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Recently I was able to attend a seminar given by Samart Payakaroon at Fight and Fitness. I arrived a little late to the three hour seminar and so only viewed the instruction given by Samart, Jongsanaan, and Saekson Janjira. Students were given padless drills to work on and were stuck with the same partner throughout the seminar which emphasized my belief in setting up a partnership before seminars to get the most of it.

Who doesn’t want to punch Jongsanaan? Samart surely does!

The seminar began with a simple punch drill back and forth. The jab, cross, hook, rear uppercut drill emphasized weight distribution with the weight shifting from the front of the body for the hook to the back of the body for the rear uppercut. This shifting allows for more power as Jongsanaan explained.

Jongsanaan got hooks for days

The three instructors took turns both explaining and showing the different techniques with Samart’s lack of english being made up for by both Jongsanaan and Saekson’s fluid translation.  The majority of the comboniations however, were demonstrated/taught by Samart.

The seminar continued on with another punch technique, and a few kicking techniques. It then was rounded out with a couple of really smart and tricky clinch moves. One particularly savvy move involved a counter to a body lock. After bracing one’s shin across the hips of the opponent you would want to push your head behind the opponent’s neck. If the right shin is across the hip then the head should move to the right hopefully pushing behind the opponent’s head. The push should allow you to swing to the right and at the same time hook one’s hand on the opponent’s head and shoulder opening him up for a retaliation knee to the head/body with the right knee.

Mark loves being kicked in public

Overall this was a great  seminar. It went a little smoother than some of the other seminars I’ve been to, and felt like the instructors did a great job rounding out the techniques adding in a little bit of everything (punching, kicking, clinching, and elbowing). Also the end of the seminar included a group question and answer which I thought was a fantastic idea. I know a few people on the site showed up. What did you all think?

Questions, Questions, Anyone?


All these people attended.

Also I found out that Samart has a gym in Bangkok up near the Don Muang airport, have any of you been up there? I plan on checking it out the next time I am in town.




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