Saiyok Mini Documentary


Here’s a nice piece that the Eliteboxing team has put together on Saiyok WindySport Punphanmuang, leading up to his Thai Fight match up a few months ago.  Saiyok is definitely one of my favorite fighters, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet him on a few occasions and much like this clip, he’s incredibly thoughtful and softs spoken, a true nak muay.

I haven’ been to Muay Thai Plaza 2004 for about 5 years, I think next time I’m back I’m going to head over there to see if I can’t get an interview with the man.  Not sure when he’s fighting next, but he’s always entertaining to watch… to say he’s got a very aggressive fighting style.  He always seems to throw his techniques more to mame then to score points.. to say he has a vicious streak in the ring might be a bit of an under statement.  Here’s a link to  Hicham Chaibi.

It was interesting to hear about his childhood, you could see he wasn’t to keen on talking about his low point… don’t blame him.  For those of you new to MyMuayThai you can read about that in this old post.  Maybe I can him to talk about it?


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