. I wanna here your top 10 too man!!! Post it, as a matter of fact, I wanna hear everybodies’ top ten. Salaam!

  6. Ton Po, I have a fraction of the fight in question. It looks more of an exhibition fight than anything.

    Samart is the best technical fighter of all time, period. There’s no arguing that….lol.

    What happened to his usual cowboy MT shorts??

    Dude fights everyone like he’s sparring with them….it’s amazing watchin’ him pick apart his opponents. Other than Diesel Noi, I can’t think of anyone who had an ounce of his notoriety in the ring.

  7. Sorry thats what i meant, he fights muay thai from an orthadox stance and boxes from a southpaw. Is it me or do his hands look better when he was fighting orthadox? What i mean is why change it round for boxing?

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