Sakai’s family wants him back



This is bad… are you kidding me?  First of all where the hell are the promoters?  Where is his camp?  So more developments in the Death of the Thai Boxer Sakai JockeyGym.   According to Sakai’s parents want to bring his body back to Udon Thani (NE Thailand)… but don’t have any money.

I’m pretty sure they’re telling the truth?  Seriously the promoter better do the right thing.  Maybe the Japanese fighter Niki should chip in…

I’m hoping this is just the Thai media trying to work a story, I’m hoping this really isn’t going to go down like this.

So effing outrageous.

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  1. you serious about the japanese fighter? i hope not. i still think it was a culmination of a bad condition or previous injury he had. not that retard looking japanese fighter.

  2. SE it’s nice to see you show some compassion….

    As for the Sakai saga, it wouldnt surprise me if the manager was too cheap to organise something. There are a lot of shady pricks in the muaythai business side of things. If this is true it’s straight ruthlessness.

  3. Yes Tibun that means he is back and in good hands.
    Thanks for the update.
    ive also heard the he was unfit and the doctors cant check that.. ive been too several fights with less training than a week.
    and ive fought in luminee and rajadamnern , how can they check that?
    they just smack you on the ribs and legs a couple of times and say ok.

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